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  1. swillh2k2

    Disney Execs reported to be visiting Cox stations

    Yes, "ABC never buys stations", but this makes too much sense. You don't think ABC would want a station in a still-growing Top 10 market - and one of its largest and most powerful affiliates - now that it has a chance? Even Charlotte and Orlando, which is a smaller market by comparison, have seen significant population growth over the past few years (moreso Charlotte than Central Florida). This is an easy call to make.
  2. swillh2k2

    Scripps to acquire Cordillera

    Starboard Value is a hedge fund that's interested in one thing only: to make money. Selling Tribune in one piece rather than piecemeal has the potential to make them the most money. It's really that simple.
  3. swillh2k2

    The worst news opens of all time

    That's actually not bad. Obviously a Nexstar package, but not bad.
  4. swillh2k2

    Out & About

    To add to that, WDCW's 10pm newscast (produced by WTVR) is getting axed too. Always was going to be an uphill battle against FOX 5 in that slot...
  5. swillh2k2

    The ESPN Thread

    Interesting how ESPN's graphics were standardized across all its properties - now each one (SportsCenter, MLB, NBA, CFB, CBB, NFL) has a unique package.
  6. swillh2k2

    Out & About

    This seems as good a source as any.
  7. swillh2k2

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    Wonder what this means for their radio clusters? Have to think some or all of them - probably not their heritage stations like WSB and WHIO - might be on the block too, right?
  8. swillh2k2

    Fox in talks to sell to Disney

    Have to think Comcast gets right of first refusal as a make-good from Disney for losing the bid, right?
  9. swillh2k2

    The End of Action News and Eyewitness News

    I would think it's just Baltimore since that #11 could be theoretically used by anyone else anywhere in the country.
  10. swillh2k2

    Fox and Sinclair finalizing purchase of six stations

    Except that a) they're acquiring a station in a Top 20 market and b) technically CBS or Viacom didn't own the station in question. FOX isn't buying WSFL to run it as an independent.
  11. swillh2k2

    DMA 193: The Delta News

    Likewise - kind of hate how he was blackballed for a few years after his incident. People have kept their jobs over much worse...
  12. swillh2k2

    Channel 7 Sunrise Theme

    Don't know about the headline bed, but the theme itself is "(Reach Up For the) Sunrise" by Duran Duran which was actually released in 2004.
  13. swillh2k2

    2018-19 Syndication News

    Thinking the two of them would be taking a little bit of a pay cut to do the show again, though.
  14. swillh2k2

    Amanda Davis, veteran Atlanta news anchor, dead at 62

    Tough news indeed. I moved to Atlanta after her FOX 5 tenure ended and only caught a little bit of her on CBS 46 but knew what impact she had on the community. Although she had her personal struggles, she genuinely appeared to be getting the help she needed to stay on the right track. Sad...
  15. swillh2k2

    Out & About

    "A personnel matter...not related to layoffs made last week by station owner Raycom Media. It also was not a retirement." You can probably read between the lines there.

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