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  1. It's the callsign for Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and has been for years. I don't think Charlotteans have a problem with it.
  2. No that hasn't changed. I think they meant adding a 4th person to have two distinct anchor teams in the afternoon/early evenings.
  3. He's probably Stephania Jimenez' replacement at the anchor desk on weekend mornings.
  4. The style looks like Novocom but the thumbnails look like they're from Hothaus' old site and there are elements of their style hinted as well.
  5. I think it's pretty obvious that they've been grooming Rick & Sharie to take over for Jim for awhile now since Monica left.
  6. I'm pretty sure they're actually upstairs in the main news studio. I guess Studio 29 is getting a makeover.
  7. Nah it's just a single drawn out note leading to the familiar sting.
  8. Shame they got rid of their awesome hockey theme.
  9. The NBC Sports Regionals are debuting at the very least a new animation motif based off the new opens they launched last summer. These kinda remind me of the package they were gonna launch for their NHL coverage. I'm not sure if the inserts will be updated when the regular season starts (they're still using the 2015 Drive insert package for at least the preseason).
  10. I'm guessing Jessica Boyington gets the job. She filled that role before at WCAU and I'm fairly certain they hired her with David's eventual retirement in mind. They'll try her and Matt Pellman out just to do their due diligence though.
  11. Can't speak for NYC but here in the Philly region we started getting tornado warnings during the afternoon news block and they all stayed on air til 8PM after the storms moved out. Everyone's on the air right now covering the resulting flooding and tornado damage.
  12. Yeah they definitely did some tweaking to the design. There's now some gradients and opacity to it. Much better looking.
  13. It ain't good but it could be much worse. Also can't help but wonder if that's an element from the O&O package or not although it could pass for something from their in-house look as well.
  14. Or worse yet, the open resolves before the musical signature is finished. I know that's not as big a problem these days with a lot of packages using automated CG wipes but it still bothers me when I do see it.
  15. Jim usually takes the back end of August off so we'll probably see all four in rotation till September.
  16. Hopefully now that we have some stability up in corporate, CBS3 can actually keep its staff intact for more than 6 months.
  17. They've been doing these since at least 2008. Basically a cheap ploy to try and lure some WCAU viewers over during the games.
  18. The MAX Radar uses a dark green base map and multiple radar sweeps on screen. Their StormTracker 6 radar has a single sweep centered north of the city and you'll notice the base map is a much lighter shade of green.
  19. It seems like 6 has either stopped using or has gotten rid of its personal StormTracker radar site (which was based in Warrington, PA). They've stopped referencing their "Live Double Scan" radar and only ever use the NWS radar sites using the MAX Weather System (their radar was controlled and presented on air with Baron software). I'm wondering if this was a pandemic cost cutting casualty.
  20. No special color palette for the morning open or on-screen graphics but they're using gold looping graphics on the monitors in studio. Also the weather dept hasn't gotten the package yet:
  21. If they had opened the show at the desk, they would have flashed them in the desk's built in monitor. Same thing really.
  22. WWSI switched as well. Open is almost identical to WCAU's:
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