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  1. Too much is going on there. Reduce the text size by about 15-20%, and it'll look a lot cleaner, and a lot less crowded.
  2. Great. Time to watch Scott or Brian, then.
  3. Well, the anchor on the left reminds me of Jared Harris (Lane Pryce, Mad Men). Professionally done. Graphics were worse than our graphics before acquiring Tristan Bresnen's "Southern Prime" graphics in 2008. What I really like? It's an actual local newscast. Way up in Market 21, by minute 3, we'd be into AP wire copy. They just need a solid graphics artist.
  4. I'll try to catch the web stream at 10ET/9CT.
  5. Which is what we use. FCP makes all the difference. I'd say $2500 bucks and they could get up to about market 100. Right now, they are better than Glendive's "newscast" but only just.
  6. Is that station even trying? I don't doubt their commitment to keeping the community informed, but the graphics look they came out of Windows Movie Maker. They also overcompressed their video for YouTube. We need another station makeover campaign. I nominate WSVI.
  7. Ah Yes, Image VII by Gilmer Music Productions. Those packages have good, if not dated sound to them. They scream small market. Station presentation isn't that bad. We've all seen much, much worse.
  8. If was in-house, they did a good job. The main reason I would have thought Stephen Arnold might have done it is because the regional flavors packages end up with. A good Example is KABB in San Antonio. (KABB Sinclair News Package)
  9. Stephen Arnold did a good job integrating a "Thai" sound into Signature. As for NBT, they only use one cut from Evolution? Further, the female anchor (I stopped watching after about 4 minutes) kept talking. Am I missing something, or in a two anchor setup the other anchor talks at some point?
  10. I don't think I've ever heard the morning cut for Eyewitness News.
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