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  1. KXAS, WFAA, and KTVT already on the air with severe weather coverage. KDFW has now broke into programming.
  2. 35 years ago today... a true classic.
  3. https://lonestaremmy.org/awards/archives/2020-lone-star-emmy-nominations/ Lone Star Emmys - December 5th at 6pm
  4. Hard to believe, it is now been 25 years ago today Milwaukee Television News and WITI-TV would never be the same. Tonight, TVNT remembers a Milwaukee Television icon... the late, great Vince Gibbens. His colleagues refer to him as Capt. Ad-Lib (Vince ad-libs on his news stories and reports). Vince worked at various stations starting in Providence, RI (WJAR), then joined WISN-TV from 1978 to 1981. After a stint in Sacramento, he returned to Milwaukee in '82 to join WITI-TV (Then CBS - Now FOX) where he worked with so many greats; Kim Devore, Mike Miller, Nancy Laffey, John Drilling,
  5. The dean of Syracuse and Central New York Television is hanging up the mic. https://www.localsyr.com/news/local-news/syracuse-broadcast-icon-retires/
  6. @Yankees4life I just posted the KPNX and KCBS Newscast just yesterday.
  7. How come tonight's "OTRC" didn't get aired on ABC affiliated Tegna Stations like WFAA/Dallas?
  8. There's some rumors that Quincy Media is for sale. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/11/10/is-quincy-media-for-sale
  9. Is there a Dallas/Ft. Worth version of "Taking Pride In..."?
  10. I found another 6 News open from '96. WCPX Hurricane Andrew Coverage 1992
  11. What about FOX? Is Championship Boxing be delayed? I know ABC Saturday Night College Football will move over to ESPNews until Biden victory speech is finished.
  12. Former WCHS/WVAH Chief Meteorologist (And Democrat) Jim Barach has been elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates on three days ago on Election Day. He'll represent District 36 in the State Legislature. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/11/5/from-sinclair-to-the-state-legislature

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