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  1. MLB Network is in that space. Wiki says so is NHL Network. Unless I'm mistaken and NBC used two NJ locations.
  2. Perhaps they are dealing with their own COVID outbreak and staffing levels are impacted?
  3. Wherever they were, it's back to the main set today, though weather/traffic were still at the green screen only from what I scanned on Vuit from the 8am hour. EDIT: Looks like it was back to normal as of the 4pm cast Thursday, going back a bit on Vuit.
  4. Editing my initial post because now I'm not sure if that's a chromakey or a big ol' monitor behind them because the images are changing behind the anchor, but it sure seems like they are in a different spot...unless they just pulled everything in tight? Here's a grab from today: And here's one from 12/13: On the 4pm today, they are using close-ups on the anchors.
  5. I wish there would be a Local Forcast based on IP location. The best was The Weather Network’s live stream that included a LDL and a Local on the 8s-like Forecast. I know The Weather Channel Android app can do a local bottom line, but you’d think more apps would take advantage.
  6. It wasn’t a standalone network in that sense. MLB basically bought the time on ABC and NBC for the games. The Wiki entry explains it better than I can: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Baseball_Network
  7. Purely idle speculation, but could Fox consider dumping FS2 for Fox Weather? Also, @Georgie56that YT link is set to private.
  8. The Fox Weather/The Weather Live unlisted Youtube link shared earlier in the thread has updated graphics like the ones in the Variety article. Before they looked more like standard FNC graphics. Actually, there's now an America Live Weather stream that has the graphics previously used on the Fox Weather stream, with a look very much in line with the Fox News Channel logo, so I wonder if that's going to pop up on FNC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJVjv8qNIDY
  9. About time. Interesting that it has a different "look" than the NFL package - Fox might be hopping on the different looks for different sports train. Some more: https://www.sportsvideo.org/2021/10/07/mlb-postseason-2021-foxs-new-graphics-package-showcases-gamification-natural-elements-of-baseball/
  10. Ok, let’s take a look at the YouTube views. I see a couple with views in the thousands, but many are under 1,000 views, some don’t even have 500. EDIT: I even flipped it to Most Popular and the numbers aren’t that exciting. Only one with over a million views, four over 500K. I don’t know what any potential recording numbers might be. Does anyone release Live +7 numbers for NN? How much of their content is worth saving or binging? I also don’t know their app/website activity. If you do, please feel free to share what you have. It’s not that I don’t want NN to succeed, but they’re not exactly doing anything particularly exciting or different, so what’s the point of it? Did the world need yet another talking head channel?
  11. Based on those ratings, they should just run Blue Bloods all day.
  12. So Top Story does bring its own graphics spin - there's a different NBC News Now logo and the L3s are in a box rather than the strips you normally see.
  13. Is it just me, or is the CBS and MORNINGS/MORNING NEWS different sized and/or not aligned?
  14. That lower 3rd and local ticker combo makes no sense. Is CBSN next to get its refresh? I noticed the YT thumbnail has changed.
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