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  1. agree - the 10am talents are great and not cluttered
  2. The issue with the set is that WABC is not using it to its full potential. You can see just from the 10am show how versatile the set and the lighting elements are.. but it took them over 10 years to try anything different. Even the secondary area with the big screen for weather/traffic and interviews can look dramatically different with the flip of some switches. That said, I’m glad they made the switch to cleaner, brighter and better background images. It does give the set a minor but nice facelift to match the new graphics. As for @Vlad’s wish for the new HQ set to be a street side studio — sorry, there will be no street side studios at Disney/ABC’s Hudson Square campus.
  3. yes. Look likes it’s linked to live conditions.
  4. Sade is back on air today, filling in for Liz right now on the 4pm news. Lee gave her a quick welcome back at the top of the show as she tossed to him for a report on the upcoming storm.
  5. Yes, the skyline backdrops have been updated.
  6. Finally! It’s great to see on air at WABC. The news brief opens are better than the main opens that were made for the group. Also looks like they updated the backdrops to crisper images.
  7. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eeO_nJqoRg
  8. That is pretty bad for a news program. They should pretape these shows, have the on-duty anchor give a news update and fill the bulk with recycled and evergreen content.
  9. For the ones scheduled to work, it might be nice for them to have the ability to work from home in a separate room and then be with family in between shows and/or not have to worry about commuting to and from work.
  10. https://x.com/raeganmedgie/status/1736569971931541712?s=46&t=xFY1RyohB4JwE0gUNj8TeA
  11. The whole concept of a live shot is deceptive 99% of the time. A reporter is “live” somewhere hours after the actual news event has occurred. Nothing newsworthy is shown to the viewer in a live shot. All the newsworthy content is shown in the prepackaged report with footage from hours ago. Whether they are live at the scene, on a generic street outside the studio, or at a place somewhat related to the location of the news story, the whole concept gives a deceptive sense of presence and urgency.
  12. They have had a few other days in recent months where the 4:30am half hour or hour was anchored solo. It’s not so much out of the ordinary these days.
  13. They had a 4pm long ago — “From the heart of the tri-state area, street level on 5th Avenue, with Dana Tyler and Stephen Clark…” — that was replaced by Judge Judy.
  14. It’s just how the schedule worked out this time. David and Liz have filled in at 11pm before.
  15. It is more likely that he gives up the 11pm.
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