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  1. I'd start to get concerned that this could become a trend with the election behind us and that revenue drying up...
  2. There's one really big reason to keep weather coverage local - because local weather is the reason most people watch local news. The Weather Channel is still an OK resource for a quick check of things - it could be even better if the local opt-outs were more than just Intellistar and an on-screen crawl during severe weather. I'm old enough to remember when they did not GAF and ran warnings full screen. I imagine NBC had eyes toward a hybrid model utilizing the O&Os when they purchased The Weather Channel. Certainly few could have prognosticated a global pandemic whe
  3. I wouldn't go that far--and really what the viewer sees on air in terms of hubbed graphics is nothing new--but I do think Creative departments themselves may be in as much trouble now as art departments were 10-15 years ago at the rate we're going.
  4. I wouldn't...... ....Count On It.
  5. Wonder if they shopped it to PHL 17 given the 10PM news success and they (unwisely) wanted to do their own thing instead.
  6. That's generally how it works. The only national newsroom set that was a working one was CBS before it made way for the the dual CBS This Morning set use, and now Washington studio. The one you see on-air from time to time at FOX News is legit, too.
  8. You've seen it before, you just haven't realized it. That set is the "fishbowl" - the main newsroom and headquarters of CBS News in New York, used from Dan Rather in the 90s up until Scott Pelley and the Evening News moved into the current CBS This Morning studio next door. It's still their newsroom - but it got a remodel and is only sparingly used on air.
  9. In an FCC run by the Trump administration, assume nothing - even in its potential final months.
  10. How is Lansing, the 110th DMA, capable of supporting a new news operation from Scripps, but we continue to wait for WSFL in Miami to get their act together for now almost a year?
  11. Michelle Grossman, I believe, still occasionally freelances for NBC10. She was definitely on a couple weekend mornings ago.
  12. Holy crap. Caroli makes Chapin sound like Erik Thompson. That was a sign they dug DEEPER into tabloid, not a regression.
  13. They had that set for 12 years? It held up really well.
  14. That's Locals Only - not Indie Band.
  15. Really interesting that these changes are happening in the absence of a VP of News at the station.
  16. In a way, Aerial does come close to the IC 4-note sig...
  17. And WCAU is carrying IndyCar Racing and NHL Playoff Hockey tomorrow anyway. (EDIT: I saw the promo too. I guess they mean as a PKG after Sunday Night Football?)
  18. I distincTly remember that it waS first Commissioned by tHe junior partnEr in a duopoly in the south - An indePendent, if memory serves right.
  19. Maybe where Harry's talk show used to shoot?
  20. Maybe it was just me - but I didn't see a lot of social media being plugged throughout the newscast, not even with talent - which is an optimistically curious decision.
  21. "Hi! We produce two-thirds of the programming seen on PBS television affiliates across the country and it will always be one of our main revenue streams, but you're streaming video on your television now and just not calling it television anymore...so F@*& television! Welcome to our new DIGITAL MEDIA age where we, too, will unsuccessfully wage a battle with Google and Facebook for ad dollars!" Gag.
  22. They did--updated branding included--and it didn't work and they went back to the original logo pretty quickly. There's literally no reason to mess with the WGBH brand OR the mark. It is the most recognizable brand in public television and one of the most iconic symbols in media. This reeks of WGBH paying an ad agency six figures to find a solution for a problem that didn't exist - and that solution is the equivalent of PVI getting rid of Move Closer. It's just not necessary. If you have to answer a dozen theoretical questions as to why you changed your
  23. They're following the WPHL model - their own stuff in the morning with a skeleton crew, and KTRK at night. The AM still appears to be branded Morning Dose. It sounds like they may be using Canvas, too...
  24. "What will our new set look like?" Gee, I wonder, newly minted Nexstar station.

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