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  1. TexasTVNews

    Out & About

    The FOX O&O Texas stations; KDFW, KTBC and KRIV have already updated their site.
  2. TexasTVNews

    2019-20 Syndication News

    If you're longtime game show fans as I am, be prepared to the return of two classic games coming back to ABC (Not for syndication). ABC is doubling down on its game-show revival business, adding both Card Sharks and Press Your Luck to its roster of retro redos, where they will join Match Game, $100,000 Pyramid, (Celebrity) Family Feud and To Tell the Truth. (Judging by The Gong Show‘s absence from ABC’s press site, I’d say it got gonged.) Pre-production on hour-long episodes is underway, with an eye on spring premiere dates, Vulture reports.
  3. TexasTVNews

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

  4. TexasTVNews

    Out & About

    Winston-Salem's WGHP (FOX) is expanding its newscasts to 11PM. The new newscast will appear on 1st month of May and will bring the total amount of news content produced each day to 11 hours. Michael Hennessey will anchor FOX 8 News at 11PM along side Chief Meteorologist Van Denton. https://www.tribunemedia.com/fox8-wghp-to-launch-11-pm-newscast/
  5. TexasTVNews

    Out & About

    Remember I've mentioned that ABC might considering bringing AMC and OLTL back from the dead, well 90% of soap fans agree to it. https://www.goldderby.com/article/2019/all-my-children-one-life-to-live-revival-abc-poll-results-news/
  6. TexasTVNews

    Sinclair Broadcast Group - General Discussion

    IMO, I would pick... Option B! Sinclair dug their grave, they'll be lying in it.
  7. TexasTVNews

    Out & About

    I don't know if anybody know this, but ABC might considering bring two legendary soaps back from the dead. https://www.goldderby.com/article/2019/all-my-children-one-life-to-live-return-abc-news/
  8. TexasTVNews

    EarWitness News

    KTVT used EarWitness News from 1990-95 back when it was NewsWatch 11/Nine O'Clock News before the switch to CBS in '95.
  9. TexasTVNews

    Out & About

    Anchor changes are happening at LA's FOX 11 (KTTV). Elex Michaelson is being moved off The FOX 11 Morning News (4:30-6am) and bumped up to the evenings pairing with Christine Devine on FOX 11 News at 5 & 10PM. Dan Cohen has been pushed to the mornings anchoring with Rita Garcia.
  10. TexasTVNews

    Out & About

    End of an era at WFAA.
  11. TexasTVNews

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    In honor of John McCaa's retirement and final newscast tomorrow, I'm right now uploading four vintage WFAA from the 1990's. 1. WFAA Newsbrief (5/20/1990) 2. WFAA News 8 Update Sunday Tease & Open (5/20/1990) 3. WFAA News 8 Update (11/23/1995) Full Newscast and 4. WFAA News 8 Update (1/28/1994) Full Newscast
  12. TexasTVNews

    Out & About

    Any other anchors/reporters, wxcasters, sportscasters hanging up the mic this year?

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