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  1. That's probably all this is--a, frankly, unnecessary call sign change.
  2. I wonder if In-Sink V1 got an "Update" before V2 was commissioned--though the question then is whether it was ever folded into the proper syndicated package...
  3. I'm in the crowd that appreciates the *idea* of Good Question, but I think the execution was more often than not too fluffy.
  4. I definitely just saw a :05 ID running during Late Late that looks like nothing corporate at all (not even a CBS eye or the proper 3 if I recall) with the VO "Thanks for watching Channel 3." It felt very CCO--but bolder. Thought I'd put that out there.
  5. Early Today is on right now instead of the 4AM news--first time in a while that I can remember 10 running Early Today. Eeesh.
  6. If you think about lead-ins, the fact the 10PM news on 29 has been around for decades, etc., that should be happening anyway--that spot is designed more to try and annoy 6 than anything. It'd be news if the 10PM on 17 was beating FOX regularly--and for a bit, there were some days where they were and it was competitive. It'd also be news if the 10PM news on FOX was the market's #1 late news or close to it, or if GDP were making inroads again in the morning. There hasn't been any newspaper coverage on how May sweeps were for Philly. I guess it's safe to assume the status quo?
  7. The simple answer: They were all probably just told to up their social media engagement. I'm not sure anyone's properly unlocked the potential of turning social engagement to eyeballs on the TV. If anyone in this market can do that, it's them.
  8. It appears WFXT flipped the switch last night to HD. They have the new corporate O&O graphics too, from what I understand--though they are being used sparingly. -T
  9. I'm getting indications that WGME in Portland, ME may be ready to launch HD News this Tuesday, to coincide with the launch of its 7PM "political" (IE Sinclair right wing agenda-pushing) program.
  10. It looks like WHDH is going to flip to HD today at noon, softly...with a "harder" launch at 4PM. I can tell you, it's going to be...interesting. -T

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