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  1. I guess it's possible but given what Jessica teased about her debut story being a report on what's happening this weekend leads me to believe she's likely going to be a feature reporter and perhaps a staple on FYI Philly.
  2. Well we now know where Jessica Boyington went, back to City Line Av: I'm actually shocked as 6 hardly ever poaches talent from other stations in the market but here we are.
  3. KYW needs a new set. It's been around since about 2013 and really hasn't aged all that well. The CBS O&O set would be good for them too especially with the types of newscasts they do.
  4. They use it for bump outs to commercial and for some tosses to the weather/stand up areas.
  5. And we now have DP's replacement: SkySports News and a PFT replay. http://nbcsportsgrouppressbox.com/2019/02/26/nbcsn-adds-sky-sports-news-to-weekday-morning-lineup-beginning-this-friday-march-1/ The hockey fan in me would have preferred a daily version of NHL Live to fill that block that the PFT replay is going to occupy but this works as well and I love importing/simulcasting SkySports. Hopefully this will be the sports news program that will stick on this network.
  6. You'd think the NWS/FCC would assign the KSOX calls to one of the Boston or Chicago based radar sites lol
  7. NBC has updated its motorsports ticker to a vertical sidebar showing the top 10 drivers and rotating through the others in groups of 10.
  8. Speaking of Storm Buggies WCAU is the media sponsor of the Philadelphia Home Show and at their booth they were giving away NBC10/Telemundo 62 swag including miniature Storm Buggies: Eat your heart out Hess Truck!
  9. Yeah you missed what I was saying. They already did just that back in November. I do stand corrected that they haven't closed the deal as of yet from what I see.
  10. Yankees already assumed full ownership of YES after the sale was approved. Their partnership with Fox had language that allowed them to take back Fox's stakes in the network if something like this happened.
  11. Couple months in now and the set got a mini refresh with the big colored light panels that adorned either side of the home base backdrop being replaced by stone pillars. To me, it's a much better look. The light panels were bare and didn't really add anything of substance to the video wall. The stone brings it out much more.
  12. They're promoting they won the demo M-F at 11. I assume what you're going off is the 11PM number for the entire week?
  13. Another promo claims wins in the morning and at 4PM as well. NBC has done a hell of a job investing in the station and it's paying off big time.
  14. RK is referring to the futurecast models. NBC has a proprietary prediction model for its O&Os now. WCAU uses it alongside the Euro, NAM, and GFS models.
  15. PHL is wrapped at 10:57. The tease at 10:59 is live.
  16. They actually haven't had a permanent anchor for the 11AM since Renee ummm..."left". Since then though they've really grown their talent pool and I think it's safe to say they now have the largest news team in the market. With that in mind, why wouldn't you want to have variety at the anchor desk every newscast?
  17. So I think it's safe to say they brought Lucy in to free Vai up to co-anchor the 11AM with Rosemary. It wouldn't shock me if they bring someone on eventually to co-anchor the weekend evenings with Denise as it seems to be their goal to have two anchors for every newscast now.
  18. NHL Network just simulcasts local broadcast feeds these days complete with graphics and announcers.
  19. You should see the things settle now that they've moved. The last month and a half theyvth been rehearsing and a lot of those times were during newscasts.
  20. Vai anchored the 2nd half of the morning show with Tracy as well.
  21. LOL. 4th place news org in the city hires another anchor that probably won't last that long here either cause the station's management can't get out of its own way? Not even close. I will give them credit for going to a respectable operation to find her though. They should also look at WJZ to figure out how to put out a decent news product.
  22. Also yes. Old font was Univers Extended like the now absent NBC lettering.
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