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  1. This has been an exceedingly difficult time for Washington DC TV News with the loss of Doug, Renee, Bruce, and now Wendy. But another WRC, WNBC alumni and former anchor of the Today show Jim Hartz passed away last weekend at the age of 82. https://deadline.com/2022/04/jim-hartz-dead-today-show-host-barbara-walters-in-mid-1970s-was-82-obituary-1235008872/
  2. CBS News Dallas Ft. Worth is now online. https://www.cbsnews.com/dfw/
  3. I miss WeatherScope (FKA WeatherCenter AM, PM).
  4. FOX Weather is now on KDFI 27.6.
  5. Connor Ingalls went from GMC anchor to main anchor, congrats to him.
  6. You left out Phil Donahue and SJR (Sally). BTW, one thing I liked about Maury Show was the most talked about couple in the history of his show. Joe and Shelley. That' cracked me up every time he comes on with is crocodile tears begging his wife to take him back after he cheated.
  7. I like Maury when he was host of the 2000 revival of Twenty-One. IMO, it was still a great show.
  8. I wish it was Shepard. He would've been great as anchor and mananging editor for the CBSEN. The wild card IMO is still BW.
  9. I can always watch In The Heat of the Night on MeTV and Bounce. BTW, Where's Joe Donlon going to go now that he leaving?
  10. Former longtime WGN News reporter Merri Dee passes away. https://wgntv.com/news/chicago-news/former-wgn-tv-anchor-reporter-merri-dee-dies-at-86/
  11. Another veteran B-Ham anchor leaving. Longtime Birmingham broadcaster and current CBS 42 (WIAT) main anchor Art Franklin is leaving the station to pursue business interests. His last day at the station is Friday, April 29th. Birmingham CBS station will now soon be looking for a new main anchor. IMO, I believe that weekend evening anchor Michael Clark will be Art's successor. http://www.birminghamtimes.com/2022/03/news-anchor-art-franklin-to-depart-cbs-42-will-pursue-business-interests/?fbclid=IwAR1M4rpFi1ARWNEZbbKzk69N5uY93nZRFPTQTAgiaT-rUIGuq1X6A5o5zL4
  12. Sad news from former WJKS (WCWJ) news and sports anchor Glen Fisher. It was on WJKS-TV Facebook fanpage that former WJKS, ESPN, FOX Regional Sports, and KCAL 9 sports anchor Alan Massengale had passed away today. Alan's wife, Elizabeth posted on her Facebook page said that Alan had a bad fall this morning which caused a severe brain bleed, and he was put on full life support. Alan's wife and her three adult children made the difficult decision to not have him suffer. Prayers and condolences go out to The Massengale Family in this exceedingly difficult time. UPDATE: Alan Massengale's bad fall/severe brain bleed was the result of his death due to his battle with colon cancer.
  13. I know it won't happen, but CBS execs needs to try talking to BW again. No matter how much money they're throwing at him, bring Brian Williams to The CBS Evening News.
  14. Play-by-play World Series and Super Bowls won't be the same on FOX without Joe Buck if he leaves for ESPN.
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