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  1. https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2023/09/itat-mnf/ Odd that a new "musical anthem" for MNF is starting in Week 2, but there was a nugget of info confirming the refreshed MNF look is just for Monday Night, since the other NFL shows have kept the neon green accents.
  2. While at least so far the NFL shows on ESPN have kept the neon green accents, another hint that MNF might include more red comes from a new 30 spot for the NFL on ESPN. https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2023/09/espn-debuts-latest-creative-of-its-ready-for-football-platform/
  3. Could this holding image on the ESPN+ page for MNF Week 1 give a hint as well? MNF Shield shape is the same as the new one, not seeing neon green, more team colors....
  4. ESPN hasn't made a big deal about any new graphics for MNF yet, but that logo does live on NFL.com's Monday Night Football Schedule page: https://www.nfl.com/schedules/monday-night-football/
  5. Actually, that weloveweather site is dead now so that's why you don't see them mention it anymore.
  6. I know the two are separate, but The Weather Company is no longer an IBM company - Big Blue sold it to a private equity group. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/08/22/ibm-sells-the-weather-channel-and-the-rest-of-its-weather-business.html https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/business-news/the-weather-company-sold-francisco-partners-1235571884/
  7. I saw a follow-up (forget where) that said there were some parts of the updated look they planned to keep. I think the biggest thing was getting the heavier font weights back. Still think they should do more two line chryons, that narrow squished look is horrible, no matter who does it.
  8. Fox News does have a few payoffs from legal rulings to deal with and cuts will come from non-essential areas, like, say, your somewhat new weather channel that may or may not be getting a lot of eyeballs.
  9. Someone has uploaded the full hour to YouTube. They've recreated more than one Local Forecast intro plus there was some limited narration, regional conditions plus satellite and radar and even a travel cities forecast! This is an unusually decent effort for something that runs at 4 in the morning.
  10. Well that's....random. With a little bit of tweaking this could be an interesting take on the retro graphics. Or maybe they could just reach out to the Youtubers who got the original hardware up and running and do a different piece of equipment every night of the week! If you're looking for this on your schedule, it's called Retro 8s Live, followed by Twilight Live.
  11. As an aside, HLN has updated its logo. In use on-air, not on their socials. And maybe a new tagline: "We play favorites".
  12. It's a minor change, and it's....ok. Still way too much mix and match on font weights, the now no-longer rounded edges on things like location bugs feel misaligned since I think the space is still there for the curve but now it's just an edge, the gaps between the name of the reporter and title like above feel way too big, that all caps on the flipper is a big no... Ok, so maybe OK is a little strong. Slapdash feels better. I wonder if they might be experimenting a bit to see what may or may not work rather than just loading up the old graphics template and calling it a day.
  13. So now we've got three versions of the NBC News logo in use - that one, the one on NN and the one on NOW. Jeez, pick one! That said, nice special report refresh.
  14. I like the look, also it appears the legacy NBC News mark might’ve been retired for one based around the current NBC logotype. It was used in the bug and the L3s, while in comparison, CNBC’s was the current when used in the L3 for one story. Something to keep an eye out on for other NBC properties.
  15. Looks like a paid program (which would make sense considering the time) decided to make their own logo, IMO. EDIT: Considering the show appears to be a Daystar (Christian broadcaster) program, highly unlikely this is official from WWJ. In fact, I’m a little surprised at the liberal use of the Eyemark.
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