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  1. New animation package for NHL Live and the game broadcast. I hope the inserts are getting replaced for the Winter Classic cause these totally clash.
  2. I stand corrected as these are def different than what was posted in the WMAQ thread.
  3. WCAU has new opening teaser graphics that aren't anything like what WMAQ rolled out this summer:
  4. And now NBCSN has adopted the new ticker that debuted this year on SNF.
  5. Probably the same reason everyone tends to leave there. No real chance for advancement since they're insistent in using 2 anchor teams to anchor all of the days' newscasts. He was on the bench as far as anchoring went while he was there. They had him subbing on an as needed basis on the afternoon newscasts. I remember him primarily reporting for the noon and afternoon shows.
  6. KYW and WNBC before WCAU. Also what the hell is he doing living in Chester of all places? I know he's originally from there but still. Not some place I'd wanna live if I had the means to live elsewhere.
  7. That's what I'm thinking. It's all about whether the newscast pulls in enough revenue to outweigh the cost of paying WPVI to produce the newscast. You also figure the two stations also split the ad revenue generated by the newscast. Going in-house also means keeping the ad dollars 100% in-house. Good ol' cost-benefit analysis. Yeah I said Tribune invested in the station to reopen WPHL's newsroom to produce their morning show:
  8. You might wanna reread my post cause that's exactly what I said.
  9. You won't get one at the end of the Action News newscast as they don't produce it. As far as the future of WPVI producing news for WPHL goes, it depends on whether Nexstar feels the station is worth investing in. Tribune did invest in actually creating a newsroom from scratch to produce the morning news show (which recently expanded to a 4th hour). One would think Nexstar would want to be a player in the 4th largest market in the country given that they also picked up stations in the top 3 (granted they all have established news brands). Producing a 10PM newscast in-house would go a long way along with then possibly expanding into the afternoon in the future.
  10. I've noticed for the past couple weeks here in Philly, NBC Sports Philadelphia has been running ticker-free. Occasionally they'll roll out the ticker to plug the particular show's sponsor and the MyTeams app, but other than that, the network's been ticker free. I hope either the NBCSN style ticker or anything more current is coming down the pipe.
  11. Could be a custom font based off one of these. NBC is famous for taking typefaces and customizing them to their own liking.
  12. I like. The weather graphics for the last two packages lead a lot to be desired especially with over use of Gotham Black.
  13. WCAU has changed the font used on insert graphics from DIN to Hurley Sans. Not sure about any other O&Os following suit but I looks really good: As you can see the weather graphics haven't been changed but that may follow: Given that they updated the 7-Day ticker:
  14. Well it looks like KYW is at least working on a CBSN. From their Creative Services dept's Youtube:
  15. It doesn't appear to be. NBC Sports Philadelphia skinned them last year with the NBC look. ESPN still does but I would suspect that since they're a national partner, they get more latitude. You're right. The graphical elements themselves are from the FOX package but I think the font might be from Amazon's collection of typefaces which wouldn't be a surprise there as AWS underpins StatCast.
  16. I think that's most likely a StatCast thing more than anything else. It appears that most of StatCast's on-air graphics are built around the current FOX package. NBC Sports Philadelphia uses Antenna for the on screen strike zone and whenever they go to StatCast for anything, the graphics used are from the current FOX look and Benton Sans is the font. Given MLB's relationship with FOX and (for now) the amount of teams broadcast on FOX Regionals, it makes sense.
  17. Sheila Watko started as NBC10's new traffic reporter this morning.
  18. As am I. I wonder if this the sign we were looking for that NBC is indeed going with individualized looks for their various properties and keeping the '15 look as a generic base package. NHL season is right around the corner...
  19. My guess is they don't care enough to update the design beyond changing the color of the 3 from white/silver to gold.
  20. Agreed. I don't see why Dawn and Chris can't do say the 5 & 11PM and have Jason and Shaina do the 6 & 10PM. Or Dawn and Chris could anchor the 5PM exclusively and then go out in the field for the late newscasts. Just having one team doing all four of those newscasts just comes off as both unimaginative and cheap.
  21. WFMZ is using WSI equipment nowadays but do subscribe to AccuWeather for additional data. Could very well have been an automation issue at master control that they couldn't bypass in time. The fact that they broke back in tells me that was likely the case. That said, with all of the unsettled weather in the area, they should have notified someone up there to cancel the hard out at 6:30 so they could keep going if need be.
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