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  1. And I thought the down branches around my home from the wind today were an inconvenience. In fairness, last Saturday's NBC Nightly News got perilously close to this.
  2. The CBSN segment just Briefly repeated holy moly
  3. The tech bug hit CBS tonight - Evening News didn’t start on time. Loop of CBS promos in its place currently. EDIT: CBSN is now running in place of the Evening News. Mid-segment crash in. Ohhhhhhhh boy.
  4. I'm going to guess it's a contingency open to run Philly and Pittsburgh if KDKA has to shut down due to the virus now that Pittsburgh is slowly getting out of lockdown. Have to believe a similar open exists at KDKA in case of vice-versa.
  5. With Viacom now in the mix, and ad revenue getting eviscerated across the board, I get the sense that is less important. That goes for the national CBSN, as well as the locals. The Viacom arm of ViacomCBS will want to find a way to generate revenue quickly.
  6. Ratings could be up 10,000% across the board, but very few companies at any level are buying advertising right now.
  7. Has anyone actually see a current WTSP open with the new logo? You'd think they would have changed it over by now.
  8. Hubbard apparently made some pretty nasty cuts on the radio side today - anything being heard about the TV end?
  9. This is getting remarkably overblown. People don't want to watch other people at their homes reading the news. They're doing it now because there's a public health crisis and emergency. People watch other people at home on YouTube, Twitch, etc because they're typically doing something else, like streaming a game, etc. Not to mention horrible lighting, sound, etc. I realize some of that stuff can be fixed if everyone weren't flying by the seat of their pants right now, but it won't be fixed because long-term, it won't matter. News consumers--not just us--like the theater
  10. The update has that old-school NSM style of arrangement. The bed reminds me a bit of Momentum News. It's definitely a step back after WKBN's Impact masterpiece.
  11. Real interesting thing about the In-Sink update is that I only hear the original 3 note signature on top - wonder if this is syndicated out with the Indiana sig eventually.
  12. It made sense for them to do it with their radio properties because there's little money to be made in radio anymore. Without live sports for a while, we're going to see really quick if the same is true for OTA TV.
  13. That seems remarkably short sighted for CBS to do, but in the current climate - and especially if there's no football in the Fall - I could see it. Guessing they think reverse comp is more lucrative, but, again, in the current climate, I wouldn't bank on it.
  14. Yeah I'm a little puzzled on why they're not letting KDKA, arguably their strongest station in the O&O portfolio right now, or even WJZ a shot at this. For that matter, what's preventing them from doing the weekend news out of DC? Particularly on Sundays as Face the Nation still comes out of that studio?
  15. It's amazing to think all the money they spent on acquiring FOX could well be part of Disney's downfall. If the implication is that ABC could eventually/quickly be up for sale, I can't think of literally anyone in a position right now to buy it--not even Sinclair.
  16. I'm thinking more it's because it's Easter weekend and they want to give what few who are working/in-house at the O&Os a break.
  17. I'm not entirely convinced the current ad market is going to back that promise up in a month. Political can only get you so far and that almost certainly won't ramp up again until late Summer - and that's assuming we're out of this by then. "At the present time" is the key qualifier here.
  18. The NFL won't be denied. They'll play in empty stadiums if they have to. And if we're going that long with all the restrictions, nothing's ever coming back the same anyway.
  19. It's interesting but I'm willing to bet it's a promo pack--maybe exclusive to Dallas--that gets the marketing team by while talent is social distancing and WFH.
  20. Wonder if that'll just be a weekend thing, since (I assume) both anchors report on weekdays and are more at risk for exposure.
  21. At the risk of sounding speculative, bank on Newsmax to almost certainly pick her up.
  22. The same thing KUSA is doing with them - ensuring talent and photogs working in the field don't have to come inside to use the bathroom and potentially spread the coronavirus. Not a joke.

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