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  1. In New Orleans, there's WVUE and WWL/WUPL - whoo boy, this could be a rollercoaster if it happened. How the heck do you do spinoffs?
  2. As of this morning, WVUE/New Orleans was still Raycom'd.
  3. WAFB/Baton Rouge has the same as the WTOC example as of Sunday night.
  4. Didn't the RSNs handle the MLB "Game of the Week" broadcasts for Fox and FS1? Would that continue?
  5. I think it's pretty similar to a Windows Update, and the Intellistar knows what to do. Last time, it went from one graphics set to another seamlessly.
  6. L-Bar had become completely useless with the dropping of the ticker and putting only radar and almanac on the sidebar, so ditching it is a great idea. So far, good upgrade IMO.
  7. Also, the "Now" in the bug is no longer red - that may designate when it's live, kind of what ABC News Live does.
  8. Looks like NBC News Now has launched. Live Monday - Friday 3p-11p, according to the slide on today's live stream. https://www.nbcnews.com/now As an aside, I like the graphic design NBC News is taking online and for its apps and I wouldn't mind seeing it used on-air.
  9. The jagged eye on some of those monitors looks ok but that regular one in motion rotating - woof, that looks cheap.
  10. WVUE/New Orleans went with "Fox News Eight" for a little while before shifting back to the more conventional "Fox 8 News". It sounded a little weird, which was surprising considering the newscasts were branded as "News 8" for years.
  11. In a move that makes zero sense, WWL-TV will start paid interview hour...err, I mean local lifestyle show Great Day Louisiana Monday 1/21 at 9 a.m., bumping Live with Kelly and Ryan to their sister station WUPL. Great Day Louisiana will follow similar shows on other TEGNA stations, based on the show demo reel that's just clips of other markets. I guess TEGNA decided they could drag WWL's morning ratings even lower.
  12. 4th hour still using previous graphics set.
  13. That's how it always happens - ESPN relaunches with a new uniform graphics package, then everything slowly drifts away.
  14. WVUE-TV in New Orleans got a new website design. www.fox8live.com Is this a new Raycom or Grey template?
  15. Why are we speculating on potential sales when the press release already notes which stations will be spun off?
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