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  1. It also says “Lori Stokes' career in New York City TV took her across all of the major stations in the city, particularly in the morning newscasts.” In NYC, she worked at WABC and WNYW… just two stations, and certainly not all the major stations.
  2. Looks like they have a stable team in place with Demarco Morgan and Rhiannon Ally. I would just leave them there.
  3. ABC isn’t bringing back anything to that time slot that has higher production costs than what’s there already. News will control it with some form of GMA3 so long as the costs are low, ratings are stable and profits continue increasing.
  4. https://amp.tmz.com/2023/01/25/tj-holmes-amy-robach-mediation-abc-gma-race/ Apparently mediation is happening Thursday.
  5. Linsey Davis should’ve been dropped by ABC years ago after willingly participating in a staged crime scene live shot. https://variety.com/2016/tv/news/abc-news-staged-crime-scene-shot-apology-1201910160/amp/
  6. According to Ryan Field, he’ll now be working Sundays through Thursdays. In the comments, he says this was his decision.
  7. The issue in the newest allegations is not a matter of age and whether someone is adult enough to consent. The issue is a sexual relationship allegedly occurring between someone in a position of power and a subordinate, and allegations that sexual encounters took place on company property inside the office of the person in power. Even if that was fully consensual and the subordinate felt no pressure to engage in the relationship, that is a relationship that must be disclosed. In the case of TJ and Amy, neither are subordinates to the other, so there is no issue there. I have been fully supportive of TJ and Amy returning to air and ABC moving on from this. If the latest allegations are true, whether in part or in whole, then ABC should terminate TJ for cause and without any buyout offer. Unless Amy knew of the prior relationship with the subordinate and failed to report it, then I don’t see how ABC has a case to terminate her for cause, but do understand having her just sign a separation agreement with a buyout. It’s really unfortunate for both of them. Surely, they were both being eyed as the future of Good Morning America.
  8. If any of what has most recently been reported about TJ — the alleged relationship with the script coordinator/intern/subordinate, sexual encounters with her in his office and drinking alcohol in his office prior to going on air — is true, then I would agree that ABC absolutely has the right to terminate him for cause. As for Amy, I still do not see grounds for termination unless she knew of the sexual misconduct and failed to report it.
  9. All the big three networks moved the local news on New Year’s Eve to 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central. The networks wanted more time for national entertainment programming leading up to midnight instead of just the 11:30pm ET half hour.
  10. Two adult coworkers began a relationship after separating from their spouses. It became publicized after a tabloid sent a photographer to spy on them. What lack of judgement? That they wanted their private life to remain private for the time being? Yes, let’s punish them for that.
  11. Meanwhile, Amy appears to have reactivated her instagram. ironically, had ABC just left them on air until their planned Christmas vacation and had them return in the new year, none of this would be a story. ABC is the one who has prolonged and completely mishandled this situation.
  12. Agreed. I’d hope that, if nothing improper is found to have happened, then they are given their jobs back.
  13. CBS Mornings is just a toned down rip off of Good Morning America at this point, right down to the talent selection and their professional and personal backgrounds.
  14. Here’s a great Washington Post column on how ABC is mishandling this. https://wapo.st/3Hkvzkz
  15. yes - tabloid stories not major coverage from NYT, WaPo, NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Today, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, etc. They are all now following the story only after ABC suddenly pulled them from the air following 2 days of them anchoring without coverage from major media.
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