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  1. I don't necessarily believe there is one right "look" for TV news - it all just depends on the message the brand is trying to convey. There can definitely be sophistication in 3D - and 2D can look super tacky (see: TEGNA.) It comes down to process, development, and execution. Franceinfo isn't completely my cup of tea, but I don't necessarily think it's a bad design.
  2. I do not get the hate for the WDAF graphics - I think they’re amazing and among the most modern looks on US local TV right now. They’re what the TEGNA look should be and that was made by a top agency!
  3. A real shame KOIN dropped The Unexpected—they commissioned some really nice updates to that package. That aside, I’m not as thrilled with the graphics as others here, but it works well as a non-network branded package, much like the “ABC” Nexstar package.
  4. Looks a little like it's trying to be WISH, but flatter.
  5. Only now that they can't buy Trib.
  6. On a more serious note - likely the only reason it's GMA-branded is because ABC sees some value in the brand now, given the parent program's #1 rating in HHs during the morning--and their recent demo wins. I like the Crew name too, but this looks like ABC trying to build GMA into a more fluid, all-hours brand like Today.
  7. Personally I was hoping for a rename to GMA3: Return of the Jedi. We also would've accepted GMA3: G With a Vengeance.
  8. TSSZNews

    WJZ 7PM News?

    TBH I wish someone would try a full hour of national news at 7PM--it might go a long way to restoring the prestige these shows are just hanging on to. That aside--guessing they're mandating the Evening News at 6.30 across the board to maximize the chances of Norah's success.
  9. Funny you mention - Philly Live is now a thing with a different host, but it will be a 15-minute segment at 11:45AM. WCAU just started running quick promos.
  10. I actually think the open looks a bit cleaner now - pretty nice!
  11. The 10PM news on PHL 17 just crashed into commercial - video wall wasn't working and they cut everything to black a few seconds after... --They came back like nothing happened. Though the wall is from a different daypart and not moving. Was hoping they had a textured blue background on standby like WLS!
  12. That's at least a better version of WGHP's set. Guessing it'll be Beyond for the music.
  13. Given the other sets they've worked on (in particular PVI's) this feels a bit of a disappointment. The interview set is probably the nicest part of that set, but again, video walls are becoming really old, really fast, and the rest of this doesn't bring anything particularly interesting to the table in that regard.
  14. That just sounds like he either had a bad recording day (he will just record in random closets) or the producer messed up audio ingest. Chapin still sounds fine on HDH/SVN.
  15. That's an...interesting logo. Hope it doesn't end up on the main 12.
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