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  1. They're as expected also using the new weather graphics.
  2. They ran a new promo for the afternoon news block today during the 11AM voiced by and featuring Lester Holt. The timeslot of 4-7PM was prominently featured. There is a separate promo running for the 7PM news and that mentions that it's been added during the impeachment coverage but then it's referred to as "a new newscast". So I think the jury is still on whether the 7PM news permanent or not. Edit: Promo was updated with the references to impeachment coverage removed.
  3. I still can't believe they approved that look, loaded it up in their truck, used it through out the entire pregame show, then for some reason changed their mind before kickoff, whipped up some low budget knockoff scorebug and phased out the new inserts for the old ones as the first half progressed. The fact that any of it made air is pretty remarkable.
  4. I see they finally realized having a Mets front office person in their broadcast booth calling national games isn't such a good idea.
  5. WCAU has been running one as well this week. I too think it's to shoulder the impeachment coverage.
  6. Look G was the package KXAS and a handful of Nextar NBC affiliates adopted in the early 2010s.
  7. Interesting. They already produce PA Newsmakers which is distributed across the Commonwealth. I guess they wanted a more locally focused program for Harrisburg.
  8. That's my guess. They didn't seem like she was here on a permanent basis. Also Alicia just an FYI feature story so that rules her out from being off.
  9. My guess is she's Walter's new co-anchor on weekends.
  10. He's still WTXF's primary voice so I doubt they'd even consider him even if he wasn't. I still think Paul Turner would be a likely choice and a good fit at that. One from left field would be if Howard Parker would consider doing local work again. He does a lot of work for ABC on the entertainment side already. I think his big dark voice would sound great belting out the opens.
  11. Paul and Bill actually were promo voices for WPVI in the late 90s and 2000s before Charlie took over. Paul is also local based here in the suburbs so his voice wouldn't be foreign to the station and its viewers at all.
  12. Yeah and he's definitely lost his fastball. It's not Jeff Kaye's last opens bad but it ain't too far off. They would best be served finding someone else next time they need opens. (I vote for Paul Turner or Bill Ratner.)
  13. They must be going back to the drawing board to rethink the show formats. Traditionally for them, the noon news was predominately a hard news show and when they expanded it to an hour, they had the lighter stuff towards the back end of the second half hour. When the 4PM launched, it was faster paced with the news and features were dispersed through out. The 5PM has always been longer form hard news. With Alicia possibly joining the noon (perhaps only for the 2nd half hour) maybe they want the noon show to become like (or replace) the 4PM and have the 4PM become a harder news show to compete with 10 at 4. As of right now, 10's the only station in that timeslot doing a full hard news hour. 3's doing a complete fluff show (hell they sit on damn couch) and 6 is trying to do both and perhaps they want to get away from that.
  14. Probably a no go now that FOX holds the license for it. Bad move by NBC letting it lapse. I do hope that RSNs pick up William Goldstein's NHL theme though if the plan is to fully move away from Peter Calandra's CSN music collection.
  15. Perhaps Rick and Sharrie are the new 5PM paring, with Rick moving to 10PM and Brian to Noon?
  16. They ran the generic open at the top of the show as well. Perhaps something's up.
  17. That was covered earlier. The RSNs as a whole abandoned using a ticker. Don't know why but they did.
  18. Yeah, It's the NBC Sports ticker. They adapt it to focus on whatever sport is being presented live, but then during regular studio shows, it runs through all sports.
  19. NBC Sports Philadelphia did the same but had it all cleaned up by the halftime show.
  20. Yeah it def sounds like a hybrid of Roundball Rock and the NBA TNT theme. It's catchy.
  21. Regionals are now also using the replay wipes the mothership uses:
  22. NBC Sports Bay Area/California getting an almost near clone of NBC Sports Philadelphia's set: https://www.sportsvideo.org/2019/10/04/nbc-sports-bay-area-nbc-sports-california-set-to-debut-new-studio-at-san-francisco-headquarters/
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