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  1. https://www.facebook.com/CarlDeffenbaughFOX6/posts/892597041144189
  2. UPDATE: The graphics lasted one year. O&O graphics started as of 4PM today.
  3. No, she's spending more time producing/hosting Positively Milwaukee. She's definitely still on her early evening show (5pm?) Also, yes, TMJ has switched over to the new package as of the noon newscast today (2/25). EDIT the 17th: https://www.facebook.com/vincevitrano.fan/posts/10158190714168200
  4. I dunno what these L3s are that TMJ uses in their Froedtert segments, but I thought they looked good... until I saw the second one. (Seriously, I thought we were over the Impact/Haettenschweiler/whatever phase??)
  5. Watching TMJ's morning show, and I'm pretty sure this is the cut they used for their morning headlines summary segment previously.
  6. ...and this may not last long. https://fox6now.com/2019/11/05/nexstar-divests-witi-fox6-milwaukee-sells-station-to-fox-television-stations/
  7. At the end of yesterday's WakeUp, along with promoting the Studio A set, they mentioned that there's now a new WakeUp set coming.
  8. Launched on the 4pm newscast; unfortunately, I didn't get the DVR going until three minutes into the 5pm newscast. 5pm newscast confirmed it is an FX Group set, with their first-ever curved LED background incorporated into it. The graphics look similar to KTXL, but they're not the same. Maybe an in-house remake? EDIT: Music is confirmed to be Stephen Arnold's Beyond.
  9. WDJT is "showing off" an HD crawler with today's Amber Alert. Also, new-ish graphics currently being displayed in SD letterbox. Could WDJT go HD before WISN?
  10. Jon Stewart "bumps" into Peter Jennings at the 2000 RNC
  11. Or how about this? [yt=425,350]pJ-skqwKGTY[/yt]
  12. 1984 WAOW Promo for the MDA Telethon: Who'ya gonna call?
  13. A blooper from tonight's WJW weather forecast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Exx9liuixY

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