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  1. They had the opens already to go for tonight: I have to say Charlie is sounding rough these days. I wonder if they have plans to move on from him in the future. Maybe to someone like Paul Turner.
  2. They'll also be running an hour long special this Thursday at 8PM to say good bye to him.
  3. I'm guessing they'll hire a younger up and comer from within the station group.
  4. You can file this one under "It's about damn time", the RSNs are heading to Peacock (complete with live sports [IE no blackouts])by the end of the year in their regional markets: https://thestreamable.com/uk/news/peacock-will-carry-nbc-regional-sports-networks-in-select-markets-by-end-of-year
  5. *PHL17. WPHL doesn't recognize its MyTV affiliation.
  6. I know I'm in the minority here, but I was always a fan of this package. Way ahead of its time in terms of visual themes. I think with a few tweaks and giving the stations more latitude with branding, this would have been a very smart looking package. WCAU was ready to pull the trigger on this package and from what they had let out into the ethos, it looked like their creative dept took this package and ran wild with it: From a promo for the original incarnation of their 7PM newscast:
  7. It looks a whole lot similar to KXAS' 2012 package. Same color scheme, same glassy textures to all the visual elements. Perhaps it was offered to the other O&Os as well but they all went with Look F. NGL I always liked that look over Look F.
  8. They must have new tech driving their scoreboard graphics and thus an update to the layouts. I hope upon hope this leads to the 2015 insert package finally being retired in the near future.
  9. MLB has never allowed regional broadcasts for playoffs. Could be that they awarded a separate contract to Sportsnet to broadcast the Blue Jays games in Canada.
  10. I don't understand why they don't just build an insert package based on the animation package they debuted last fall. The old inserts really clash with the new animations. Hell you can even base the design of those new inserts off the old stuff to make migration to the new look easier.
  11. Yeah that appears to be the case. The traditional scorebar appeared a few mins ago.
  12. The Flyers' first preseason game on NBC Sports Philadelphia is tonight and they trotted out this monstrosity of a scorebar. Please tell me this is temporary:
  13. Looks like a superior version of them yes.
  14. Love all of it except the lowers and the font weights they went with. TT Norms is a very versatile font with a variety of weights and widths and they went with medium condensed? As a designer I would have went a normal width and mixed thin/medium weights (for first and last names) for the talent lowers and medium weight for everything else. Secondly the lowers themselves are just too damn big with way too much wasted space. It is good to see the I Love Chicago signature be put out to pasture for the CBS jingle. Pretty sure I saw somewhere KYW would be debuting theirs somewhere around the fall season kickoff. Maybe this coming Sunday night after football.
  15. Not surprising. They're the only one of the NBC RSNs that didn't get the group set or any other upgrades to their facility. There was talk about them moving out of their dated facility in Bethesda and in with WRC but those plans were squashed even before COVID. BTW if it wasn't clear in the in press release, Monumental owns the Caps and Wizards so this would become a team owned and operated RSN.
  16. WPHL is for all intents and purposes an independent station and run themselves as such. Yes they carry the MyNet primetime stuff but they've long since distanced themselves from the network. I'm sure Nextar is eager to get their newly acquired network on their #4 market station asap. As for WPSG, CBS seems to have no issues owning unaffiliated stations in duopoly markets (see LA & Boston). I could definitely see them fully bringing back the Philly 57 branding (given that they already have done so in logo form when the CW was originally launched, but verbally only referring to it as the CW Philly).
  17. I assume none as exclusives. You might see select, if not all games available on those platforms as simulcasts.
  18. Curious the skyline photo they chose for the home page header. It's a tad dated as it's missing the Comcast Technology Center. Intentional omission given it houses the HQ of a competitor?
  19. The set has been under construction for awhile now and Kathy's been in the position on an interim basis for much of that time. I'm pretty sure she signed off on it. That said, with as much as the station is bleeding money, I doubt they'd rip out a set this close to the finish line.
  20. She's actually been there for awhile as they went through the whole mess with leadership. She was also a high up staffer at KYW back during their News Tonight era in the early 90s. It's a good hire as she knows the market inside and out so she can at the very least make the station watchable again.
  21. This was mentioned in the CBS 3 thread in the Philly forum a few months back when they first started broadcasting from the temp set(s). At the time due to Covid, everyone was positioned at different locations around the building. Now though the anchors are all together in the sat center with Weather and Sports done from a monitor in what they call The Great Hall. I'm guessing they'll be debuting their new set (which we can believe will be their version of the CBS O&O set in a can) and whatever new O&O graphics in time for the Fall Season.
  22. NBC using the RSN animations and the 2015 insert package for the Sunday broadcast.
  23. This talent shortage isn't just limited to Action News either. Saw a promo for this week's FYI Philly with TaRhonda Thomas hosting with Alicia. You know it's bad over there when they have to have a hard news reporter host the station's entertainment show.
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