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  1. If you take a look at their weather videos, looks like the new graphics are active there.
  2. Looks good to me. MSNBC desperately needed a refresh and all the different looks for different stories was a mess, IMO. The only thing that surprises me is that the refreshed logo on-air is NOT the same as the one that’s been online and on the NBC News app for a while now. Very similar, but you can tell the difference by the Cs.
  3. The only reason I would even consider subscribing to this would be to catch Pelicans games I can't currently get streaming in market on NBA League Pass since YouTube TV dropped the RSNs. If they don't have the games, there's no point. Not really interested in this either:
  4. If NewsNation had come out of the gates with exclusive stories that they had enterprised on their own - ones that would've led those stories to be talked about on other outlets and given them basically free pub - there might've been a different story here. But they never bothered, just giving viewers a somewhat staid newscast with little of thousands of reporters they loved to mention in the build-up. Now? It'll slowly fill out the schedule with reheated news, some more opinion and either become a milquetoast attempt at being not quite as right as Fox or try to go even further righ
  5. Sounds like Compton isn’t happy with doing news without bias, so let’s swerve this thing to the right! https://www.robertfeder.com/2021/02/08/consultant-bill-shine-casts-fox-shadow-newsnation/ In a presentation described as meandering, Compton said the changes set for March 1 were just the beginning of plans for a 24-hour news product. Though short on specifics, he was clear what’s coming next will be different. “What we’re doing is friendly vanilla news and it’s not working,” he said according to two people in the room.
  6. Maybe they figured they could use CBS Sports HQ as a tester for new graphics this time around.
  7. And FTV Live is saying Bill Shine - formerly of Fox News & the Trump White House - might be brought on as a NewsNation "consultant"? That should put a pin in the "unbiased coverage" balloon if true.
  8. Might be a hint of the new music in this video - there's also a look at the modified CBS Sports logo:
  9. I think this is the first time we've seen the "local" versions of the Bally Sports logo. Pretty basic.
  10. Great vote of confidence or we have no other plans for this property so we might as well keep throwing money at it since it's Compton's baby.
  11. Moving them to USA would probably give them even better exposure than NBCSN. Guess we're starting to see the beginning of the end of niche channels.
  12. On their own website, it says G4 is a digital first network, which means it's likely going to be a live channel on Peacock and possibily a live stream on Twitch and Youtube. Why they heck would they want to put a gamer-first channel on a distribution platform their audience is moving away from? Is there a particular fetish here for NBCSN to go away or something?
  13. First off, let’s pump the brakes a bit about NBCSN closing - the article cited is making predictions for 2021, it’s not a guarantee. The reasons given for closing it down makes sense, but it’s an informed opinion more so than a lock. As for why business networks were used for overflow sports programming, that’s simple - they had greater penetration, especially CNBC.
  14. Gray is working on its own streaming news service, Local News Live. Recently reassigned WAFB/Baton Rouge anchor Graham Ulkins is part of the mix, which sounds it'll be a Fox News Now-like service. Interested to see how it comes out!

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