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  1. I think the set looks beautiful. IMO, this might help improve the station.
  2. Tampa Bay's 10 (WTSP) Meteorologist (And former Price Is Right announcer) Rich Fields posted a Facebook video earlier today, the staff is already evacuating the main studio and currently at their backup facility at WMOR-TV where they're going to be broadcast from temporary.
  3. For 50 years, Bob Turk has been a Baltimore Institution when it comes to weather. And I know Jerry and Al are smiling in heaven saluting him for the 5 decades at 'JZ.
  4. Is it very different as KXTV, KSDK, WHAS, WFAA, or WTSP?
  5. It won't be long before they'll bring DOOL back to the schedule.
  6. KDKA had the Eyewitness News name until '96, 'BZ had it until '93, and 'JZ had it until either '17 or '18. It would be nice if the EWN name would make a comeback on KD, BZ, and JZ. And personally, I wish my home station had the EWN name in DFW.
  7. With Vic gone, they can bump Dan Gray to main anchor at KTVI. I don't know if they's going to happen, but that's my prediction.
  8. ABC, NBC, and CBS now broke into programming to announce that Queen Elizabeth has passed away at the age of 96.
  9. Courtesy of TV Listings Android App. KDFW - Sherri (11AM), Jennifer Hudson (1pm) KXAS - NBC News Daily (12pm), Dateline (1pm), Access Hollywood Daily (2pm) WFAA - No Change KTVT - CBS 11 News at 9am, Drew Barrymore (9:30am), LMAD moves to 2pm KTXA - Scene of The Crime (8am), The Neighborhood (Full Hour 10:30pm), American Housewife (Full Hour 11:30pm) KDFI - Pictionary (Full Hour 1pm) KDAF - NewsNation's Early Morning (5AM), Morning in America (6-9am)
  10. I remember Bret Lewis was the 10pm sports anchor at KDFW in the early 1980's before moving to South Florida's 7.
  11. Well, I don't. NBC does this, it's going to lose viewership and ratings at the 10pm/9pm slot.
  12. KYW just made the switch as well. https://www.cbsnews.com/philadelphia/
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