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  1. Don’t expect Ken to be going anywhere. There is an effort to get Lori back - with Davis and Edwards gone - management is trying to get her back for the 5pm - as a permanent replacement for Diana. The way things went down with Lori were dirty. Shirleen was Camille’s pet - and Dave was a dirty boy. She was essentially forced out to make way for Shirleen - something that no one around the office forgets. Lori was loved by all - and still is - and the hope is to get her back at the end of her current deal with Fox.
  2. So I was the person who posted about the succession at WABC. Technically, Mike has not been named as the replacement for Rob Nelson. The succession laid out has nothing to do with him being named the permanent weekend-morning anchor. Mike was hired as a fill-in anchor and GA reporter. I don’t have a definitive answer regarding Phil, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back with Michelle and Amy on weekend mornings. He visits frequently - albeit has not in a few months with everything going on - and always talks about missing WABC - and I think he has regrets about leaving at
  3. There’s already a chain of succession that has been established. Novarro replaces Ritter Torres replaces Novarro Marza replaces Torres Josh doesn’t want an anchoring job - which is why he, along with the likes of Jim Dolan (the lead reporters) have never filled in on the desk. Now you can go ahead and flame me - but when the time comes - look back to this post.
  4. This was 100% Rob’s choice. His contract was expiring, he was looking for more $$. He used his time on FMLA to look for new opportunities and one came his way. His resignation from the anchor desk effective immediately makes for less confusion for the viewer. Mike has been on for the past 6 months and to have Rob anchor for a month would just create more speculation. You’ll find out where he’s off to once his contract is up. Rest assured Rob fans - he is not leaving television.
  5. Agreed. Bill Ratner should do V/Os for the ABC O&Os - sounds great in Chicago.
  6. Trust me - if you knew what everyone was going through in the days of Bartelstein - you would be thankful he was gone. Yes he had charisma and talent and great chemistry with Lori - but he also had demons that were much stronger. The man was offered help countless times and turned it down. The final straw broke when he was caught stalking an intern. It was sad to watch - but everyone saw it coming. Drugs can do horrible things to great people - and Steve’s story is just one example.
  7. If Chad were smart, he would make Michelle permanent weekday AMs - leave Shirleen at Noon. She should have had the position from the get-go, as there is real chemistry between Michelle and Ken, and the morning show numbers have been up since she went on leave. Shirleen is a great newsreader - but her interactions with others just seem forced.
  8. Look for Joe to move to 5pm and Mike Marza to replace Joe on weekend evenings.
  9. Wow - 2.5 years later - and I was right. You people have been chewing me out since I told everyone that WABC was moving to the old Tony Danza space long before it happened. Took a couple of years - but that happened too. So for all you naysayers and those who called me a “looney toon” - I say this: if you want to get ahead in life - you shouldn’t bad mouth people unless you are certain of something. The majority of the regulars here are nothing but outside observers - or kids. So, have some decency. Don’t call people names. All that does is make you look really foolish in the
  10. Yes. He's hunting. Agreed - but keep in mind - he left the network 3 years ago. He left WABC in 2006 - so it has been 10 years. This would only be for the local level.
  11. Word around is that Sam is in talks with WABC to return - as weather anchor for EWN @ noon and 4PM. As you may know, once you leave WABC, you generally aren't welcomed back - so this would be a shift from the norm - but since he left for network and not local competition, the "rule" might not apply in this case.
  12. Brian - is that you? There are PLENTY of other people at CBS more qualified than Conybeare. He was on this past weekend with Grymes and it was pretty unbeareable (misspelling and pun intended)
  13. Ok, on a different note - look for a graphics update for May sweeps - along with an update to the ABC "eyewitness news" package from Warner/Gari custom for WABC. This is long in the making and finally coming. The "clunkiness" of the current on-air image is going away.
  14. Trust me - they didn't bring Shirleen in just to anchor the noon news. Camille has much bigger plans for her - she was her "baby" at WPVI - and Camille brought her along to WABC. Shirleen will have 2 hours at the desk by the end of the year.

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