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  1. padrechuck

    WJZ 7PM News?

    Oops, I forgot about that one!
  2. padrechuck

    WJZ 7PM News?

    No one in the Pittsburgh market has a 7pm newscast except for I think PCNC which is WPXI’s cable outlet.
  3. On a large number of Nexstar’s updated websites when you go to the “About Us” tab and click on “Meet the Team”, you can go to the page, but it does not allow you to click on the individual owners and reporters and read their bios.
  4. Also WTRF, WOWK and WBOY but WVNS has not changed yet.
  5. Sometimes I wonder WHY I am a member of this site???? Y'all judgemental MUCH??? Geez! just because something doesn't meet "your" qualifications/opinions, you act as Judge and Jury and convict because of narrow-minded views of what is "right"... DO any of you even live in the WDIO market, or do you just troll station websites for quick trials & executions?????
  6. According to WSAZ anchor Tim Irr, the new set debuts on Monday.....
  7. I would imagine, that they are pretty close in looks, but I think the square footage of the Charleston studios is a lot less than the Huntington studio
  8. Reveal time may be getting close. They’ve post a construction time lapse video..... https://www.wsaz.com/content/news/WSAZ-under-construction-Behind-the-scenes-of-our-studio-renovations-503721611.html
  9. Love it I do believe it is kind of a “variation“ on their sister station WMYT 57, Hazard, KY, news set. But it’s not as dark, and not as much stacked stone in it.
  10. I don’t think that style “3“ or the font for the call letters will be going anywhere. I think it has been that same style since they moved into their current building in 1971. The only thing that has changed has it they used to go by “WSAZ television 3“/ “Newscenter 3”, and finally changed to the current WSAZ Newschannel 3 I just moved from Huntington to Saint Marys West Virginia about six months ago. I’m good friends with Tim Irr, their main anchor. Also good friends with a gentleman who works in their digital advertising. Both really good people.
  11. Both studios are being updated. In answer to the satellite delay question, there is really no delay during the newscast. They are normally in the two cities, but the newscasters no longer “split” into a Huntington based newscast and a Charleston based newscast. Tim and Amanda appear in side by side split screen at the beginning and multiple times during the newscast. And they both say good night at the end. It is about 50 miles between Charleston and Huntington.
  12. Looking at further video and photos on WSAZ Newschannel 3 Facebook page, it appears that their new set is more a variation of WYMT, their sister station in Hazard, Kentucky. The first photo is WYMT news set, second photo is WSAZ news set under construction.
  13. It looks like the whole station is being updated rather than just the news set. BTW, don’t forget they have two studios, the main building in Huntington and the smaller building/studio in Charleston. So that means 2 news sets.
  14. Has the KFMB website switched to TEGNA design yet?
  15. I lived in Huntington for five years just up until June of this year, and I know several folks that work at WSAZ personally. From my perspective, it’s not that they are trying to hide it, but that this is a “family“ matter. There is no sense for them to make this a news item, because it involves actual human beings that live and work together in the community. Not every story that happens is worth a ratings point. I will say shame on all those who are trying to make this a ”news story.”
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