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  1. There's one thing missing on the new Gray websites... News Team Bios.
  2. Or maybe bring back a legendary soap opera and revive it. One answer, IMO... AMC (All My Children).
  3. Two big 25th anniversaries taken place here in The Lone Star State. 25 years ago today (7/1/95) in Austin, KTBC and KBVO switched network affiliations. KTBC said so long to CBS and said hello to FOX, while KBVO said goodbye to FOX and jump to CBS. And KBVO changed the call letters to K-EYE the next day. (7/2/95) 25 years ago tomorrow, three TV stations in Dallas/Fort Worth made the switch to new networks. KDFW - CBS to FOX, KTVT - Ind to CBS, and KDAF - FOX to Ind, and later WB. What a difference 25 years makes for both cities in Texas.
  4. As much as hate Sinclair Media, the media group has renewed their CBS affiliates. https://deadline.com/2020/06/viacomcbs-sinclair-set-renewals-for-eight-cbs-affiliates-1202973640/
  5. Thoughts and prayers need to go out to Winston-Salem's WXII 12 News anchor Kimberly Van Scoy. The former evening anchor now morning anchor has been diagnosed with congestive heart disease. The diagnosis came as a surprise to herself. Van Scoy assured viewers though, during her announcement on Facebook, that she's been taken care of by the best doctors. For now, Van Scoy will be off the air getting treatment and some much need rest. https://www.wxii12.com/article/wxii-12-anchor-kimberly-van-scoy-announces-congestive-heart-disease-diagnosis/32979160
  6. Prayers are going out to former New York and current Harrisburg, PA anchor Robb Hanrahan of CBS 21 (WHP) who had suffered a massive heart attack yesterday. He's recovering in the ICU after a second surgery. Thoughts are with The Hanrahan Family and Robb's colleagues at CBS 21, and prayers for a full recovery to Robb and to his family at this difficult time. https://www.pennlive.com/news/2020/06/cbs-21-anchor-robb-hanrahan-still-in-icu-but-made-a-nice-step-after-heart-attack-wife-says.html
  7. Longtime Beaumont meteorologist resins from KBMT. https://www.beaumontenterprise.com/news/article/Longtime-weatherman-resigns-from-KBMT-15350743.php
  8. Season 1/Episode 2 of the UPN short lived series Live Shot.
  9. Love and prayers to Dick Goddard and to the Goddard Family.
  10. That WHEC Partial Newscast is already been posted.
  11. In memory of Dick Johnson. This 1983 WLS Eyewitness News at 6pm was anchored by Joel Daly and Dick Johnson filling in for the ailing Fahey Flynn. RIP Dick and Godspeed.
  12. My money is on Standard Media, all the way.
  13. I want KRLD 1080 to get this WTOP News Package.
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