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  1. Tin foil hat theory: She ends up at FOX 29 after while. Lucy Noland just announced her departure at the end of June...just saying.
  2. There are a decent amount of people who would argue the mornings are a better growth spot right now than the evenings... That aside, I suspect he WILL appear on GMA from time to time. They'd be fools not to.
  3. Honestly it was nice to see TV stations still use newsroom sets. I suspect whatever's in store will again be video-wall heavy. Few stations understand how to properly use such versatile areas, and that's why they're getting really old in the tooth for me.
  4. I wanna know who's using the funky old-school 11 in the top right corner!
  5. Is that true? To be fair, Officemax has some pretty sweet executive desks...
  6. Could've fooled me on Alhart....whoever it is he sounds VERY close to him.
  7. Most meteorologists worth their weight will tell you extended forecasts don't mean much outside of Day 4. But we've long been in an era where consultants preach the need to show the weekend forecast for viewers as a beacon of hope - that's how we got to 7-days in the first place. 10-days were popular at one point when they REALLY didn't have much accuracy to them - and they largely still don't today. I'm guessing WSB's solution was a mix of consultants' demand about the weekend and their weather team's insistence it wouldn't mean much most of the time.
  8. There's an obvious CBS This Morning influence, especially in the desk, but it looks really nice and probably feels quite large on-air.
  9. At this point you might as well let it ride, but the music definitely feels out of place in some of the smaller, more traditional markets in Texas.
  10. You know it's digital when they break out OCR A for a header.
  11. You know what it reminds me a little of? WNBC's set in the Pyburn era. That's not a complaint, BTW.
  12. TSSZNews

    WTTV New Look

    Sobering hypothesis: The local folks are trying to get a significant piece of their own work together for reels before they're cast off and it's all centralized through Nexstar. Can't say I would blame them.
  13. That's sort of my thinking right now - that doesn't look like a hack job done by Broadway Video's props department. That looks like someone had to approve it, despite a striking similarity to a now couple of years old WCNC logo.
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