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  1. Don’t be shocked if CBS This Morning comes from DC for a little while. Any idea what’s happening with WCBS? They work in that building too.
  2. Are we sure that isn't the same set and not just a duratrans skyline pulled down in front of the newsroom? Looking at the '95 and '97 clips, a lot of the set elements are in the exact same spot...
  3. Philadelphia as a market is very geOgraphicaLly dIverse and vasT--not partIcularly easy to get to the Coverage area they serve--so you have to consider thAt they're in a Location two hours out from the big city as well as the state cApitol to the west, and serving an auDience that may be commuting to and fro each Spot throughout the morning.
  4. IT BEGINS https://wnep.com/embeds/video/523-229b9351-5471-4210-b44f-592905575f85/iframe?jwsource=cl
  5. Motion for a Cliff Schwarz / Sixeme Son West Side Story style musical duel. Marching band vs. Glee club! Pre-empt the Wednesday comedy lineup. Bet it would get better ratings. #danceparty
  6. I think it's a better fit here than the crazy over the top 3D package the Troika look replaced.
  7. WTVF took a direct hit on a tornado that came within about a mile of hitting downtown Nashville overnight: https://www.newschannel5.com/news/tornado-hits-nashville-causes-severe-damage
  8. Would be great if Man Made handled some more work at the local station group level too while we're at it!
  9. I remember Steve and Allison when they ran the 9 on the WGN America Superstation feed - some nights I'd watch them over the local news. They were that good.
  10. I have noticed CBS has taken on a more CNN look and feel of late. Their debate graphics earlier this week were the best I've seen them look in a LONG time - but they're so obviously CNN inspired.
  11. And that definitely looks like a Linear Drift design - that they haven't debuted on air yet.
  12. We're all fixated on what happens with ABC News's set but meanwhile, Evening News debuted a much more modest (at least compared to the all glass) desk tonight.
  13. Excellent find! This is fascinating to watch. The show only lasted two months and there's barely any information on the program anywhere. Captain Kangaroo delivering hard news commentary is wild.
  14. I'm a little surprised ABC isn't putting World News up in the Times Square studio for time being. They own that studio space. They're not afraid to use it for a ton of other productions. Phbbbbbt. I want a FIVE STORY ITN-style atrium set for ABC News. One for WNT! One for Nightline! One for This Week! One more on top of This Week for WNT! I dunno what they'd make the 5th story for, but they have that Disney MCU money now! Do it!
  15. Anything and everything is on the table when the affiliate agreement comes up - and FOX has shown in the past they absolutely are willing to play hardball with Nexstar to the point of affiliate swaps.
  16. Almost makes you wonder why they didn't just keep the midterm set and use it permanently... Hoping for heavier use of AR and virtual elements as well. That component of ABC's midterm coverage was good, and AR is badly underutilized in daily news production in the United States.
  17. Maybe, but the current logo was in dire need of some kind of update.
  18. Nexstar isn't going to give up political ad revenue in the top market in a potential swing state AND a newscast that now BEATS FOX 29 regularly at 10:00 to help drive that revenue unless it absolutely has to.
  19. It's even weirder when you consider they're still airing the CBS Evening News (or half of it anyway) at 6.30PM - and, I assume, the CBS TOH updates in the overnight. Wonder if that contract has to fully expire before we see the fruits of this agreement. And doesn't (Viacom)CBS -- or the shareholders of -- own almost 3/4ths of Entercom still? DC's got you covered since WRC mets give the forecast on WTOP. I think any arrangement in NYC would be...a stretch. Accuweather's still going strong on WCBS and WINS - with Craig Allen and the occasional CBS 2 talent from time to time on 880.
  20. I'm in the almost certain minority who likes the look because it actually looks like sports. The touchdown animation is definitely too huge if you have a smaller TV, but I'm thinking they're aiming for the audience that has huge 4K screens. Here's what I will say - FOX is definitely downconverting to 720P for the OTA audience, and it showed the most during the halftime show. Completely horrendous picture quality during that.
  21. I've noticed it too - a lot of ghosting. FOX OTA is still 720p, so I imagine they're trying to cut corners and only do one feed, native 4K for the apps, then downconvert for the stations.
  22. Feels like they're trying to tie in a little more with NFL Network and Thursday Night Football. I'm on the record with the belief FOX is going to try and own the ENTIRE NFL broadcast package rights when they're up in a couple years, so with that in mind, the direction doesn't surprise me.
  23. Spoiler: Instead of flat boxes, now it's underlined Comic Sans text. Probably. Maybe.
  24. IIRC, at least a few years back, WTHR had a very different CG setup and graphics workflow than most stations. I don't think they're on Lyric. The same could be true for WBNS.
  25. Not surprised WPIX would keep what they're keeping - and it goes to my point earlier that this is a package that's only going to work in smaller, more traditional news markets. Also tells me PIX may not be long under Scripps ownership. Retaining the Trib look in Virginia, though...that I'm a little shocked/skeptical about. WTKR has a little momentum behind it in the ratings but I don't think enough to justify this. Scripps eventually got Move Closer off of WKBW FFS! Makes you wonder how confident corporate is in the new design.
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