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  1. Former WABC reporter Dray Clark (now with WCAU/NBC10 Philadelphia) has been arrested on charges of assault, terroristic threats and harassment. It’s his second arrest within the last week and both incidents involve the same woman. Clark is off the air indefinitely, according to WCAU.
  2. which one would you be referring to?
  3. Looks like the ABC O&Os are now partnering on reports. WABC will air a “7 On Your Side Investigates” report on the return of measles during Monday’s 5pm broadcast. It’s billed as “An ABC Owned Television Stations Data Investigation”.
  4. Diana’s bio was removed from the website today. I guess it’s officially official =( https://abc7ny.com/about/newsteam/
  5. Absolutely wonderful sendoff. Hit all the right notes — including Diana’s farewell message and the standing ovation in the studio filled with her family, colleagues and viewers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen WABC send off someone in that fashion but I’m glad they did it for Diana. She truly deserved it. She is and always will be Eyewitness News.
  6. The 5pm talent open is back in what is certainly a nod to Diana Williams. The last time it aired was early July when she returned from a month long vacation to begin these final 10 weeks.
  7. It’s a nice addition but could they consider adding some more contrast and not painting or lighting every thing in a shade of blue? I love the EWN blue theme, but maybe some wood paneling, a faux bookshelf.. something ?
  8. The current EWN music is officially 20 years old and still sounds as good as new! Here is what WABC-TV looked like back in late August / early September of 1999 when it switched over to the current cuts of Gari’s “Eyewitness News” and, briefly, became “ABC7 Eyewitness News”. 5pm News short open, talent open, bumper: https://youtu.be/VMjL2FswYeU “Coming Up” promo (from a few months later in May 2000): https://youtu.be/muESKwhgafk
  9. The WABC opens are fine. I think the L3s and rest of the graphics could use a little work. Overall, though, a better package for WABC would be the KTRK look: https://youtu.be/djtzkno-vcU The current west coast look doesn’t really fit NYC or WABC. Also, I think the previous KABC look was better and less generic: https://youtu.be/FFheiawlf3s
  10. The standup area is pushed back a little further; it’s not really adjacent to the main desk but seems like that from some camera angles. The large EWN/7 logo you see in the photo you posted actually was a duratrans at the time that photo was taken, not an actual screen. It just rotated between the EWN logo and Accuweather backdrop. That duratrans area was recently updated to an actual flat screen.
  11. Also updated are the two big monitors that make up the front of the anchor desk. Those are also now seamless displays.
  12. Nope. They’re moving downtown within the next 4 years or so. That’s when a new studio and set will happen.
  13. Yes - they’ve upgraded to a seamless video backdrop. They’ve also added a seamless video monitor to the interview/stand up area. Will be great to see if weather forecasts can be done on that, similar to what KABC does.
  14. They’ve (finally) replaced the AccuWeather/EWN duratrans with an actual screen. This is the backdrop that appears behind the weather anchor area of the main news desk.
  15. No, WABC seems to have a rhyme and reason to when they air talent opens. They almost never air at 5pm or 11pm.. presumably to keep viewers during the transition from 4-5pm and from prime time to news. They always air at 4:30am, 5am, 6am, noon and 6pm unless the producer opts for the Breaking News open.
  16. No more talent open at 5pm, at least since late last week. I guess it was a short-lived return. I hope WABC reconsiders and let’s it air from now until Diana leaves.
  17. Why do they have random social media logos in the open without their actual social media handle listed or any other context?
  18. Looks like WABC brought back the 5pm talent open. For years now, it has just been the short intro to quickly transition between the 4pm and 5pm newscasts. I wonder if they are doing this as a nod to Diana Williams. She returned from vacation today for her final 10 weeks before she retires.
  19. It was a one time thing and during the 9am hour. She is still an anchor with WHNT in Huntsville, AL.
  20. Ratings for CBS This Morning are down 21% since its relaunch. https://www.forbes.com/sites/markjoyella/2019/06/26/cbs-this-morning-ratings-drop-21-since-new-co-hosts-joined-gayle-king/#32ae32fa648b Ratings for all the morning shows are down compared to last year, however, CBS has suffered the biggest losses. “Compared to the same week last year, ABC was -4% in total viewers, NBC was -4% in total viewers, while CBS was -9%. In the A25-54 demo, ABC was -10%, NBC was -11% and CBS -17% vs. the comparable week last year.” https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/morning-show-ratings-week-of-june-17-2/407148/
  21. Chris Cimino announced today that he is leaving WNBC. His last day is July 2. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/6/24/breaking-top-new-york-anchor-signing-off
  22. It debuts July 15 from New York, according to CBS. It will move to Washington in fall.
  23. Heres what’s in the papers this morning... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/19/business/media/ny1-women-anchors-lawsuit.html
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