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  1. Yeah I'm a little puzzled on why they're not letting KDKA, arguably their strongest station in the O&O portfolio right now, or even WJZ a shot at this. For that matter, what's preventing them from doing the weekend news out of DC? Particularly on Sundays as Face the Nation still comes out of that studio?
  2. It's amazing to think all the money they spent on acquiring FOX could well be part of Disney's downfall. If the implication is that ABC could eventually/quickly be up for sale, I can't think of literally anyone in a position right now to buy it--not even Sinclair.
  3. I'm thinking more it's because it's Easter weekend and they want to give what few who are working/in-house at the O&Os a break.
  4. I'm not entirely convinced the current ad market is going to back that promise up in a month. Political can only get you so far and that almost certainly won't ramp up again until late Summer - and that's assuming we're out of this by then. "At the present time" is the key qualifier here.
  5. The NFL won't be denied. They'll play in empty stadiums if they have to. And if we're going that long with all the restrictions, nothing's ever coming back the same anyway.
  6. It's interesting but I'm willing to bet it's a promo pack--maybe exclusive to Dallas--that gets the marketing team by while talent is social distancing and WFH.
  7. Wonder if that'll just be a weekend thing, since (I assume) both anchors report on weekdays and are more at risk for exposure.
  8. At the risk of sounding speculative, bank on Newsmax to almost certainly pick her up.
  9. The same thing KUSA is doing with them - ensuring talent and photogs working in the field don't have to come inside to use the bathroom and potentially spread the coronavirus. Not a joke.
  10. Some of these rollouts are easier to do on some platforms that others - depends on what you're working with, and where you're working right now. Some groups--and therefore some local stations--haven't instituted widespread WFH yet. But some have. If WTHR (and WBNS for that matter) are able to do it in this climate, more power to them. I'm not sure it's a top priority for most right now--either for those responsible for execution, or the news consumer.
  11. It doesn't appear Lester Holt's actually on the Nightly set tonight...
  12. They've been running that promo since at least the end of last year.
  13. They're really going to change stuff out during a national emergency? Ooooooook.
  14. Truth be told, I don't think it's coming back.
  15. I mean...they're not allowed in the building. What do you want them to do, another LA show? I'm guessing there may be are labor reasons why CTM can go to the Ed Sullivan Theater and WCBS (or Last Week Tonight or whatever's still in the building) couldn't go to...say, the 60 Minutes building across the street. Or the Daily Show set which isn't far away from the Broadcast Center. Or what was the TRL space in Times Square. Honestly, I don't see a big reason why WCBS also couldn't also do the Sullivan theater unless they're really trying to adhere to this distancing--and if that's the reason, I can't totally blame them.
  16. Motion to temporarily change title to In and Quarantin' in these uncertain times.
  17. I would not expect further launches on the Scripps stations until this Coronavirus madness subsides, to be honest. Bigger fish to fry. Everyone's WFH. Hard to launch that kind of stuff when you're not near the tech.
  18. As I understand it, there is no creative director currently at WXIN/WTTV--so this may have been mandated from corporate.
  19. I don't see an official announcement of a suspension anywhere... If anything, maybe they need to be on with no audience--with no other televised sports they could actually get a lot of extra exposure!
  20. (In the right spot this time) **KCBS IN LA** is producing WCBS’s evening newscasts tonight. Wow.
  21. It is exactly the reason - CBS Sports Network is in that building. HQ comes from Florida.
  22. They JUST evacuated that building. Wouldn’t be shocked if CBSN output comes from DC for a bit as well once they get up and running—problem is a lot of the staff are NYC based.
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