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  1. Could be a custom font based off one of these. NBC is famous for taking typefaces and customizing them to their own liking.
  2. I like. The weather graphics for the last two packages lead a lot to be desired especially with over use of Gotham Black.
  3. WCAU has changed the font used on insert graphics from DIN to Hurley Sans. Not sure about any other O&Os following suit but I looks really good: As you can see the weather graphics haven't been changed but that may follow: Given that they updated the 7-Day ticker:
  4. I'm glad they went back to topo maps for at least the live radar. Never understood why they went with flat maps for everything.
  5. My guess is these days, they're pushed out like mobile phone updates. Probably a lot more involved in the WeatherStar days though.
  6. Well it looks like KYW is at least working on a CBSN. From their Creative Services dept's Youtube:
  7. It doesn't appear to be. NBC Sports Philadelphia skinned them last year with the NBC look. ESPN still does but I would suspect that since they're a national partner, they get more latitude. You're right. The graphical elements themselves are from the FOX package but I think the font might be from Amazon's collection of typefaces which wouldn't be a surprise there as AWS underpins StatCast.
  8. I think that's most likely a StatCast thing more than anything else. It appears that most of StatCast's on-air graphics are built around the current FOX package. NBC Sports Philadelphia uses Antenna for the on screen strike zone and whenever they go to StatCast for anything, the graphics used are from the current FOX look and Benton Sans is the font. Given MLB's relationship with FOX and (for now) the amount of teams broadcast on FOX Regionals, it makes sense.
  9. Sheila Watko started as NBC10's new traffic reporter this morning.
  10. As am I. I wonder if this the sign we were looking for that NBC is indeed going with individualized looks for their various properties and keeping the '15 look as a generic base package. NHL season is right around the corner...
  11. My guess is they don't care enough to update the design beyond changing the color of the 3 from white/silver to gold.
  12. Not to mention the platform is much more fit to handle that kind of broadcast than Facebook was last year. I did hear complaints about people having picture quality issues when using the Youtube app on certain smart TVs and set top boxes.
  13. Agreed. I don't see why Dawn and Chris can't do say the 5 & 11PM and have Jason and Shaina do the 6 & 10PM. Or Dawn and Chris could anchor the 5PM exclusively and then go out in the field for the late newscasts. Just having one team doing all four of those newscasts just comes off as both unimaginative and cheap.
  14. The lowers would look better if they didn't use Gotham's Extra Bold weight in mixed casing for the headline text. I've never been a fan of Gotham's lower case letters to begin with but Extra Bold just enhances all of my problems with it. Hell if they just went all caps, it would look better.
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