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  1. Caught the film in theaters several months ago and was waiting to see if anyone on here mentioned this.
  2. OK, I'm curious -- when did these opens happen?? The opens borrow some elements from the last graphics package, which is now several years old. They're quite a departure from the look the station was going for when In Sink V5 debuted: If I had to guess, new graphics could be coming with the new set.
  3. mark

    CBS Evening News

    There are WAY too many OTS shots. It seems to be the only thing they used in that show. With Glor, they insisted on using the same monitor effects shot over and over. I don't get it. You see more variety of shots in a typical local news broadcast. When Pelley anchored I felt like they used the studio well. The new lighting and feel of the set differentiates it nicely from CTM. I don't really understand all the NYC imagery they're using considering the broadcast is moving to DC soon. I really like the updates to the theme music so far.
  4. KOTV was simulcasting on KWTV for a few minutes this morning due to technical difficulties in OKC.
  5. This. Based on the screenshot, it looks like the new graphics will follow the style of the new open, which to me was a big downgrade from the old open (with the 3D rendering of 30 Rock). I know they won't, but it'd all be worth it if they brought back the classic theme.
  6. I don't work for Tegna, so I'm obviously not an expert on what goes on inside its newsrooms so I appreciate your insight there. My position isn't really that "corporate forces stations to do xyz." I just think saying "It's all on local management" seems like a bit of an overstatement. While corporate my not force anything, there's no doubt it encourages some things. You need look no further than the fact that so many of its stations are run so similarly. Many of the stations run with ideas that just aren't seen anywhere else. I think if you walk into any given Tegna newsroom, you're likely to find a lot of consistencies. Lastly, I think that's a very good point about GMs with sales backgrounds. It is all too common and I really hadn't thought of that being at play with some of the sillier ideas.
  7. While obviously local management plays a large role in how a station is run, if you think corporate ownership doesn't make a difference, you're badly mistaken. I say this as someone who works in local TV. And TEGNA isn't considered a top choice company for most TV professionals. From my observation, I see TEGNA as a company trying almost too hard to innovate. They often roll out silly, social media driven, experimental newscasts to multiple stations before such concept has even been successful on one station. Sure, there have been some successes here and there (like the intelligent and thoughtful Next at KUSA), but those have been rare. More often, cheap beats intelligent, thoughtful production. Yes, that's the direction local TV is headed, but the company seems to take pride in driving the industry there even faster by proclaiming things like "Change isn't an option." I think in some ways the company outsmarts itself with its commitment to the theoretical without the tangible results. Just my thoughts.
  8. Random thought but does anyone else think 615's A New WISH would be a perfect fit for WJZ? I know it's not going to happen but the three note signature sounds similar enough to Chroma Cues and the package has that upbeat sound that they seem to be going for with that music they're using in the open these days. Just a late night thought.
  9. KHOU is using the new look.
  10. Kind of off topic, but can I just say how much I still like WFAA's main set?! Other than the dim projectors, I think it's held up well for being 10+ years old. I love that they have Victory Park but I do wish the other studio got more use.
  11. That's not their previous set, that's their current set. The temp set was used while they painted the walls blue.
  12. I don't think that KJRH open will ever air. It looks to me like a Today Show-inspired concept that would be just for the morning show. It is interesting to me that the traditionally red 2 logo is blue, like the new one on their desk. Again though, I doubt the concept ever makes it to air. I hope it does, though.
  13. That desk is from the recently-replaced FX set that was used until last year. (If it's not, it's an exact replica.) The background looks a lot like what was used on the old FX set too.
  14. He's a Little Rock native, so I would imagine market size doesn't mean as much to him as returning to his hometown. Seems like a great deal for KATV to get someone with his talent AND a history in the market/at the station.
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