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  1. Hate to hear this about Paul. I remember him from his Weather Channel days.
  2. Just announced on his radio show moments ago. https://www.newsnationnow.com/entertainment-news/conservative-talk-show-host-rush-limbaugh-dies-at-70/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=t.co&utm_campaign=socialflow
  3. Wasn’t mentioned but it looks like CBS is waiting until next season to update its regular season college basketball graphics. The old score bug was in place for the Kentucky/Auburn game yesterday and the open was the same outside of replacing the old CBS Sports logo with the new one. Instead of the CBS Sports NCAA logo in the upper right hand corner, though, it had a CBS | SEC logo. They did a bracket special prior to the game using the current March Madness graphics, so it remains to be seen if that will carry over through the tournament or be updated.
  4. I have no knowledge of HS football in Missouri, but I’m not liking the Ravens’ chances in that one
  5. Probably the most important news - according to the FAQ, this isn't going anywhere.
  6. There’s a non-zero chance that people will decide whether or not to watch this - outside of some members on this board - due to the bug or whether it’s formatted as “News Nation” or “NewsNation” This is where NewsNation will live or die, and that’s by distribution rights with live streaming platforms. Right now AT&T TV Now is the only one that carries WGNA, but I think part of the reason why it’s not come to retrans agreements with YTTV, Sling, Hulu, FuboTV, etc. is that there’s not really anything on there that is truly worth watching. In The Heat of the Night reruns are
  7. Wow. I enjoyed watching Christine when I lived in Charlotte as she and John Carter made a great team. Looking forward to seeing her on FOX 5!
  8. Looks really good...for market 30. One would think that Cox would want to shell out some $$$ to get something more cutting edge on air especially compared with what the Big 3 stations in the market have right now. At the end of the day, not terrible, but still underwhelming.
  9. I like the graphics. Surprised some are saying that it's a downgrade from the previous look. There should be plenty of tweaks before the 2020 NFL season begins and as they make their way to other properties, I think.
  10. I'm sure there will be another variation for the other sports it carries.
  11. Agreed - you'd think they'd give him some advance knowledge on what the show is about first. Then again, this is Tegna. (he was only joking)
  12. These have been in place since they moved to their new set in July.
  13. Today was Brigida Mack's last day at WBTV...she is leaving the station after 10 years. Her reporting work, involvment in the community, as well as launching their 4pm newscast and (now-defunct) 8pm newscast on their .2 (Bounce TV) were really some key reasons why WBTV has overtaken WSOC for No. 1 in the ratings.

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