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  1. Sounds like it will end up a combination of MyNetworkTV and Dabl - cheap DIY shows and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives ripoffs and the like, with some syndicated deals in the mix (hey, maybe they convince the rightsholders to move In The Heat of the Night and Blue Bloods here ). Maybe some small sports league will pony up some cash to buy time for games to be broadcast. Especially considering the content deal with Paramount and WBD is only for 2022-23 (though could be extended), I'm not expecting much from the new CW.
  2. That or a way to repeat hours more easily. Fox Weather sure seems very much in the experimental stage.
  3. Well, if barely anyone is going to watch it, might as well not pay as much to program it, I guess.
  4. 187,000 total viewers for The Chris Cuomo Interview. 14,000 in the 25-54 demo. https://www.mediaite.com/daily-ratings/cable-news-ratings-tuesday-july-26-lawrence-odonnell-leads-msnbc/
  5. If I was NewsNation, I would be hitting the NYC area hard in hopes there's enough people who might be interested. After all, he is a Cuomo. I can't for the life of me think of who those people are, but....
  6. That's easy, it'll never have breaking news. It's not live.
  7. This will be chasing the lawyer and political money - hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with a segment sponsored by a sports book since that money was still flying around for a bit. This isn’t for ratings, it’s for revenue - and it’s a whole hour they control the ad slots. If it gets some eyeballs, great, but that’s lagniappe. And it also gives them “unique” content for the local CBS News steaming stations, which explains the branding.
  8. First episode and they already got a lawyer sponsorship? I think that should answer why CBS is doing this. Also gives something they can run on the CBSN locals that's not just a repeat of the local news.
  9. I’d wager a guess that since the Now casts graphics are CBSN-based, the new O&O graphics will probably look like them too.
  10. Gotta love the completely wrong CBS News Detroit logo in the press release:
  11. Website had one story posted during the event, don't think YT ever had anything, what Nexstar's affiliates were doing at the time has no bearing on this conversation (except that NN had WGN right there) and it's not like they haven't pre-empted the midday syndication before to break in. There's literally zero reason for NewsNation to have stuck with reruns outside of they weren't staffed for the holiday to do this, which again makes no sense. Whomever was working WGN that day should've had the ability to go live on NN with the coverage. If you're getting annoyed with the conversation around NewsNation, be upset at them or block this thread so you don't see it.
  12. Changing my IP around via Surfshark, I found WeatherNation versions for New York, Boston, Atlanta and Chicago on PlutoTV, so this is definitely a thing.
  13. The app just has the same maps/forecasts/etc. as you would see on their website or other similar smart TV apps (except for whatever happened to the Apple TV TWC app, which is worthless these days). Here's a good breakdown of the "new" Weather Channel TV App, which appears to just be their previous TV Everywhere-enabled app (for anything except, again, Apple TV) with the ability to pay directly for access to their TV stream: https://thestreamable.com/news/the-weather-channel-launches-new-dtc-service-the-weather-channel-tv-app
  14. Yes, this new service is basically making the TV stream available for purchase to those who don't have access through their current provider.
  15. Why would they take off paid programming? That’s probably one of big ways those secondary stations make any money.
  16. That’s using the same setup as Pattrn’s (the OTT version) national forecast, which predates Fox Weather.
  17. The less Chuck Todd the better, I always say!
  18. On the tweets from the conexiontconeltiempo twitter account, they have a watermark counting down to 5/2 for TWCE so that seems to confirm the date.
  19. TWC en Español could be a Local Now thing, or maybe the new deal on YTTV will include the service and they just haven’t announced yet. On another front, I wonder if the quick shutoff of CNN+ impacts the plan for TWC+ - wasn’t it supposed to have launched by now?
  20. Gotta build a resume reel somehow, and here's a low pressure way to do it. Good on her.
  21. I went ahead and cancelled CNN+ before I was charged another month of $3. Haven’t opened it since the first day. This should be part of HBO Max, honestly and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not there quickly. Would give it a news presence and you could pretty easily make a linear stream out of it like NBC News Now and the like with the occasional live programs mixed in with library/pre-taped stuff. But Zucker wanted to try and make his own little kingdom isolated from the rest and, well, whoops.
  22. I decided to sign up for the half-price deal out of curiosity, I can lose a few bucks. The problem is there's not much there there at the moment, at least for live content, and it really feels like this was Zucker's attempt to try and build a streaming buttress around his kingdom. Lots of on-demand stuff though which I'd probably go through if I was bored on HBO Max, but paying extra for it?
  23. More distribution for Fox Weather: Amazon News, FuboTV, The Roku Channel and more. https://thestreamable.com/news/fox-weather-adds-the-roku-channel-youtube-tv-fubotv-and-more-as-distribution-partners Is this simulcast info new (bolded)?
  24. Jeff Zucker Exits CNN After Relationship With Senior Executive The relationship came up during the network’s investigation into the former anchor Chris Cuomo. “I was required to disclose it when it began but I didn’t,” Mr. Zucker wrote in a memo to colleagues. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/02/business/media/jeff-zucker-cnn.html That makes things quite interesting.
  25. Probably posted by Grey’s digital hub and likely not a sign of anything. ETA: They’re in breaking coverage right now for Sean Payton leaving and using the Raycom graphics.
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