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  1. Nothing official but hints that it's pretty close and would certainly think highly possible it debuts in time for November sweeps/Election Night. Few graphics placeholders have popped up that are using the CBS Nexstar theme, unsurprisingly I would say.
  2. This tweet from Jim Jaggers says WREG is getting a "deep cleaning" - doesn't specifically say a new set, but sure looks like the studio is being torn apart which would imply a new set would be coming.
  3. FTVLive this morning indicates Nexstar is planning to sell WATN and keep WREG (no word on WLMT). It also says Nexstar may sell the building WREG is currently located in and move the station to a new building in a different part of town. As noted above, probably take with a grain of salt until more confirmed information is out there.
  4. This should be a given. In fact both the State Funeral and Capitol ceremony will certainly be given wall-to-wall coverage. If the Texas service (likely to be held before the State Funeral) is open to broadcast, networks will likely carry that as well. Don't know if the details have been released yet, but if President Bush opted for a processional through Washington DC as last done with Reagan, you would likely see the networks cover this as well. Likely many hours of network preemption in the week ahead.
  5. [MEDIA=twitter]1059080411110916096[/MEDIA] Meanwhile as preview of NBC's set about to debut on Meet the Press
  6. [MEDIA=twitter]1059078605790175232[/MEDIA] Appears the ABC set is indeed real, and will be making it's debut shortly on This Week
  7. No, because the network coverage has already been set and programs pre-empted (nothing on the schedule to go back to). Highly doubt an end result to control of at least the House will be known until late-night anyway.
  8. Have to go back to 1998 (maybe even 1994) to have all three hours of primetime devoted to Midterm coverage. Actual coverage among ABC CBS and NBC technically runs 8 pm ET until 2 am ET/11 pm PT, in order to continue live coverage for the west coast. Late night coverage across ET/CT markets will likely vary greatly. NBC has a live edition of Late Night and CBS a live edition of The Late Show that any coverage, if stations continue, would be book-ended by. Locally, in Memphis, so far WREG and WMC are doing one-hour newscasts Tuesday Evening, with WMC doing special coverage online beginning at 7 PM.
  9. WATN has a new bug/ticker for their 5 PM newscast that fits the package and not 4:3 safe. However they are still using their old L3 graphics for "Breaking News" so still a work in progress ha
  10. WATN has debuted a new graphics (and music?) package as of this morning. They have also premiered a new live weather radar ‘LR24’
  11. Jterry

    Out & About

    Approaching almost two years exactly since Joyce left WATN which likely was the length of her non-compete. Would seem very possible she could be joining WMC. Morning anchor would be first guess but it could be nearly any position. And looking at her twitter profile her top banner is now a WMC logo - I would say it's nearly a certainty she is going to Ch 5. Intriguing this huge expansion in its news output. The 3:30 newscast seems really out of place. Not sure there is a place for it in the market though we shall see.
  12. Jterry

    Out & About

    WREG has announced former KHOU anchor Greg Hurst will be the channel's new weekday evening co-anchor alongside Stephanie Scurlock, replacing Richard Ransom. Start date TBD
  13. Jterry

    Out & About

    There had been rumors but this evening WREG's Richard Ransom appeared to confirm on Twitter that he has left the station effectively immediately. No reason given (but probably could make some educated speculation)
  14. So does the clock until Hannity's exit from FNC begin now? Would seem probable.
  15. Jterry

    Out & About

    Speaking of Raycom cuts: FTVLive is reporting that WMC will not be renewing its contract for its chopper and its use will end after January 1. That will leave the Memphis market without a helicopter, and WMC without a chopper for the first time in nearly 20 years. WHBQ employs a drone, and the report indicates WMC will be working with Raycom to test drone coverage as well.
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