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  1. So FOX 29 was knocked off the air Saturday AM for several hours because of a power outage / underground fire right near their studios. They've been doing the news from the streetside studio ever since. Wonder if their videowall-heavy studio got damaged from some kind of power surge?
  2. More and more companies are producing web-exclusive content. There are less and less sources of ad revenue online unless you want to become a video portal, which I suspect a market like Fargo can't support. Forum wants to be paid for the content they create, and I can't totally blame them. I think you'll see a point soon where some of the online-only newscasts become paywall'd--and so many are now used to receiving content for free that it's going to be a PAINFUL adjustment on both ends. The ones that are providing free content are hanging on by a thread. There will need to be a wa
  3. Honestly, that second VH knock off is pretty decent.
  4. It's not totally out of the question despite the long run. That seems like a series a decent chunk of audience would pick up Disney+ for.
  5. It's a great subnet - but it heavily relied on the CBS library for content, and even though the release indicates they'll still air programming from that library, I do wonder if that'll change--or we'll see more classic 20th Century FOX programming in the mix. Probably overthinking since Disney owns a lot of that library now though.
  6. It's better than the Raycom look - never thought that look was good to begin with, let alone aged well.
  7. TV will absolutely be around in 2041. Whether it will be a zombie industry like radio is another question. I think the length of a court battle largely depends on whose administration is in office when this all comes to a head. If Trump gets another four years and it's his FCC again, Sinclair probably gets away with murder. If it's, say, a type like Sanders or Warren, I could honestly see Sinclair just packing up shop. Anything in between probably gets murky.
  8. Don't see why Nexstar couldn't continue to own them unless they're really trying to get under the cap to keep PIX 11...
  9. From the sounds of the FTVLive article, it sounds like FOX will pull affiliations for the whole group if they don't cough up Q13, which would leave them with some pretty gaping holes in a lot of places. Guessing cash will be involved.
  10. I know nothing about WJW - what's in Studio B where they couldn't have built the set there to begin with?
  11. Yeah the more I think about it (and of course I won't list them here) there are definitely a few more than just WRAL - I suppose I single them out on account of them being so dominant and respected. Indisputable that the number is dwindling, however.
  12. I knew I'd forget someone - guess you can throw KOTV in the mix too. Wonder how long they'll all last...
  13. This does feel like a big L for Hearst, but if I'm working for either of those stations, I look at what Tegna's done to once shining stars in the portfolio - WFAA and WWL - and it's hard not to be concerned. These are more traditional news markets largely BECAUSE of these stations, so doing something different is a huge risk. If they can be run more like KING or KGW than the aforementioned, they have a chance. Also beginning to wonder if Tegna's just on a buying spree for the heck of it. I look toward the smaller Texas stations they acquired - I'd say maybe one or two of them actu
  14. Bet Sinclair wish they thought of it first.
  15. Ratings for the Evening News *were* up under Scott's tenure as anchor, but the gains were molehills compared to the mountain needed. And, unfortunately, Charlie was a draw and his departure has killed CTM. It's good that there's new blood behind the scenes, but I'm concerned everyone looking for the Murrow / Cronkite days to be rebuilt are going to be sorely disappointed. I've already seem some cracks in the "Real News" brand with the recent R. Kelly interview (and their subsequent milking of it) and the Royals special. Considering either of those would have been unfath
  16. Tin foil hat theory: She ends up at FOX 29 after while. Lucy Noland just announced her departure at the end of June...just saying.
  17. I wanna know who's using the funky old-school 11 in the top right corner!
  18. Most meteorologists worth their weight will tell you extended forecasts don't mean much outside of Day 4. But we've long been in an era where consultants preach the need to show the weekend forecast for viewers as a beacon of hope - that's how we got to 7-days in the first place. 10-days were popular at one point when they REALLY didn't have much accuracy to them - and they largely still don't today. I'm guessing WSB's solution was a mix of consultants' demand about the weekend and their weather team's insistence it wouldn't mean much most of the time.
  19. Gotta give credit to any organization that sticks around for 1,065 years. Hey, it's longer than the Notre Dame cathedral.
  20. Well shoot--at least buy the anchor dinner first...or, you know, let them ass you a few interview questions.
  21. And I don't think that's a bad thing. Just by the nature of it being two dimensions there's only so far that medium can take you. I know I am not buying a 4K set just to see white type inside a thin box on a red background. Everything is cyclical. Everyone tried to be flat 10-12 years ago...and 10-12 years before that.
  22. Open looks to be in-house, but VERY good.
  23. It just hasn't been the same since they brought the consultants into Channel 6...

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