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  1. They've been doing these since at least 2008. Basically a cheap ploy to try and lure some WCAU viewers over during the games.
  2. The MAX Radar uses a dark green base map and multiple radar sweeps on screen. Their StormTracker 6 radar has a single sweep centered north of the city and you'll notice the base map is a much lighter shade of green.
  3. It seems like 6 has either stopped using or has gotten rid of its personal StormTracker radar site (which was based in Warrington, PA). They've stopped referencing their "Live Double Scan" radar and only ever use the NWS radar sites using the MAX Weather System (their radar was controlled and presented on air with Baron software). I'm wondering if this was a pandemic cost cutting casualty.
  4. No special color palette for the morning open or on-screen graphics but they're using gold looping graphics on the monitors in studio. Also the weather dept hasn't gotten the package yet:
  5. If they had opened the show at the desk, they would have flashed them in the desk's built in monitor. Same thing really.
  6. WWSI switched as well. Open is almost identical to WCAU's:
  7. I hope there's different versions for different dayparts like they did with their Look C refresh and their custom Look F.
  8. Tracy mentioned on IG she was filling in for Rosemary Connors who's on vacation. Ted's usually their goto fill in on the weekends in either daypart.
  9. Those lowers in the 5PM tease are expanded snipes from Look N's topical promo graphics. I always thought they should have been the standard lowers for that package instead of the whole cable news-esque inserts they went with. That said they clash with Looks S. Also someone should tell them they're two weather packages behind. They're still using the original Look N weather templates.
  10. Looks like WCAU is next up. Updated sponsor plug graphic popped up today:
  11. Looks like they screwed up the keying of the logo. Alpha channels are your friend, people.
  12. Yeah I doubt it will pass regulatory muster. Not in its present form anyway.
  13. I guess you haven't seen the Philly skyline since before 1984. There's a bunch of notable looking buildings in our skyline these days and this is just a piece of what it features: Comcast Technology Center is what you're referring to. It's the tallest building in Philly now and one of, if not the tallest in the country outside of New York and Chicago.

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