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  1. Congrats to Chad! Great to see a veteran of the station, and someone with a news background, reach the top spot.
  2. The modified desk has made its first weekday appearance.
  3. Nothing on the set matches. Even their promo department hates the new set — all the promos use footage from the previous set.
  4. More from Variety on Tom Llamas going to NBC: https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/tom-llanas-nbc-news-abc-news-tv-1234892905/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  5. I suggested replacing Strahan just as a possibility, but 100% agree there are many more better fits already on the ABC bench (Amy Robach, TJ Holmes, Whit Johnson) that deserve Strahan’s seat. I do wonder what he’ll be doing at NBC News. He was with NBC for 14 years — his entire career — prior to moving to ABC in 2014, so an offer to return already has the “homecoming” incentive. Maybe he’ll be part of MSNBC with some airtime on NBC as well.
  6. A loss for ABC if it’s true ... but did anyone at ABC really think they’d have a shot at taking David Muir’s WNT seat anytime soon given his relatively young age and high ratings? The seat is his for the next 5-10 years. Wish they could offer Tom a spot on Good Morning America, replacing Michael Strahan, or add him as a third anchor or replacement for Muir on 20/20. Lindsey Davis should’ve been fired after staging a crime scene live shot a few years ago. Unfortunately her producer was thrown under the bus for something she was obviously complicit with.
  7. Agreed that the first 45 mins of GMA is still pretty good, from a news perspective. George is sharp with his news analysis and his interviews with political newsmakers. If what you’re looking for is feel good/celebrity soft news, the 8am hour (especially during normal times) is right up your alley. With Michael Strahan, I just don’t understand the logic of having him pretend to be a hard news journalist during the 7am hour. At the very least, he should be removed from the top of the show. Amy Robach, TJ Holmes and Cecilia Vega would be better fits. And I think we are all
  8. Back to the regular desk this morning.
  9. I don’t think they suddenly have an issue showing legs. They still do it later in the show. Wonder if the change is related to something else happening. Hopefully it is short-lived.
  10. It looks like a hand me down from a local news department. The current Good Morning America set was a disaster from day one. It just keeps getting worse.
  11. glad to see The 10 o’clock news branding back. another station that went back to previous branding is WLS. After 17 years as “ABC7 News”, they brought back “Eyewitness News”.
  12. I would think the station’s executive team would be the ones to determine what the station’s holiday promo is all about, not you. Traditions are nice, but they can also evolve. Doing something one way just because it’s always been done that way is the worst way to do anything. Hoping your holidays are happier than The Grinch that appeared in a previous year’s WNBC holiday promo.
  13. It isn’t the decorations, it’s the set that still looks atrocious and clashes with everything. “This Week” has been using the second floor/GMA3 level of the Times Square studio and looks great. GMA should just move there and rebuild the previous GMA set.
  14. That’s it? That has to be a mistake. That looks more like a bumper graphic played in slow motion. What happened here?
  15. because of the reason already posted previously. Ratings are measured in 15 minute increments. If they break within the first 15 minutes, they risk losing viewers and risk a lower rating average... which means less money to pay the bills.

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