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  1. Doubt it. It’s an extra expense for ABC News when free studio space exists at TV3, which just had a lot of money poured into it.
  2. More elements of the once old, now new again, theme music emerged with the sponsor bulletin that airs before the second commercial break.
  3. It’s already standard protocol to deploy security personnel outside when live shots are taking place in front of the building. So, if Sam, Lee or another reporter were outside when this happened then there would’ve at least been one security guard with them. I’m sure that with this particular incident, security (and NYPD) responded and likely remained outside for the broadcast and additional broadcasts.
  4. Seems that the longer headlines tease is in favor of shorter, tighter and music-less teases before commercial breaks. Also, the A block stretching to about 18 minutes.
  5. I’ve been dreaming of the day they brought back the Jennings-era theme... and am so glad it has finally happened! Love that the voiceover intros the newscast the same way it used to introduce Peter.. “from ABC News world headquarters in New York...” another throwback to the Jennings era!
  6. A market size does not determine a step up or step down. How much happier (or unhappier) you are with your professional life, personal life, living conditions, surrounding environment, your income vs cost of living and the opportunities available for your family determine whether a new job is a step up or step down.
  7. Is it possible she's simply on vacation and chose to "unplug" from social media? She is scheduled to lead CBS News coverage of next week's Democratic National Convention according to a CBS release yesterday still naming her anchor and managing editor of CBS Evening News.
  8. Great job with the WABC update demo! If you have more of what you envision for WABC, post it!
  9. Stumbled upon this on YouTube.. someone took it upon themselves to create an updated music package for WABC. https://youtu.be/VnJSEWga2SI It’s not bad! That said, I don’t see them giving up their current package (21 years old at the end of this month) anytime soon.
  10. I thought you were implying national network news is sinking and needs reinventing. If so, just pointing out that there is still a tremendous appetite for national network news. ... and I think you meant David Muir, though I do enjoy George Stephanopolous, too! :)
  11. No. Katie was 100x times better and, by the end of her run at CBS, was putting on a solid program. Bob Schieffer, in my opinion, was the best Evening News anchor. ABC World News Tonight has been the #1 show on all of television for over two months and is having its most watched season in 17 years.
  12. Thank you for sharing that link! I just watched through several parts - really fascinating! What's interesting is that at the time the interview was conducted on Nov. 1, 2006, he said he was getting tired and would probably retire in 2 1/2 years when his contract was up. That would put his retirement timeline sometime in 2009. Clearly, ABC got him to stay a few more years and he retired in 2011... this seems to put to rest any rumors that he was forced out by ABC.
  13. Here’s a nice write up about Tim in Newsday. https://www.newsday.com/entertainment/tv/tim-fleischer-wabc-eyewitness-news-1.47565098
  14. Here is the send off they did for Tim during Friday’s 5pm broadcast. Really nice celebration of an Eyewitness News legend! https://youtu.be/dpLvUaMOnX8
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