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  1. Can't see how Paul Rudy, Mark Mathis and Logan Byrnes fit in long term when Nexstar comes in. They're probably making decent money and their positions become redundant when trying to slash costs. Assuming KSWB's staff stays in place, it'll be dejavu for Elizabeth Alvarez and Misha DiBono in their return to the KUSI building.
  2. I just can't picture Nexstar being able to fit both operations at either location unless they were to expand the building. If they're going to keep both entities as a semi-separate operation, then they would be wise to start looking at other places they could purchase/remodel. Either way you slice it, any move(s) Nexstar makes will come with backlash from KUSI's audience. The channel has a niche audience that is not sustainable on it's own. They do run a pretty lean operation there, so any efficiencies will probably be minimal. The biggest question will be: will they completely dismantle the anchor teams or shift them to different hours as to not compete with FOX 5?
  3. She should have done her research prior to going over to KUSI. Yes, promises were probably made for her to do more than feature/lifestyle reporting but she should have seen the mess the station was and still is going through. I seem to recall that Jenny was doing some anchor fill-in while at KFMB. Who knows what the story of her leaving from there really is, but at the end of the day, it's more stable than being at KUSI. If you're an anchor at KUSI, you're not guaranteed a spot for long, unless your name is Paul Rudy. Everyone else is on borrowed time. Heck, after several years of being demoted, promoted, demoted, Elizabeth Alvarez finally left the station for KSWB. The reality is that going into next year, i'm sure every station will be looking to cut costs left and right. One can see how thin KGTV, KNSD and KUSI are with on-air people- let alone behind the scenes. Jenny is good and talented, hopefully she'll land on her feet soon.
  4. They should have chopped the Bally bar in half and moved it to the top of the screen from the very beginning. I wonder if they're trying some things out this season to implement for next year...
  5. This is their secondary desk that they had in the main studio. It isn't used much, but it was originally used for the Live Desk when they moved into the building.
  6. Steven Luke posted a video on his instagram and mentioned they were going to be out of the studio for 4 weeks or more. In the video he's walking to the studio and you can see brand new monitors in the boxes. Also, the AM newscast is using the Telemundo set since there is no newscasts at that time.
  7. They've been playing some new music on the spring training telecasts, and the only remnant of the MLB on FOX theme is down to the very short open. Hopefully they go with a high quality look- graphics wise.
  8. He came to FOX 11 from KFMB, not KSWB. He's a good anchor and reporter, but I never really saw his appeal as the top anchor. When he left KFMB, they were doing very well in the mornings, his co-anchor Nichelle Medina was let go a few months after Dan left. I'm sure it was difficult for him to achieve the same chemistry/friendship at Fox 11, that he had with Nichelle for the 15 years they anchored together. Let's see what he ends up doing next...
  9. It is easier said than done. The teams don't want the hassle of negotiating directly with video providers, hence why the RSN/Parent company handles that . Also, the team can request that the RSN make as many deals possible with all parties involved, but ultimately that responsibility lies with the RSN. If the team is so adamant to have its games widely available, and the video providers are not on-board 100% with the fees being charged, then one side will have to give in. Will the team/RSN accept a lower payment in exchange for distribution, or will the video provider decline to pay for the channel? There's not gray area-- they either air the games or they don't. Also, a majority of the sports teams have an equity stake in the RSN's. No matter how bad things get, don't expect them to magically disappear and have all content migrate strictly to online platforms.
  10. Wonder what happened to that new set Carlo talked about a few months after Tegna took over? The set still looks good, but they should start looking at a replacement especially if they want more flexibility with the types of shows they're doing. The set works best if they had the traditional, sit-down type of newscast. Since Tegna took over, they have made it an emphasis to be more mobile and more focus on social media and it makes the set look cramped. The new set pieces (i.e. extra monitor wall, and more tables/chairs) just add to that already cramped space.
  11. A3N

    Out & About

    Well, they cut the 4:30am newscast, so that's one less thing for Heather to do, theoretically. My guess is that she'll still contribute to the 11am/Noon shows, and gets bumped off mornings. Seems like Neda has been filling in the weather anchor/fill-in anchor role pretty frequently, so she can easily slide in to fill Heather's spot. The Tegna influence has been slow to creep in, compared to other stations in the group. Honestly, I was expecting them to do some kind of lifestyle show sooner, rather than later. Let's see what else they do. A new set, perhaps? They are overdue for one...
  12. A3N

