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  1. I guess it's possible but given what Jessica teased about her debut story being a report on what's happening this weekend leads me to believe she's likely going to be a feature reporter and perhaps a staple on FYI Philly.
  2. Well we now know where Jessica Boyington went, back to City Line Av: I'm actually shocked as 6 hardly ever poaches talent from other stations in the market but here we are.
  3. Joining a bunch of its ex-CBS Radio brethren, KYW rolled out a new logo and station imaging. The logo is...interesting and gone are the vestiges of its Group W heritage: https://kywnewsradio.radio.com/articles/kyw-newsradio-unveils-updated-music-fresh-new-logo Like WCBS, Man Made Music composed the music package.
  4. They would need a slate of games that would take up both FS1 & 2. I would think they would send a 4th game to FOX Sports Go before they recruit another TV network,
  5. Looks a lot like what NBC/Golf Channel was using for the Women's tournament last week.
  6. NHL Network usually gets the overflow if games go over.
  7. Turns out he only took over the league to acquire the rights to some tracking technologies the league was using. Once he secured them, he pulled the plug. Also the NFL and AAF couldn't come together on language for player loan agreements which without it in essence would prevent players from transferring between leagues. That would greatly hurt the AAF's talent pool which was poor as it is.
  8. That special case is Peter Angelos.
  9. Barrett Brooks posted a couple sneak peeks during his rehearsal for Quick Slants today: And NBCSP has an article & video showing off the set. It is gorgeous. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/phillies/dramatic-new-nbc-sports-philadelphia-studio-debut-thursday-mlb-opening-day
  10. KYW needs a new set. It's been around since about 2013 and really hasn't aged all that well. The CBS O&O set would be good for them too especially with the types of newscasts they do.
  11. They use it for bump outs to commercial and for some tosses to the weather/stand up areas.
  12. I'm sure many of them will be Phillies games.
  13. Another one jumps off the Titanic...
  14. And we now have DP's replacement: SkySports News and a PFT replay. http://nbcsportsgrouppressbox.com/2019/02/26/nbcsn-adds-sky-sports-news-to-weekday-morning-lineup-beginning-this-friday-march-1/ The hockey fan in me would have preferred a daily version of NHL Live to fill that block that the PFT replay is going to occupy but this works as well and I love importing/simulcasting SkySports. Hopefully this will be the sports news program that will stick on this network.
  15. I'm really digging this motif (much more than the game itself). If this were to become their overall NHL look, I'd be quite pleased. Shouldn't take much to build some inserts around it.
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