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  1. Kinda wonder if ViacomCBS would buy MediaWorks out - it would be an excellent complement to TEN in Australia and it absolutely makes sense to do in this "bigger is better" world of scale.
  2. And here I thought they had the newsroom set since...what, the 80s?--and they just put a monitor wall in front of it recently. This looks like it'll be a proper set--again, a shame that newsroom sets are going by the wayside. But also seems like a decent excuse for another In-Sink update.
  3. Looks like they're getting a Linear Drift package, too--
  4. Is....is that Impact V7?? Commissioned by a DMA 125 station???
  5. Isn't The Doctors still a thing on the O&Os? Guessing that'll be what gets tossed for Drew.
  6. Based on the reactions to this-- I cannot wait for the shitstorm to ensue when WNEP picks up the Tegna theme.
  7. TSSZNews

    The "3" Thread

    That's fair - but I've seen faster course corrections. I wonder if the FTVLive piece alludes more to the idea of giving local stations more autonomy in the presentation. They haven't really messed with KFMB since the acquisition, for example. KPNX, KGW, KIII and KING have all largely been left alone in this. Same can probably be said for WTLV/WJXX and WBIR. I'd argue WVEC's largely been left out of the experiment--probably because they learned their lesson the one night they demoed a "different" 11PM newscast live (wish I could find that because it makes all the current experience
  8. TSSZNews

    The "3" Thread

    I'm not convinced the FTVLIve story is accurate, simply because I can't imagine anyone high up in the company would have allowed WKYC's blanket rebrand to go through were that the case.
  9. It would be completely false to call it a V2 - Arnold *NEVER* officially versions things off like that. Updates? Yes. They're not 615.
  10. The sound imaging from Arnold definitely helps, but yeah WJXT definitely chose strong cuts of Inergy. I don't know if this says more about the strength of Arnold's sonic branding, or the absurd willingness of WCPM to let Gari's classic sound and signatures fade into obscurity since the acquisition.
  11. Yeah, this isn't gonna fly in Boston.
  12. KTVU may want to have a word re: the ratings, but that aside, SVN definitely ranks up there and absolutely is the model almost everything we know about FOX today is based off of - from FOX News Channel, to sports, to a lot of the older O&Os even. You could even say that about HDH to an extent--and they're still pulling in great numbers in Boston without a network affiliation. I suspect the Ansin family will sell when Ed dies and it will be to FOX - both in Miami and Boston. Would be really interesting to see if they're handled with kid gloves as an O&O.
  13. Are we sure Novocom didn't...you know, do that look for WESH?
  14. Looks like KYW commissioned some updates to Enforcer...
  15. TSSZNews

    The "3" Thread

    The Morning Exchange comparison is the most interesting observation of the bunch - because that's a format that has and can worked well in Cleveland and attract some new eyeballs.
  16. TSSZNews

    The "3" Thread

    Does the left bar show drive times or traffic information in the morning? That's something where it would be extremely useful to have in a prominent, constant spot in the morning. Other than that - I'm willing to give it a "first day" pass, but they don't have much time to figure this out.
  17. In some places - at least the places that do this and do it right - the BTS staffing is also mostly synced to Sun-Thu--at least when it comes to the important players (EPs, etc.)
  18. TSSZNews

    The "3" Thread

    If you look further down in the article, there's a video embed that essentially details the mission statement of each of the new shows with talent included. The messaging is definitely MUCH stronger on those spots--I get a real CCO vibe from them. I get the sense they want to try and give all the dayparts a feel and personality akin to KUSA's Next--appropriate to each timeslot. That's probably not going to work because as excellent a show as it is, Next is still personality driven and it's not as simple as taking that format to other markets...but logo aside
  19. I hope Tegna replaces WNEP's 6PM news with a dance party with the entire half hour set to that MCTYW knock off on loop.
  20. TSSZNews

    The "3" Thread

    You know what it reminds me of? And that was the channel's best era. As much as I want WKYC to open up that huge newsroom and do a similar style show, it's Tegna, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  21. TSSZNews

    The "3" Thread

    Ah yes, the Land of the 3. Oh wait--sorry--wrong 3.
  22. I'll second the accolades for France 24 look - that has aged VERY well and still feels very urgent and sophisticated.
  23. I don't necessarily believe there is one right "look" for TV news - it all just depends on the message the brand is trying to convey. There can definitely be sophistication in 3D - and 2D can look super tacky (see: TEGNA.) It comes down to process, development, and execution. Franceinfo isn't completely my cup of tea, but I don't necessarily think it's a bad design.
  24. A real shame KOIN dropped The Unexpected—they commissioned some really nice updates to that package. That aside, I’m not as thrilled with the graphics as others here, but it works well as a non-network branded package, much like the “ABC” Nexstar package.

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