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  1. It's a shame that show didn't get not one millionaire winner in Chris Harrison's current run. Only three people took home the million in Viera's run; Kevin Smith (1st winner) Nancy Christy (2nd winner - and the first female to win the million) and Sam Murray (Tournament of Ten).
  2. Vintage Waco TV (1990s) Vintage Austin TV (1990s) (Part 1) Vintage Austin TV (1990s) (Part 2)
  3. Or Gray, Heartland Media. IMO, Capitol and Dispatch needs to start buy stations and expand, otherwise... their the bait.
  4. DALLAS — WFAA Marketing wants to hear from you. We are looking for WFAA fans, and non-fans, to share their opinion about us. We may be contacting you for surveys, opinion sharing and special opportunities. We will not share your contact information outside of WFAA and TEGNA. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/wfaa-wants-your-opinion/287-3352da1e-f608-45c3-b6fc-20b6f880b363
  5. I know KTVT & KTXA (CBS O&O) has J! at 6:00PM (21) and Wheel at 6:30PM (11). But what about other CBS O&O carrying J! and/or Wheel?
  6. Jeff Glor to leave the CBS Evening News after Friday's Broadcasts. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/jeff-glor-leave-cbs-evening-news-friday-1203209547/
  7. WFAA has a new Daybreak anchor. NFL Network's Marc Istook will fill the station morning anchor spot for News 8 Daybreak. He'll set to start this summer. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/more-news/234591/marc-istook-joining-wfaa-as-co-anchor/
  8. Graham Needs to sell 'PRC and 'DIV to NBC.
  9. And what about Non-Gray stations?
  10. As a fan of country music, we need a new TNN or CMT. The question is... is this new country network going to be a diginet or is it going to be on cable?
  11. The only UPN shows I'd watched was Live Shot (1995) and WWF/WWE Smackdown.
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