    Out & About

    They were originally going to have a 4pm newscast when they acquired the CW affiliation but that never came to fruition. I'm curious to see what kind of format this show will take, and if they're going to start using the CBS 8 logo more instead of the NEWS 8 logo. Seems like they also dropped the 4:30am newscast, i'm sure it was to accommodate the noon newscast.
  13. So it seems like they're very slowly de-emphasizing the FOX Sports brand on air. Some of the graphics (Top/Bottom inning recap/L3's) are not showing FOX [team logo] on them. Also heard a promo for college basketball but the voiceover did not say FOX Sports San Diego at the end, even though the Fox Sports logo appeared on screen.
  14. Very stupid and short-sighted. The CBS eye should have never been removed from their on-air branding. My guess is they probably didn't have a mic flag with the CBS eye, so thus this "creation", unless they plan to go back to that logo...
  15. Chopper 8 was not owned nor operated by KFMB; It's operated by Welk Aviation. The chopper is part of a sharing agreement between Total Traffic and the local news stations, it would be up to them as to what they do next. I don't think we're at that point where you can really replace a news chopper with a drone or set of drones, just yet. Yes, the overhead expenses for Drones are substantially lower than a regular news chopper, but you have to factor all the logistics in trying to get that drone airborne. Also, they have to coordinate with first responders so as not to hinder their ability to do their jobs.
  16. I read a while back that at the beginning of this baseball season, FS1 was sending out their crews to the games they were airing during the middle of the week. Previously, they had relied 100% on the local FSN's infrastructure (FS1 just supplied the announcers). This was from one of the producers of FS1. The biggest challenge was trying to untangle all those synergies that FOX had created between FS1 and FSN. I'd be willing to bet that there will be a full rebrand early on in 2020. I don't think Sinclair can keep using the FOX Sports branding for too long.
  17. A3N

    Out & About

    It can't be any other station but KUSI. Look at what's been happening the last few months with all these sudden "departures". You have Dani Ruberti completely disappear, then Allen Denton and Carlos Amezcua "retire" and now you have Sandra shown the door. Plus, check out FTVLive's articles on the station in the last 6-8 months or so. Take the articles with a grain of salt, but don't discount that the station is a dumpster fire https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/11/16/turmoil-in-san-diego https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/1/14/kusi-backs-off-cnn-accusations https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/11/19/socal-news-director-balks-at-hiring-gay-man Also, the station has been going heavy on being Pro-Trump. Look over their social media accounts and see how/what they post. Every news organization should just stick to the facts and leave the liberal, conservative or any bias out of it.
  18. A3N

    Out & About

    What a very ominous good-bye. WTF does she mean by the new generation arriving soon? My guess is that there are many more changes ahead. Wonder if Dave Scott is next?
  19. A3N

    Out & About

    When was she canned? I just saw her on Friday night anchoring. If true, it's all salary dump, like the departures of Allen and Carlos... I don't know where else she could go in the market. The only station with an opening is KGTV.
  20. A3N

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    Well my guess is that they're tired of having to replace anchors on that morning show. After Stan Miller left, the AM news has gone to shit. They probably wanted a familiar face with Lauren and honestly, I do like the move. The PPR is aired on Friday's in the fall so it's conceivable that he still ends up hosting the show. Something major must be happening inside that place. They've gone full pro-Trump. People always knew/suspected of their conservative bias, but now its pretty blatant. Also, the fact that Carlos "retired" suddenly, only to pop up hosting a show with former KUSI anchor Lisa Remillard is quite interesting.
  21. apparently it's so broken that Nichelle Medina came back...
  22. Do they even still use Jennifer Markham in the chopper? I don't watch in the mornings, and haven't heard her on the 11a as they use Jenny Milkowski.
  23. A3N

    Out & About

    Cue the Nichelle Medina rumors to KGTV...
  24. Is there a way to remove the boxes on the right hand side of the main page (i.e: Forum Statistics, Who's online, posts?) ? Also, is there an option for a dark theme like in the previous iteration?
  25. Kind of interesting that NBC is starting to use the SkyRanger moniker. I think that we'll see them take over the chopper duties from KFMB sometime in the new year. Could the tower/radar upgrades have been made with the expectation of bringing back the helicopter? Also, when does this Jenny chick do the traffic? is it during the whole am broadcast or doing the CW portion?
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