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  1. Heads up: The link above is broken because..."copy of Currents News V2" isn't great for SEO? Anyway, some context here: The client was presented with two "draft" looks to go into production - and that's the one that was chosen. It is what it is.
  2. I can't wait for this thread to go years and years like the ABC O&O speculation.
  3. Maybe I'm just over every set now being a video wall, but there's something about the simplicity and purity of that blue newsroom that feels refreshing.
  4. Don’t worry guys - my friend (and his friend) and I will take care of him.
  5. Almost as if there's a global pandemic still raging in other parts of the world and supply chains are still disrupted...
  6. WLBT was definitely GO--although it looks very similar to the original MG group package work.
  7. It's a nice design, but I wouldn't read too much into this. A different team is probably making creative for the Hearst corporate site than the hub in Orlando.
  8. Also sounds like they scaled back the instrumentation of Icon V3 a bit - PM open and vamp doesn't sound nearly as orchestral.
  9. I suspect they'll bring in someone who will toe the corporate line. I say let 'em. The resulting TalkBack 16s will be legendary.
  10. For such a lavish building, the set feels awfully small market.
  11. It's definitely happening. They're hiring staff for it.
  12. Numbers on CNBC generally are pretty low and niche - it caters almost exclusively to businesspeople. I wouldn't read much into it.
  13. I give them credit for trying to evolve set design into something beyond "video wall and blue," but I get the feeling this will be a short-lived refresh. Only ones in America who have done this successfully IMO are WPLG and the PBS News Hour.
  14. Just FTR, just about every piece of info in this particular story is way way worse than the optics of nabbing a golf membership as part of a TV station acquisition.
  15. Nah. We're at a point now where being live for breaking news is assumed, and so it doesn't need to stand out or be so urgent. It's now a balance between how much information you can convey and how clean it looks in a single space. Let the pictures tell the story.
  16. I'd start to get concerned that this could become a trend with the election behind us and that revenue drying up...
  17. There's one really big reason to keep weather coverage local - because local weather is the reason most people watch local news. The Weather Channel is still an OK resource for a quick check of things - it could be even better if the local opt-outs were more than just Intellistar and an on-screen crawl during severe weather. I'm old enough to remember when they did not GAF and ran warnings full screen. I imagine NBC had eyes toward a hybrid model utilizing the O&Os when they purchased The Weather Channel. Certainly few could have prognosticated a global pandemic when it was sold (I don't say none because a few scientists have said we were overdue for a while) but pandemics aren't permanent - and what may make sense for a single year won't otherwise. So the question becomes, do the savings realized from centralizing weather outweigh any loss from the overall product of local news not having a local WX presence? For the FOX stations, it might - I don't know many O&Os currently that have an enormous investment in WX save for maybe Tampa. But for other stations and other owned groups who have firm stakes in weather - and the talent and tech to back it - that decision is much more difficult.
  18. I wouldn't go that far--and really what the viewer sees on air in terms of hubbed graphics is nothing new--but I do think Creative departments themselves may be in as much trouble now as art departments were 10-15 years ago at the rate we're going.
  19. I wouldn't...... ....Count On It.
  20. Wonder if they shopped it to PHL 17 given the 10PM news success and they (unwisely) wanted to do their own thing instead.
  21. That's generally how it works. The only national newsroom set that was a working one was CBS before it made way for the the dual CBS This Morning set use, and now Washington studio. The one you see on-air from time to time at FOX News is legit, too.
  23. You've seen it before, you just haven't realized it. That set is the "fishbowl" - the main newsroom and headquarters of CBS News in New York, used from Dan Rather in the 90s up until Scott Pelley and the Evening News moved into the current CBS This Morning studio next door. It's still their newsroom - but it got a remodel and is only sparingly used on air.
  24. In an FCC run by the Trump administration, assume nothing - even in its potential final months.
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