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  1. I really thought we were going to see the reboot of "The Tube"... but, I guess it's not to be.
  2. Houston's NBC 2 (KPRC) has hired NBC 5 (KXAS) Anchor/Report Kris Gutierrez to succeed the now retired Bill Balleza as the main anchor for The Channel 2 News at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00pm. Kris is no stranger to KPRC, he worked at the NBC station from 2003-07. His first day as the new anchor is next week (March 30th).
  3. You guys and gals left out KENS 5. They still use the Eyewitness News brand.
  4. Doug Dunbar (CBS 11/KTVT) now anchoring The CBS Evening News tonight from the KTVT studios.
  5. More vintage Detroit TV... WJBK Eyewitness News (CBS Era).
  6. I still have my money on Allen Media buying Tegna. I also have doubts if Apollo buys Tegna, but if Standard still in play... will see.
  7. TBN and Tegna... It's not just a no, it's a... OH, HELL NO!
  8. Last night, KXAS expanded their 10:00 newscasts because of the coronavirus coverage. And WFAA distance their anchors on the newscasts.
  9. IMO, I say it's a big step and a clear win. As much as I want Gray or Standard to buy Tegna... I go with Allen Media, all the way.
  10. WCTX is becoming Southern New England's new KCAL 9.
  11. An end of an era in Cedar Rapids... KCRG's Bruce Aune has signed off for the last time. Happy Retirement, Bruce and Godspeed. https://www.kcrg.com/content/news/KCRG-TV9-celebrates-Brune-Aunes-last-day-at-the-anchor-desk-568567551.html
  12. I don't know if anybody know this, but today marks the 30th anniversary of KCAL 9 News (Prime 9 News).
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