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  1. Forget WNEP - $75 million seems EXTRAORDINARILY low for a station in the #1 DMA, even if it’s ranked 5th in the market.
  2. And because of this I’d anticipate more disaffiliations down the road. Depending on what rights FOX can acquire with its Disney money, that can either really hurt Nexstar or REALLY hurt FOX.
  3. I have always been a fan of 10 News in Australia and the atrium setup they have in Sydney--and while I long miss the working newsroom that setup afforded, I don't think there's a better set on television right now than what Sydney just got. Anywhere. What really sets is apart is that they're committed to using the main video wall for all kinds of stand-up presentation. They've committed to a level of interactivity that you can't say for nearly any video wall sets in the US, local or national. It helps that it's so versatile, too.
  4. Depending on who's elected to the executive branch in 2020 - and if this in fact stretches that long - I think much more serious consequences are still in play.
  5. I’m thinking it might be just to get some more eyeballs on the show - or at least eyeballs from its intended audience, who I strongly suspect can’t check out the show at midday because they’re at school or parents are at work.
  6. It's kinda funny - a large reason MNF shifted is because Disney wanted to command those huge sub fees for ESPN. Now that digital and streaming have fragmented the market, they realize they need marquee games on a marquee network to justify the continued cost and effort. Guessing it will end up back on ABC as an ESPN simulcast, like they do with the Pro Bowl now.
  7. CBS and/or FOX, for one. It's a football market, so one of them will definitely try for WISH/WNDY. Nexstar may keep 4/59, but I do think we're in for an affiliation swap in Indy once the dust settles.
  8. I wouldn’t. Easy Sinclair pickup once their double secret probation’s over. They will drop WOLF so fast for a chance like that.
  9. 1st game is simulcast, 2nd game is ESPN only. Done. Dancing isn't the juggernaut it used to be - it can live elsewhere on ABC's schedule and do fine.
  10. I'm with some of you on this and I know it's largely contractual thing - but why doesn't ESPN/ABC/Disney just strike a deal for a MNF simulcast on ABC? If they want to get back in the game, that seems like the easiest and most cost-effective solution. I can also think of a good reason why they wouldn't want to do that - it would tank ESPN's value.
  11. They poured a lot of money into all three of those stations of late, too. I suppose this means WYOU/WBRE - Nexstar's first acquisition - probably isn't safe either.
  12. Just a thought: Is Sinclair involved because of the now dead idea they were gonna get WGN? Seems like that’s the only reason they should be involved. I know they have Stadium but ehhhhhhh
  13. Well, Ryan Kadro's done. You can believe what you want about the circumstances of the departure, whether Charlie Rose's exit irreversibly hurt the show's chances, etc. But if that's not a signal of significant change to come, I don't know what is.
  14. And buried in those videos is a clip of Craig's last show at (I think) American University...which used the McKonly WCBS theme as a close! In 1990!
  15. I'm a little shocked Turner was so willing to give up the CourtTV IP. There absolutely is a market for this kind of stuff and it's a bit puzzling Turner didn't try again with the brand through a rebrand of HLN. Given the demos this type of programming typically attracts, it's also a bit of a surprise Katz partnered with Trib/Nexstar in the top markets, when the ABC O&Os probably would have been a more powerful fit.
  16. WCAU is claiming #1 at 11PM in the demo for the November book - spots started running today. Second time in a year and a half I believe. These are starting to not just be surprise one-off wins anymore.
  17. This original video was produced in '69, but the format definitely launched in '68. I'm guessing WABC isn't accounting for leap years, which absent those would make the launch today. This is an amazing BTS video - props to WABC for acknowledging their history, a practice damn few TV stations do these days.
  18. Enough people latched on to FOX Business that it's now beating CNBC in a lot of key time slots. It can work when you have the right synergy. But CNN isn't FOX. It's pretty safe to say any new channel that launches going forward that carries even a hint of risk is going to be digital first/only.
  19. Watching the 10PM news, I've noticed their stingers have more prominent music with them that sound like they're trying to sneak in--gasp!--new cuts with the Move Closer hook.
  20. That's because I would argue, outside of Next with Kyle Clark, they didn't really change. They didn't have to. They've been a dominant #1 station for years. For all the hoopla TEGNA's made about trying to reinvent local news, they're not going to mess much with the formula that works at their top rated, consistently performing stations. If every station in the portfolio were #1, there's no way we'd have C Clarity right now. You can also pull off things better, especially in KUSA's case, when you have the whole group's graphics department in the same building. See: WTVT.
  21. It probably wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to make Good Day 4-10AM and simulcast the first half on KOVR. Are the current two shows that distinctly different to where sales can justify two different revenue streams from clients targeting (I assume) two different sets of demos? At worst, it's an awkward lead-in to CBS This Morning?
  22. We're damn close in some markets... But you are right about the ebb and flow of political money. How often have we seen layoffs at stations and station groups (not just Scripps mind) in off-cycle years? You'd hope the ad rates being on the lowest rung of the card would stave off that kind of policy. But the season is still huge. I wonder how long it is before candidates realize you basically need a Twitter account and targeted ads on social media to be successful without blowing campaign contribution dollars - it could well put local TV in trouble.
  23. I mean, I’d hope so—their corporate HQ / hub is based in Baltimore, correct? I don’t think Sinclair’s gone out of house for GFX ever - at least not since the News Central days. To the topic at hand: it’s definitely a step up from the 3D logos floating in space, and the logo animation in particular is very nice, but there isn’t a ton of motion to give that open that feeling of grandeur.
  24. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10156629209417232

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