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  1. WBAY (at least 5 and 6): Anchors have been spread apart at the desk, and occasionally one of them will move to the on-set monitor. Meteorologists have stayed at the green screen, though Brad Spakowitz worked tonight's broadcast from home.
  2. WGBA's Stacy Engebretson is calling it a career after 20 years. https://www.nbc26.com/news/local-news/saying-goodbye-to-stacy-engebretson
  3. After watching the 12PM, I honestly wonder if there will be a new set. They just redid some things here and there to reflect the "First Alert" branding (most particularly StormCenter 2 becoming "First Alert Weather"). The Facebook embed function doesn't show photo captions, but they told us to watch the 12PM for our "FIRST look".
  4. Looks like WBAY is getting a new set.....as per their Facebook page, "big changes are underway". Note the duratrans on the floor.
  5. Longtime WFRV meteorologist Dave Miller is retiring. https://www.wearegreenbay.com/local5live/local-5s-meteorologist-dave-miller-retiring/
  6. One of northeast Wisconsin's longest-tenured anchors is retiring in November. Tom Milbourn will be stepping down from WLUK after 57 years in broadcasting--24 of them at the Fox affiliate. Those of a certain age may also remember seeing him at rival WFRV during the early 90s. https://fox11online.com/news/local/fox-11s-tom-milbourn-announces-retirement My prediction: 10P anchor Mike Murad takes over the 5P and 9P.
  7. I've been liking the election package.....except for the Helvetica headline typeface in this graphic. Sticking with the bold condensed type (was that Helvetica too?) would've been better. Yep. WFRV has that package too.
  8. It is worth noting that the 7-day page did get fixed. Not a problem now. I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking this package looked like something ABC would use at the network level.
  9. I seem to recall that it took long enough for them to get 2.2 updated to the MG package (or was it the first-gen Young HD package before it??)......I wouldn't hold my breath. Besides, the sponsor tags are still based around the Young HD scheme!
  10. Looks good. I wasn't expecting a graphics change for WBAY, but I suppose the Media General package had to go off into history with Media General itself (are any ex-MG stations still using them??). If I had to nitpick..... 1) The 7-day needs some rescaling; their logo bug covers the temp on the final day (not seen in the grab above). 2) The typeface choice for the talent bumpers (Myriad, I believe?) looks a little cheap and out of place with the rest of the package. Even though this is the graphics subforum, I do want to note that they're still using the same old EWN NG cuts. I would agree that the Scripps package at WGBA is probably the best in this market, but then again, the other stations have a whole lot of white in their packages (with WFRV and WBAY throwing in a lot of blue, and WLUK throwing in a lot of red). With this new package, WBAY caught up quite a bit.
  11. That arrangement has Kalehoff's name all over it (especially the brass). I'm not sure, but it *may* be in the Museum of Television Production Music vault. Kalehoff's work is quite well-represented in there in relation to most other composers! The membership would be well worth it (especially with all the other things in there).
  12. WBAY has been "Action 2 News" for as long as I can remember, and I doubt there will be any change any time soon.
  13. Do note that Sinclair also owns WMSN in Madison. There could be one heck of a synergy between the 3 of them.....probably giving them all the more reason to want WITI.
  14. I guess this "Nexstar package" thing is getting real. WFRV dropped new graphics yesterday..... http://www.wearegreenbay.com/news/local-news/city-council-to-discuss-future-of-green-bay-shipyard/837839809 Their "Local 5 Live" program also had a little of a graphics refresh, with the Futura typeface (thankfully) replacing the Arial type. http://www.wearegreenbay.com/news/video/integrated-pain-solutions-helped-monica-ride-horses-again_20171017143356/838152220 The new weather graphics debuted a few weeks back.[url=http://www.wearegreenbay.com/news/video/integrated-pain-solutions-helped-monica-ride-horses-again_20171017143356/838152220][/url]
  15. "Par Excellence". An area furniture/appliance shop has used that cut in their commercials for as long as I can remember.
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