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  1. At the risk of sounding speculative, bank on Newsmax to almost certainly pick her up.
  2. The same thing KUSA is doing with them - ensuring talent and photogs working in the field don't have to come inside to use the bathroom and potentially spread the coronavirus. Not a joke.
  3. Some of these rollouts are easier to do on some platforms that others - depends on what you're working with, and where you're working right now. Some groups--and therefore some local stations--haven't instituted widespread WFH yet. But some have. If WTHR (and WBNS for that matter) are able to do it in this climate, more power to them. I'm not sure it's a top priority for most right now--either for those responsible for execution, or the news consumer.
  4. It doesn't appear Lester Holt's actually on the Nightly set tonight...
  5. Would not shock me if the reporter's green-screening it at home, which necessitated the virtual set.
  6. They've been running that promo since at least the end of last year.
  7. They're really going to change stuff out during a national emergency? Ooooooook.
  8. Truth be told, I don't think it's coming back.
  9. I mean...they're not allowed in the building. What do you want them to do, another LA show? I'm guessing there may be are labor reasons why CTM can go to the Ed Sullivan Theater and WCBS (or Last Week Tonight or whatever's still in the building) couldn't go to...say, the 60 Minutes building across the street. Or the Daily Show set which isn't far away from the Broadcast Center. Or what was the TRL space in Times Square. Honestly, I don't see a big reason why WCBS also couldn't also do the Sullivan theater unless they're really trying to adhere to this distancing--and if that's the reason, I can't totally blame them.
  10. This would be EXTREMELY bad for broadcasting if it happens. You'll be looking at network affiliations going to .2s in some major cities if this happens. But because it's stock-based, it probably won't happen.
  11. Motion to temporarily change title to In and Quarantin' in these uncertain times.
  12. I would not expect further launches on the Scripps stations until this Coronavirus madness subsides, to be honest. Bigger fish to fry. Everyone's WFH. Hard to launch that kind of stuff when you're not near the tech.
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