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  1. Vintage TX TV News Opens/Newsbreaks + Bonus news opens
  2. What I meant is that I saw her new talk show promo on MeTV (21.2) coming to CBS 11 at 2pm this fall.
  3. I saw the promo of Tameron Hall coming to KTVT on MeTV (21.2). FYI, Tameron worked at KTVT back in the early-mid 1990s.
  4. Oh, yeah! I got it now. https://www.kristv.com & https://www.kztv10.com - Looks good and new. BTW, the OLD KRIS and KZTV site still running.
  5. I've just went on the KRIS & KZTV site, and they haven't switched the layout.
  6. So, is Apollo/Terrier keeping the Cox Media Group name for its TV stations?
  7. Baylow retired from KFMB. My guess he could be at either KUSI, KGTV, KSWB or KNSD.
  8. I can top that. I'd love to see Card Sharks, $100,000 Pyramid and Match Game currently airing on ABC's Summer of Fun & Games come out to syndication as well. And if we get our wish, I'd love to see Pyramid top prize to be $1,000,000!
  9. Have 'BNS and 'THR reported this on their local news tonight?
  10. I forgot to mention with KFMB AM/FM in Tegna's pocket, they'll already expanding the radio business. I remember Gannett used to own radio stations when they acquired Combined Communications.
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