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  1. In the latest series of AirchiveSloan's collection... Did anyone ask for a nice, clean, clear, long cut of Gari's On Your Side from KTTV in 1988?? Here you go!!
  2. Here's a longer version.. starting at 41:45. This may have been posted in here long ago, so apologies for that.
  3. Even 30 years later, this music.. is still fresh. The GFX... just as sleek as whats out there today. This... is... KNSD. If i ever got my hands on Groove News.. i will have considered my life... complete.
  4. You can also look for the 2006 Reunion Newscast, first 5:30 First News.. etc. GOLD MINE.
  5. I think before they became "The Southland's #1 News Team"... here is the June 13th, 1972 11pm edition of Eyewitness News.. From the Jenson Home.... yes.. in a home. See the comments for details... and dont expect Cool Hand Luke to be playing in the open either..
  6. Oh im well aware T.L. I'm just the type that still respects common courtesy in the world we live in today... when many others dont. Fair use or not. Personal thoughts here. The last i'll say of anything on this as i wish to not steer into off-topic discussions on this thread.
  7. New Male Anchor, New GFX, New Music for the First Day of the last decade of the 20th century from WAGA. Decent close with this one too.
  8. Even if the Music Loops over and over... How i LOVE that close.
  9. Not to stray off topic, but it would be an absolute GOLD MINE should anyone ever find a clean version of that theme.
  10. Might i say, with a nice long closing cut of News Leader too..
  11. Some of the best helping keep this community awesome! Congrats!!
  12. It should be noted in some of the descriptions, this is from KGTV's Jack White's Personal Collection he was selling off.
  13. Just a heads up, these have already been posted in this thread. :-)
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