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  1. (post temporarily deleted; FB embed wasn't working, and I'll need to make sure the jingle in question hasn't been posted before.)
  2. WBAY's morning/noon anchor, Kevin Rompa, is calling it a career after 32 years at the station. Next month will be his last newscast. https://www.wbay.com/2021/02/19/after-32-years-kevin-rompa-to-retire-from-wbay/
  3. I must say it looks better in the morning...... .....P.S. Is anyone else getting some Devlin vibes here?
  4. Well, as promised, the new set is live, and it is gorgeous! It does look like lighting in the weather center could use work, though, but I'm sure they'll fix it. And, as hfiles mentioned, EWN:NG has been (rightfully) retired. Sadly, my ability to ID music packages is no good anymore (edit: Didn't see CircleSeven's reply, but I'm glad I knew it was Arnold). Graphics are indeed the same; I can't see why they'd need to change them yet. Eye candy below. Weather is delivered from the video wall; no green screen/full-page graphic disp
  5. OK—thanks. You did give me reason to reply/update: I just remembered that WBAY’s been running a “Sunday Sports Night” promo with Chris Roth next to the video wall. I initially wondered if it was a virtual set. Also—can’t help but wonder if new music or graphics will be introduced as well. I wouldn’t mind a music change; never been a fan of their EWN:NG cuts.
  6. More from WBAY's Facebook (dumb question, but is it possible to embed FB posts here?):
  7. "Feud" is going to WGBA. Expanding the 4PM show isn't too surprising to me; WFRV's 4PM is also 1 hour. The 9A is interesting, though.....
  8. Can you hold Scripps' beer, please???
  9. Surprised to see this thread!!! This company has been a subject of interest to me, given that I live about 20 miles or so south. That said, I had no idea that either Ed Saxe or Mitch (edit: Or Keith) Irish were still in business. I'd swear I've heard a ton of their work on local TV over the years (well, Green Bay would've been their "home" market), but I wouldn't have the confidence to confirm that it's their work. They also took on a little bit of recording work from local musicians; in fact 2 of my uncles cut an album up there--- https://www.discogs.com/Another-World-Production-The
  10. WBAY (at least 5 and 6): Anchors have been spread apart at the desk, and occasionally one of them will move to the on-set monitor. Meteorologists have stayed at the green screen, though Brad Spakowitz worked tonight's broadcast from home.
  11. WGBA's Stacy Engebretson is calling it a career after 20 years. https://www.nbc26.com/news/local-news/saying-goodbye-to-stacy-engebretson
  12. After watching the 12PM, I honestly wonder if there will be a new set. They just redid some things here and there to reflect the "First Alert" branding (most particularly StormCenter 2 becoming "First Alert Weather"). The Facebook embed function doesn't show photo captions, but they told us to watch the 12PM for our "FIRST look".
  13. Looks like WBAY is getting a new set.....as per their Facebook page, "big changes are underway". Note the duratrans on the floor.
  14. Longtime WFRV meteorologist Dave Miller is retiring. https://www.wearegreenbay.com/local5live/local-5s-meteorologist-dave-miller-retiring/
  15. One of northeast Wisconsin's longest-tenured anchors is retiring in November. Tom Milbourn will be stepping down from WLUK after 57 years in broadcasting--24 of them at the Fox affiliate. Those of a certain age may also remember seeing him at rival WFRV during the early 90s. https://fox11online.com/news/local/fox-11s-tom-milbourn-announces-retirement My prediction: 10P anchor Mike Murad takes over the 5P and 9P.

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