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  1. No, WABC seems to have a rhyme and reason to when they air talent opens. They almost never air at 5pm or 11pm.. presumably to keep viewers during the transition from 4-5pm and from prime time to news. They always air at 4:30am, 5am, 6am, noon and 6pm unless the producer opts for the Breaking News open.
  2. No more talent open at 5pm, at least since late last week. I guess it was a short-lived return. I hope WABC reconsiders and let’s it air from now until Diana leaves.
  3. Why do they have random social media logos in the open without their actual social media handle listed or any other context?
  4. Looks like WABC brought back the 5pm talent open. For years now, it has just been the short intro to quickly transition between the 4pm and 5pm newscasts. I wonder if they are doing this as a nod to Diana Williams. She returned from vacation today for her final 10 weeks before she retires.
  5. It was a one time thing and during the 9am hour. She is still an anchor with WHNT in Huntsville, AL.
  6. Ratings for CBS This Morning are down 21% since its relaunch. https://www.forbes.com/sites/markjoyella/2019/06/26/cbs-this-morning-ratings-drop-21-since-new-co-hosts-joined-gayle-king/#32ae32fa648b Ratings for all the morning shows are down compared to last year, however, CBS has suffered the biggest losses. “Compared to the same week last year, ABC was -4% in total viewers, NBC was -4% in total viewers, while CBS was -9%. In the A25-54 demo, ABC was -10%, NBC was -11% and CBS -17% vs. the comparable week last year.” https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/morning-show-ratings-week-of-june-17-2/407148/
  7. Chris Cimino announced today that he is leaving WNBC. His last day is July 2. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/6/24/breaking-top-new-york-anchor-signing-off
  8. It debuts July 15 from New York, according to CBS. It will move to Washington in fall.
  9. Heres what’s in the papers this morning... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/19/business/media/ny1-women-anchors-lawsuit.html
  10. How is that acceptable to anyone who works at or runs WCBS - a station that promotes TRAFFIC & WEATHER on the 2s? There are tons of resources out there that they can use to put together a traffic report -- Google Maps, Waze, municipal agencies, traffic cams, etc. This is just pure laziness.
  11. He is off on Fridays. He mentioned on social media, in responses to followers, that he and his husband will be in Miami Fridays thru Sundays.
  12. Notice they didn’t include the full team shot toward the end of the open like the other EWN newscasts do.
  13. I think it’s amazing and great that they got Sam back but I wonder how Jeff and Amy feel about being passed over for promotions. Jeff, especially, who has been on weekends and filling in on weekdays for 12 years.
  14. You are confusing his career trajectory with Josh Elliot, his former GMA colleague/best friend (and Liz Cho’s husband). Sam was offered to be the face of The Weather Channel, a show built around him, appearances on NBC platforms, etc. It was a dream job. ABC couldn’t compete with that offer, gave him a very positive on-air send off, allowed him to promote his new job on ABC air, and sent out glowing press about him and his move to The Weather Channel. Josh, on the other hand, played hardball, was not allowed to give an on air goodbye, had a short send off tucked into a broadcast he wasn’t present for, and the network put out in the press that he was playing hardball and refusing their generous package. He then ended up on a limited role with NBC Sports, then on CBSN, and now hosting one off specials for random cable networks. This is about Sam having the money and flexibility to do what he wants in his life.
  15. Maybe building a bench. Bill and Diana are both close to the point of scaling back and/or retiring.
  16. WOW. It’s almost like they are in a competition with the new Good Morning America set for biggest morning TV eyesore.
  17. They are back to super distracting white lit cascading rectangles this morning. Here’s what it looked like Tuesday morning; and you’ll see the Times Square images in the background that have replaced the graphic elements.
  18. Some visible tweaks have been made. The cascading rectangles of light that appear behind Robin’s chair are now lit in blue (the used to be white). They now blend in a bit with the backdrop screens and don’t stick out like an eyesore directly behind home base. Additionally, the left and right backdrop screens have more visible images Times Square now rather than the circle graphics. Better than what originally debuted but, overall, still a really awful and atrocious set.
  19. Charles Gibson was solid and second only to Peter Jennings.
  20. Gotcha. That is a problem. Sounds like they’re using software to schedule posts but nobody is really monitoring what gets reposted.
  21. Can you give an example or screenshot? It’s not uncommon for media organizations to post a story to their social media platforms multiple times over the course of 2-3 days, especially non-breaking news. Not everyone has seen the original post plus it builds traffic to their website and increases the opportunities for it to be shared across social media.
  22. I agree that they under utitlize the physical Times Square location (I’ve heard, and I believe it’s been posted on this forum, that part of the reason is because of the logisitical nightmare it is to coordinate that with the NYPD and NYC DOT). I was, however, referring to them touting their Times Square location in opens, promos, etc. For example, they open the show every hour saying “live from Times Square” and have branded segments and promos for celebrity interviews called “[Celeb Name] Live In Times Square!” I thought as well — maybe they are rethinking their statements from a few months ago that promised GMA would remain in Times Square. That said, if you look closely and can decipher it through all the distracting pieces of the set, the home base backdrop has a faint image of Times Square in the center (behind the Twilight Zone cascading rectangles) and off to the sides. Glad professionals in the business feel the same way. I imagine many executives, talent and other eyes saw designs for this set and were asked for feedback and, at the most senior levels, asked for approval. How did this happen? I am seriously distracted watching Good Morning America now because of how obnoxiously bad the set is. If you take a look at their social media - where they thought it was a good idea to celebrate the set - they got a load of negative comments from everyday viewers who hate it for many of the plain and simple reasons us television news observers have already listed in this thread. I do hope ABC is responsive and fixes it sooner rather than later.
  23. Yes, basically. You may see the street outside in some shots if the camera happens to move by an uncovered window when showing one of the other video walls or reporting stations. For a show so heavy on touting its Times Square location, they look like they're broadcasting the first hour out of any random studio in Manhattan.
  24. They also just launched an entire image campaign within the last month (the promo video you’ve likely seen on social media with Robin as the v/o). It’s heavy on b-roll of the GMA team at the now former set. Was promotions not informed a new set was about to debut? I took another look this morning at the set hoping that I’d just be used to it and over it but it’s honestly hard to watch, especially when they have Robin framed against the cascading boxes Twilight Zone background. I really hope they make some much needed improvements to this.
  25. Good Morning America debuted an updated set this morning, heavy on digital display screens and curvy metal, with some elements of the traditional Times Square Studio still visible in parts. Looks like a cross between a spaceship, Access Hollywood and a talk show. Doesn’t fit with the subdued feeling of the new theme and doesn’t really feel like morning TV. That’s my opinion at least.
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