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  1. It's a double whammy in Boston and WBZ. We lost Bruce Schwoegler last week, now WBZ mourns the loss of Uma Pemmaraju. Uma started her career at KENS 5 in San Antonio, then moved to KTVT/Dallas-Ft. Worth, and WMAR/Baltimore. Uma moved to Boston to anchor and report at WLVI and WBZ in Boston before moving to FOX News Channel in '96. Prayers and condolences to Uma's daughter and family in this difficult time. https://www.cbsnews.com/boston/video/former-wbz-anchor-and-reporter-uma-pemmaraju-has-died/
  2. I'll give NBCND about... 13 weeks. Because I don't see it happening.
  3. Any changes in the program lineups in DFW?
  4. It's about time 19/43 get a new broadcast facility.
  5. Sorry folks, my YT channel is off the air until I start a new one this fall. I'm sure by now you all know my YT channel was hacked.
  6. I wonder what's going to happen to their current facility before the move?
  7. I wished that KCBS and WBBM would've had WCBS logo.
  8. One note, Robb also worked at WHTM in the early 90's, then WABC, WFOR, and WHP. RIP Robb and Godspeed. https://www.abc27.com/news/top-stories/longtime-anchor-robb-hanrahan-dies/ https://www.cbsnews.com/miami/news/former-cbs4-news-anchor-robb-hanrahan-dead/ WABC had not mentioned Robb's passing on the stations website, but it'll be on the station's 11pm newscast tonight.
  9. So that explains why Decades (currently on 55.2) is moving to 55.6.
  10. Three left remaining. KOVR, WJZ, and WWJ.
  11. KXAS already updated it news set and wx center, and WTTV already have a new set.
  12. 36 needs not just a new set, but a NEW building.
  13. Our station WFAA carries GMA3 at Noon. And I still miss AMC, I wish it was revived and returned to ABC.
  14. IIRC, Cecilia was working nights as chief doing the weather at 9pm.
  15. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/elon-musk-calls-off-twitter-deal-amid-misconduct-allegations/ss-AAWtuEW?ocid=chromentpnews
  16. Godspeed Johnny Beckman... Atlanta's legendary weatherman. WSB, WXIA, and WGNX (WGCL) were lucky to have a meteorologist like Johnny. JB, say hi to another weather legend; Harold Taft from all of us here.
  17. This has been an exceedingly difficult time for Washington DC TV News with the loss of Doug, Renee, Bruce, and now Wendy. But another WRC, WNBC alumni and former anchor of the Today show Jim Hartz passed away last weekend at the age of 82. https://deadline.com/2022/04/jim-hartz-dead-today-show-host-barbara-walters-in-mid-1970s-was-82-obituary-1235008872/
  18. CBS News Dallas Ft. Worth is now online. https://www.cbsnews.com/dfw/
  19. I miss WeatherScope (FKA WeatherCenter AM, PM).
  20. FOX Weather is now on KDFI 27.6.
  21. Connor Ingalls went from GMC anchor to main anchor, congrats to him.
  22. You left out Phil Donahue and SJR (Sally). BTW, one thing I liked about Maury Show was the most talked about couple in the history of his show. Joe and Shelley. That' cracked me up every time he comes on with is crocodile tears begging his wife to take him back after he cheated.
  23. I like Maury when he was host of the 2000 revival of Twenty-One. IMO, it was still a great show.
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