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  1. that’s odd and unlike Bill. What was the context of your message to him?
  2. Ryan Field, fully vaccinated, was off air recently after testing positive for the COVID-19 Delta variant and needing to isolate for 10 days. For 48 hours, he experienced all the symptoms, according to his Facebook post, and credits being vaccinated with preventing his symptoms from becoming much worse. https://www.facebook.com/100057991483165/posts/231987635410951/?d=n
  3. The shades are back up… and the distancing at the desk isn’t station-mandated. Kelly & Ryan have been sitting alongside each other for over a month now. had the same thought — rush order from network.
  4. IF there are indeed anchors not yet vaccinated, there could be various reasons. An individual may have had a severe allergic reaction to previous vaccines and their primary care physician has advised against this vaccine. An individual may have an autoimmune condition that their doctor feels the vaccine will trigger or enhance. The individual may be pregnant and has either chosen or has been advised to wait until giving birth before receiving the vaccine. The individual may be on medications that would require pausing while the body responds to the vaccine and the individual or their doctor fe
  5. It’s possible not all of their anchors are vaccinated just yet so they may not want do it for just some shows and not others.
  6. he does have that schedule but it’s because he has the ability to ask for and receive it after decades of experience and work at ABC plus being able to bring in / keep viewers watching after Bill Evans left. Similar to how Robin Roberts is now able to work Good Morning America just 4 days per week.
  7. you’ll be a great manager one day. That’s not how “full-time”/part-time status works with television news talent. There is no counting of hours as there is with regular 9-5 jobs. Somebody could work 10 hours a week and anchor an hour show weekly and get paid a handsome salary.
  8. Do you think it is possible that Sam Champion is human just like us and might have a variety of reasons why he could not or did not want to be available to work on his scheduled day off? We have had storms classified as tropical storms hit the area before — twice last summer — and storms hit that have done far worse. There has been much talk of how early in the season Elsa is for a hurricane/tropical storm, yet, just last year we had a tropical storm affect NYC on July 10. While it was a news event that warranted additional coverage and some special reports, there was nothin
  9. … isn’t it also possible that either Jeff or Amy plan to leave, or that Sam plans to retire (again) at the end of this contract ?
  10. Exactly — and it seems the most noticeable it will be is at the local level where many affiliates will need to modify their co-logos to make the ABC portion larger.
  11. Lori was offered a contract renewal at WABC at a lower salary. That, and some unsettling conversations between her and the GM at the time, made her request and receive an early release from her contract. No. Jeff Smith briefly mentioned that Bill was no longer with the station in response to a question on a Facebook Live.
  12. WABC dumped the last six minutes of their morning show the day she signed off from EWN to announce she was leaving, air a package about her and have her back at the desk to say farewell live... and the network gave her a shout out about an hour later on Good Morning America.
  13. If this awful “rebrand” of the ABC logo and Circle 7 co-logos is forced on stations, will they also change the signage inside and outside the WABC studios that are connected to ABC HQ? And what about all the O&Os and affiliates with signage on their sets and buildings?
  14. What a waste of time and money ... and what horrible Circle 7 co-logos they are forcing on their station group and affiliates. Hopefully this leaked branding kit is just a draft and not the final mandate for stations.
  15. “This Week” debuted a slightly refreshed graphics package this morning. It retains the red, white and blue color scheme and logo. The biggest change is the opening, which now incorporates the circular animations of other ABC News shows.

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