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  1. because of the reason already posted previously. Ratings are measured in 15 minute increments. If they break within the first 15 minutes, they risk losing viewers and risk a lower rating average... which means less money to pay the bills.
  2. I know she has joined them before in studio for the weekend weather, and they have also had other O&O meteorologists come to New York to fill in. This is the first time I’ve noticed that they had weather done out of state, from another station, with Brittany broadcasting from WTVD in Raleigh, NC.
  3. here is a link to the special report... looks like their automated system briefly interrupted their local special report with the network special report before someone at local switched back to the EWN report.
  4. Kudos to Lee Goldberg, who was in tonight, and cut into primetime programming for an extended special report on the multiple tornado warnings affecting the tri-state area. He stayed on the air until the warnings expired with explanations of what we were seeing on the live radar, showed the exact neighborhoods and towns being hit the hardest and gave advice on where to go to seek shelter.
  5. Lori and Rosanna make a great combo and I believe ratings have actually gone up with Lori there... but ratings are also down for the network morning shows compared to a few years ago so that might be helping GDNY in the local ratings race. Either way, “Good Day New York” has the rare distinction these days of being one of the few local news programs that households in the tri-state can identify by name and by anchors. Unless the evening slots are something Lori really wants, I would hate to see her lost in those time periods. FOX5’s evening newscasts are an after thought at this p
  6. When it happened earlier this month, seems like they added in an extra story later in the broadcast and some additional network promos. The first block ended earlier than usual but the newscast itself ended around its usual time with the cold close.
  7. Noticed that too last Thursday. They must have had a technical glitch too close to air time and dumped the headlines. Have been meaning to post this for a while - and not sure if it was mentioned before - but it’s pretty cool that the overnight rerun of WNT on many stations is actually the updated version. For example, WNT on WABC was preempted about 10 minutes in so David Muir could anchor a special report about the president leaving Walter Reed. ABC stuck with special report until the usual end time of WNT on the east coast. The WNT that aired on WABC overnight was
  8. ABC broke in with a special report with George Stephanopolous.
  9. Ratings will be high tonight and can be averaged in to the weekly ratings since they got WNT on the air. Also no need for special report mode to continue. The president is at the hospital already. We won’t learn anything more until the hospital can assess him and discuss with his staff what to report publicly.
  10. Doubt it. It’s an extra expense for ABC News when free studio space exists at TV3, which just had a lot of money poured into it.
  11. More elements of the once old, now new again, theme music emerged with the sponsor bulletin that airs before the second commercial break.
  12. It’s already standard protocol to deploy security personnel outside when live shots are taking place in front of the building. So, if Sam, Lee or another reporter were outside when this happened then there would’ve at least been one security guard with them. I’m sure that with this particular incident, security (and NYPD) responded and likely remained outside for the broadcast and additional broadcasts.
  13. Seems that the longer headlines tease is in favor of shorter, tighter and music-less teases before commercial breaks. Also, the A block stretching to about 18 minutes.
  14. I’ve been dreaming of the day they brought back the Jennings-era theme... and am so glad it has finally happened! Love that the voiceover intros the newscast the same way it used to introduce Peter.. “from ABC News world headquarters in New York...” another throwback to the Jennings era!

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