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  1. More and more companies are producing web-exclusive content. There are less and less sources of ad revenue online unless you want to become a video portal, which I suspect a market like Fargo can't support. Forum wants to be paid for the content they create, and I can't totally blame them. I think you'll see a point soon where some of the online-only newscasts become paywall'd--and so many are now used to receiving content for free that it's going to be a PAINFUL adjustment on both ends. The ones that are providing free content are hanging on by a thread. There will need to be a way to directly monetize it all, or you'll soon see no content of value at all on the Internet. The letter in the FTVLive piece tells me Scott may have jumped the gun on the TV website itself being paywall'd (guessing it'll be INFORUM.com first), but if they indeed go through with it, it'll be a noble, if not necessary experiment to see if some of these small market stations not owned by Sinclair or Nexstar can stay afloat.
  2. Honestly, that second VH knock off is pretty decent.
  3. It's not totally out of the question despite the long run. That seems like a series a decent chunk of audience would pick up Disney+ for.
  4. It's a great subnet - but it heavily relied on the CBS library for content, and even though the release indicates they'll still air programming from that library, I do wonder if that'll change--or we'll see more classic 20th Century FOX programming in the mix. Probably overthinking since Disney owns a lot of that library now though.
  5. It's better than the Raycom look - never thought that look was good to begin with, let alone aged well.
  6. It is a nice set--and the logo is an improvement from WISC's play button, but it looks like some standardization may be afoot at Morgan Murphy. Wonder if it'll hit KOAM or WKBT next. It would be hilarious if WKBT were next and they did a riff of WFAA's play-button 8 and executed it better.
  7. TV will absolutely be around in 2041. Whether it will be a zombie industry like radio is another question. I think the length of a court battle largely depends on whose administration is in office when this all comes to a head. If Trump gets another four years and it's his FCC again, Sinclair probably gets away with murder. If it's, say, a type like Sanders or Warren, I could honestly see Sinclair just packing up shop. Anything in between probably gets murky.
  8. Don't see why Nexstar couldn't continue to own them unless they're really trying to get under the cap to keep PIX 11...
  9. I will say Tower makes for a better execution of that open.
  10. From the sounds of the FTVLive article, it sounds like FOX will pull affiliations for the whole group if they don't cough up Q13, which would leave them with some pretty gaping holes in a lot of places. Guessing cash will be involved.
  11. I know nothing about WJW - what's in Studio B where they couldn't have built the set there to begin with?
  12. I think once you cross the MD-VA border on the Delmarva, the VA side is considered the Eastern Shore and in the Hampton Roads DMA--or, at least, there's enough viewership there for the Hampton Roads stations to justify putting the Eastern Shore on their WX maps.
  13. The funny thing is that it almost feels like an open Gray would make.
  14. I suspect that monitor bank in the newsroom set is a sign of what's to come.
  15. Eek - those animations look super messy and cluttered...
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