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  1. TSSZNews

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Forget WNEP - $75 million seems EXTRAORDINARILY low for a station in the #1 DMA, even if it’s ranked 5th in the market.
  2. Looks like it's a total fire sale: https://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2019/03/18/cox-enterprises-exploring-options-for-its-radio.html
  3. TSSZNews

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    And because of this I’d anticipate more disaffiliations down the road. Depending on what rights FOX can acquire with its Disney money, that can either really hurt Nexstar or REALLY hurt FOX.
  4. A lot of us may remember that Chapin retired, and then un-retired. I wouldn't say he's on the same sort of decline as CVD right now, but he definitely has good and not-so-good days in his recent spots.
  5. TSSZNews

    Australian TV News

    I have always been a fan of 10 News in Australia and the atrium setup they have in Sydney--and while I long miss the working newsroom that setup afforded, I don't think there's a better set on television right now than what Sydney just got. Anywhere. What really sets is apart is that they're committed to using the main video wall for all kinds of stand-up presentation. They've committed to a level of interactivity that you can't say for nearly any video wall sets in the US, local or national. It helps that it's so versatile, too.
  6. TSSZNews

    Sinclair Broadcast Group - General Discussion

    Depending on who's elected to the executive branch in 2020 - and if this in fact stretches that long - I think much more serious consequences are still in play.
  7. TSSZNews

    AT&T buying Time Warner?

    That would probably be unwise with the current makeup of the court.
  8. That's...actually not a bad newsroom, if a bit barren. Probably should find a way to use it for the duration of set construction.
  9. I’m thinking it might be just to get some more eyeballs on the show - or at least eyeballs from its intended audience, who I strongly suspect can’t check out the show at midday because they’re at school or parents are at work.
  10. TSSZNews

    ABC going after NFL Sunday package?

    It's kinda funny - a large reason MNF shifted is because Disney wanted to command those huge sub fees for ESPN. Now that digital and streaming have fragmented the market, they realize they need marquee games on a marquee network to justify the continued cost and effort. Guessing it will end up back on ABC as an ESPN simulcast, like they do with the Pro Bowl now.
  11. San Fran / Silicon Valley is probably the one market you want to test first to see if this can work. And there is definitely enormous upside to try. $3 a month is beyond what FOX News gets from the cable operators per subscriber and well on its way to ESPN levels. It can do a lot. Consider how many markets Nexstar is in and is about to be in, and I think even 10,000 subs would be cause for a national rollout. Law of averages says Nexstar could make a lot of money...if they put some effort into original content.
  12. TSSZNews

    New WDIO Set & Logo

    Sorry—this new logo’s..... With You For Life.
  13. TSSZNews

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    CBS and/or FOX, for one. It's a football market, so one of them will definitely try for WISH/WNDY. Nexstar may keep 4/59, but I do think we're in for an affiliation swap in Indy once the dust settles.
  14. TSSZNews

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    I wouldn’t. Easy Sinclair pickup once their double secret probation’s over. They will drop WOLF so fast for a chance like that.
  15. TSSZNews

    WDAF-TV renovations/set

    Really nice work here. I'm normally not cool with video-wall based sets, but this is one done right, and with a lot of thought and local flavor put into it. Paired with their graphics--which I stand by being one of the best (I assume) in-house works in the country--this is a really nice overall visual brand. I really hope Nexstar (or FOX?) doesn't mess it up. And if you want to see its finished on-air use, WDAF put it at the end of a YT montage of their sets over the years:

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