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  1. Per WATN anchor John Paul, it looks as if they are in the process of getting a new set or at least some remodel of their current studio.
  2. WATN is already using new mic flags and using their new logo in a lot of their graphics during their wall-to-wall coverage of a shooting at an area Kroger. The overall L3s, etc have not been updated as yet tho
  3. CBS ABC and NBC have already been on for roughly 10 minutes. FOX has yet to make a projection so no coverage.
  4. *Seems* that it's almost certain that it's going to be called Today, very possibly when the next batch of PA results comes back because of the reasons ColumbusNewsFan stated, but it did also seem likely that it was going to be called yesterday but never was. Should that happen it's going to create conflicts with CFB games on ABC CBS and FOX (NBC has Premier League). We'll see how the major networks handle such a situation, think that they are going to have to shift those games to another network at least for a time.
  5. Wasn’t able to get a screenshot but noticed during Daybreak that their traffic center is in front of a glass etching map of the city of Memphis which is a very nice touch. They definitely put a lot of unique thought into the design. The article on their website hinted at throwbacks to past logos but haven’t caught that as yet.
  6. If WREG is/was planning to move to Baron Lynx, they have yet to make that transition yet. Still using the prior WSI system (just replaces the graphics/banners)
  7. Nothing official but hints that it's pretty close and would certainly think highly possible it debuts in time for November sweeps/Election Night. Few graphics placeholders have popped up that are using the CBS Nexstar theme, unsurprisingly I would say.
  8. This tweet from Jim Jaggers says WREG is getting a "deep cleaning" - doesn't specifically say a new set, but sure looks like the studio is being torn apart which would imply a new set would be coming.
  9. Approaching almost two years exactly since Joyce left WATN which likely was the length of her non-compete. Would seem very possible she could be joining WMC. Morning anchor would be first guess but it could be nearly any position. And looking at her twitter profile her top banner is now a WMC logo - I would say it's nearly a certainty she is going to Ch 5. Intriguing this huge expansion in its news output. The 3:30 newscast seems really out of place. Not sure there is a place for it in the market though we shall see.
  10. WREG has announced former KHOU anchor Greg Hurst will be the channel's new weekday evening co-anchor alongside Stephanie Scurlock, replacing Richard Ransom. Start date TBD
  11. There had been rumors but this evening WREG's Richard Ransom appeared to confirm on Twitter that he has left the station effectively immediately. No reason given (but probably could make some educated speculation)
  12. Speaking of Raycom cuts: FTVLive is reporting that WMC will not be renewing its contract for its chopper and its use will end after January 1. That will leave the Memphis market without a helicopter, and WMC without a chopper for the first time in nearly 20 years. WHBQ employs a drone, and the report indicates WMC will be working with Raycom to test drone coverage as well.
  13. WATN's Joy Lambert is leaving the station as of today. In a Facebook video, she indicates she was offered a contract extension but her and her family decided it was time to move on to other opportunities outside the city. She indicates a new anchor will be taking over next week.
  14. WHBQ sports director Matt Stark is leaving the station at the end of May after stating his position has been "eliminated" https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1263251517036167 Naturally that phrasing makes one wonder if this means that Cox is eliminating WHBQ's sports department entirely. Stark had been with WHBQ since 2001. He is looking to continue in the Memphis area so best of luck to him in finding a new venture.
  15. That seems most likely. Donna Davis actually recently co-hosted a few episodes of 'Local Memphis Live' on WATN a month or so ago. Perhaps the bigger question may be whether a substantial format change may be coming to WREG's morning show, similar to the change WMC has undergone over the last year with three anchors (but with more of a primary focus on two female anchors), assuming Markova Reed is staying which there is no indication she isn't.
  16. From the same period - here is WREG's open from 1982 featuring "Hello News"...
  17. Looks like WREG uncovered their version of "Hello" from 1982.
  18. WMC main anchor Ursula Madden is leaving the station effective today to join the new Memphis mayor's administration as Chief Communication Officer. http://www.wmcactionnews5.com/story/30684834/special-announcement-watch-wmcan5-at-5-pm
  19. Apparently, and not surprisingly, Paul wasn't pleased with his position when John was moved to weekday evenings during November sweeps, so he knew his best option would likely to be to leave. According to his twitter, he's looking to move to another market soon. Ironically its very similar to the position John Bryant was placed in at WMC when the move toward Dave Brown's semi-retirement began to take shape earlier this year that led to him leaving there.
  20. WHBQ weekend morning anchor & reporter Kristin Tallent announced her departure from the station Today. She is taking a job as Public Information Officer for the Shelby County, TN School District, which should ensure she remains regularly seen on Memphis television, but now across all stations.
  21. Here we go again: WATN Chief Meteorologist Paul Williams' bio page has disappeared from their website as of this afternoon. This is in advance of Lauren Raymer's return to mornings from maternity leave on Monday, with Sean Parker likely to return to weekends. While not confirmed, it seems very possible that Williams has now been fully let go from WATN with John Bryant perhaps becoming the station's new chief, as he has been on all of the weekday evening newscasts during November sweeps.
  22. Perhaps the least surprising news ever. After being taken off the anchor desk, which clearly that wasn't his decision, I knew he would be leaving at the first opportunity available. He'll land somewhere else I'm sure, don't know whether it will be in the Memphis market however. Best of luck to him.
  23. So Paul Williams was in the studio today. He recorded the website's online forecasts (http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/play/5421833), and he refers to himself as chief at the end of the video. Yet John Bryant was on all of the evening newscasts, at least on WATN. Don't know about WLMT's 9 PM. I'm not sure at this point what's going on.
  24. So, I'm watching the debut newscast on WATN with Katina Rankin and Brandon Artiles anchoring, and interestingly John Bryant is the meteorologist on duty. He's even a part of the talent intro. He's not being called chief meteorologist, but is it possible they have moved Paul Williams to another position/time? I see too on their website that John Bryant is now listed "above" Paul Williams as part of the weather team, though again Paul is still referred to as the chief. I wonder if they're pulling a WHBQ and doing some sort of alternate scheduling.
  25. Based on a promo that just aired on WATN, WLBT morning anchor Brandon Artiles has been hired as weeknight co-anchor alongside Katina Rankin. So I guess recreating WLBT's morning show for Memphis is the strategy they have been building toward this last year!
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