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  1. “The View” was transferred to ABC News a few years ago. For legal reasons, they will need to prove an investigation was conducted first and build a proper paper trail before terminating for cause. There are also likely ongoing conversations between lawyers for Disney/ABC and Fedida’s legal counsel who may try to negotiate an exit.
  2. Ernie Anastos is leaving FOX5 to enroll in Harvard Business School programs. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/250133/back-to-school-for-ny-anchor-ernie-anastos/
  3. Lori’s abrupt exit was so shameful and a reflection of the awful management that existed at the time.. Thankfully she had great legal representation that got her out of her contract early AND forced the station to give her a live, on-air send off. Would be amazing to get her back for the 5pm but I won’t hold my breath.
  4. that’s not how the criteria for testing works and would’ve been a waste of a test.
  5. Bill Ritter is home with what his doctor suspects is a mild case of coronavirus. He was not tested (since those are reserved for people with more advanced symptoms) but will remain home for the time being. He taped portions of this morning’s UpClose at home via Skype.
  6. Yes, at a time when more people are staying home during the day and wanting more news, it makes perfect sense to cut back on your daytime newscasts...... I am amazed at WCBS taking the easy way out of this situation while stations And networks all across the country ramp up news production while being innovative in adhering to social distancing measures. I’m even more amazed at some of the comments here defending the laziness of WCBS during this time when viewers actually will expect more.
  7. Some commentary from FTV Live on WCBS still issues getting on air two weeks after the CBS Broadcast Center was closed. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/3/25/you-would-expect-better And here is how WBBM Chicago is preparing so they do not become the next WCBS. https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/03/25/remote-control-cbs-2-tests-emergency-newscast-street/?utm_campaign=Political Still Shines Despite Coronavirus&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Listrak&utm_term=WBBM Tests Emergency Newscast From Street
  8. ABC has replaced Strahan’s GMA3 hour with “Pandemic: What You Need To Know” all this week. “Nightline” is also back in its original 11:35pm ET /10:35pm CT timeslot while Jimmy Kimmel is in reruns.
  9. Again, not understanding why they haven’t been anchoring from the sidewalk, another facility, a park, an empty Grand Central, empty studio space elsewhere, their apartments — literally anywhere in Manhattan — all along. I’m still not sure why anchors in Los Angeles need to anchor while WCBS is still able to get local reports on air. Either someone at CBS is stepping in and making this overly complicated, or WCBS is just not prepared for loss of studio.
  10. Sorry folks but this is 2020 and this is New York City. The pandemic and its potential consequences did not suddenly sneak up on us. A news organization of all people could have seen for weeks leading up to this what happened in China, South Korea and Italy. A news organization that has been communicating to the public for weeks the CDC warning that daily life may be interrupted. Did they think they were exempt? This day and age, given everything this city and this country has been through, there is no excuse to not have a back up plan to get your team on the air from the city you broadcast in. I understand needing to miss maybe one or two newscasts to get things together but WCBS does not get a pass on this. This is not about seeing local faces deliver local news (though that should be the goal), this is about being prepared and having a plan that doesn’t involve farming your work out to stations across the country.
  11. I was also curious about that. How is it possible that there was no other way to get local anchors on camera yet it was possible to have local weather and reporters? I understand the studio is unavailable, but improvise! Was there any reach out other local stations, networks, production facilities? What about anchoring outside, in the park... literally anywhere? It was nice to experiment with pushing out a newscast from the west coast but this was not the time.
  12. And, ironically, they both hated the pointless wandering away from the desk to stand up somewhere for 30 seconds only to return to the desk right after that. I believe Diane’s tenure ended the WNT standing shots.
  13. WNT doesn’t really need the large Times Square space. It is a one person show with an occasional in studio reporter. Doesn’t make sense to take on the additional expense of having WNT there (although Disney owns the space, the rental money comes out of ABC News’ budget). With TV3 unavailable, and only a small temporary set available, it makes sense for GMA Weekend to move there since it needs space for 3+ anchors. Same for This Week, which needs space for multiple guests and the round table.
  14. Yes; that set was located in TV2 which is now home to Tamron Hall. I thought the election night set was extremely over the top and unnecessary.
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