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  1. And I thought I was the only one that was thinking that way.
  2. Morning ratings had to be doing poorly and to further erode the situation they moved Elise to morning in conjunction to Sam Champion returning to Abc7. But John has that morning type of personality. Elise more belong on evenings.
  3. And 9pm on10/55. She usually fill in for Alice Gainer or Dick Brennan.
  4. She filled in for Dick Brennan on 10/55 all week except Friday.
  5. Michele and John anchored the noon show. Michele then anchored the 6pm show with Chuck.
  6. Read this article. https://mobile.nytimes.com/1996/10/04/nyregion/at-wcbs-ratings-were-bottom-line.html
  7. WCBS was doing very poorly in the ratings. Michele Marsh, John Johnson, Reggie Harris, Rosanne Colletti and 3 others were let go. This was known as Bloody Wednesday. This story made big headline the next day. Bill Carey was the news director at the time. He's the same one who destroyed WPIX and breaking up the team of Kaity Tong and Jim Watkins.
  8. Dana replaced Michele in 1993 but was promoted back to the 11pm spot in 1995. When Michele was fired in 1996, Dana replaced her again at 11pm.
  9. In the past, the secondary anchors who usually fill in at 11pm would have the afternoon off.
  10. Kaity and Brenda would have been a great team at 5pm and Tamsen and John at 6 and 10. I don't understand why are they holding on to Tamsen? Anyway I am sorry to see Brenda go.
  11. I think I live life longer enough now not to judge people. We dont know what went on behind closed doors. All I know I am happy Dana is returning.
  12. Yes, I believe there is more to her absence. What I have read is that she broke up with Phil Collins last year. Hopefully she does not have a serious health issue.
  13. I was a rooting fan of Suki from her days as a reporter from CBS2. If I said anything that offended you, I will also apologize.
  14. I am not going to stoop to your level. I gave my opinion and I am entitled to it.
  15. If people aren't already watching Suki and Kori from 6am to 9am, what makes them think that people will watch them at 5am. If a tornado should hit PIX, and takes it off its foundation, Suki would still keep her chair. PIX's made a lot of changes to their anchor line up even removing veteran Kaity Tong from her long held 10pm spot, but for some reason they keep Suki.
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