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  1. Just saw a commercial for Lori Stokes indicating to watch her on GDNY and now the 6pm as well.
  2. Maybe they felt their evening newscasts needed more diversity, hence replacing Muller with Kori.
  3. I would like see Rana Novini take the spot as David's co-anchor. She does a good job anchoring and reporting. Not a fan of Gilma. But didn't ratings improve drastically with the team of Dan, Betty, Byron and Marissa? Why mess with it?
  4. I don't know who is hiring or scheduling the on-air talent on WCBS, but it seems they have a look that they go for, especially for their female anchors other than Kristine, Dana and Cindy. The female anchors they choose look like plastic dolls with no sign of personality/chemistry at all: Alice Gainer, Jessica Moore, Alex Denis.
  5. No offense to Stacey-Ann, but I'm not a fan. Her delivery is choppy. Craig definitely has a warmer presence. I hope it was his choice to leave. Jeff Berardelli has been a good substitute. I have seen him sub in on WCBS and WPIX within the last month, but wasn't it his choice to leave the tv news business a while back? The weird thing I find about him is that he doesn't like to refer to the anchor's name when they throw it to him to talk about the weather or when he throws it back to the anchor(s). It might be a small thing, but it makes him less personable. On a relat
  6. Looks like WABC is going to do new ads (or just could be NYE coverage) based on the following tweet from NYC OEM: Planned Flyover: A blue & red Bell 407 helicopter with a white Channel 7 logo will be conducting a flyover near Midtown MN on 12/31 from 8PM to 12:30 AM for reporting & photography. The aircraft will fly at approx. 2,000 ft. Multilingual & ASL Link: on.nyc.gov/1kdjT4y
  7. It's pretty shocking how WCBS has changed up it's reporter line-up. It's almost unrecognizable from a few years ago. I like the steadiness of WNBC and WABC better.
  8. "Add pop and pizzazz to Reporters' scripts" What a joke. And we thought they were heading back in the right direction. :rofl!:
  9. I think that promo was essentially Bill Carey sticking his middle finger at us.
  10. A New promotion: A tablet a day in May? Where on earth are they getting the money for this? I don't blame them on this one, because I have seen WNYW and WNBC pull the same stint with iPads (but not every day though). Not sure if it worked with respect to ratings.
  11. I haven't watched in a while, but when did WCBS start having their anchors and reporters standardizing their twitter handles?
  12. Smart move for WNBC to stay ahead of WCBS. With WNBC's new graphics, WCBS's graphics which were a carbon copy of WNBC's former ones, now looks dated.
  13. The only thing I like about the new graphics is the 7-day forecast. It's very nice and clean. Other than that, the whole package seems a bit tabloid-ish, it seems like it would be a better fit for CBS' entertainment show OMG! Insider. From what I've heard last night, the new music is not that great either. The new graphics and music doesn't, in my opinion, reflect an authoritative newscast as the old package did.
  14. The rate at which the new lower right hand bug change from CBSNewYork.com, Twitter and Facebook handles is too quick and a bit annoying.
  15. The article said someone gasped when they saw Cimino. LOL. WABC fail, WNBC win.

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