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  1. It would be an absolute shame if the Broadcast Center is sold. There's a ton of history in that building and not just with the heritage of CBS News. It would also put production of some unrelated shows into doubt - I know Last Week Tonight tapes there, as do a few other shows. It's not cheap to rent those studios out - why kill a revenue generator? Visually, I could see setting up shop at Times Square proving beneficial for some shows, but I wonder if those offices have the bandwidth to house everything--network, local, digital, ALL the cable properties...would 60 Minutes (which is across the street) dare move with them?
  2. If it's truly a custom for Scripps and won't be syndicated, it's probably not going to get an official name.
  3. Didn't really know where to put this but here-- Are any of the other NBC O&Os running a 7PM news in place of their early local news that (I assume) is getting pre-empted by coverage? Because WCAU is.
  4. Honestly--the logo isn't bad at all. Feels like a much more natural evolution of what's there currently.
  5. IIRC, at least a few years back, WTHR had a very different CG setup and graphics workflow than most stations. I don't think they're on Lyric. The same could be true for WBNS.
  6. Not surprised WPIX would keep what they're keeping - and it goes to my point earlier that this is a package that's only going to work in smaller, more traditional news markets. Also tells me PIX may not be long under Scripps ownership. Retaining the Trib look in Virginia, though...that I'm a little shocked/skeptical about. WTKR has a little momentum behind it in the ratings but I don't think enough to justify this. Scripps eventually got Move Closer off of WKBW FFS! Makes you wonder how confident corporate is in the new design.
  7. This has to be purely for political dollars, or Seattle would be in the mix. CBS is probably kicking themselves for tossing WGNT (Virginia/NC) and WTVX (West Palm). Only show I could see surviving after the election is the one in Atlanta. And don't they already HAVE local cut-ins in Detroit? Why not test the waters again with WWJ and maybe increase your returns? That all aside, If you had asked me the company that would try this first in major markets, my first guess would not have been CBS.
  8. Guessing CLTV had to make the sacrifice for News Nation. Hope a lot of those staffers are considered for the new project.
  9. An absolutely essential upgrade. Nice job.
  10. There's allegedly a coastal storm in the forecast for New England this coming weekend so...
  11. One: Cut a hole in a box Two: Put your set in that box (And maybe an ugly logo redesign) Three: Make them open the box And that's the way you doooo it
  12. I think you'd be very surprised how much people--from all walks of life--enjoy an affirming echo chamber every now and then.
  13. Watching these debut on the larger markets, I think I know what the problem is with the new look: It clashes with all the other production elements inside the newscast. On WFTS and KNXV the big problem is seeing the flat look against very complex set elements, physical AND virtual. It doesn't match. In the case of WFTS, it doesn't even match the station brand. They've built up ABC Action News now for almost 20 years, this feels completely antithetical to the brand, and in that particular station's case, they know it because they're trying to use more complex animations and somewhat harder cuts of music on air. Really, there needed to be set changes across the board to something that matched the look--something that complements the clean message the look's trying to convey. Video walls alone can't do that. Meanwhile, at WTXL or KXXV, it feels a bit more in line, because the newscast pacing is a bit slower, sleepier, and not over the top. That's where this look is going to work best: In the smaller and more traditional news focused markets. But Detroit? Nashville? Cleveland? Denver? Vegas? Maybe even home base in Cincy? Look out!
  14. --Is that the only non-ABC/Cap Cities station to use those graphics? I can't remember the look being on anything beyond them.
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