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    NBC 10 Thread

    They're promoting they won the demo M-F at 11. I assume what you're going off is the 11PM number for the entire week?

    NBC 10 Thread

    Another promo claims wins in the morning and at 4PM as well. NBC has done a hell of a job investing in the station and it's paying off big time.
  3. RK is referring to the futurecast models. NBC has a proprietary prediction model for its O&Os now. WCAU uses it alongside the Euro, NAM, and GFS models.

    The CBS 3 Eyewitness News Thread

    So you're the one lol

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    PHL is wrapped at 10:57. The tease at 10:59 is live.

    NBC 10 Thread

    They actually haven't had a permanent anchor for the 11AM since Renee ummm..."left". Since then though they've really grown their talent pool and I think it's safe to say they now have the largest news team in the market. With that in mind, why wouldn't you want to have variety at the anchor desk every newscast?

    NBC 10 Thread

    So I think it's safe to say they brought Lucy in to free Vai up to co-anchor the 11AM with Rosemary. It wouldn't shock me if they bring someone on eventually to co-anchor the weekend evenings with Denise as it seems to be their goal to have two anchors for every newscast now.

    The ESPN Thread

    NHL Network just simulcasts local broadcast feeds these days complete with graphics and announcers.
  9. That's the aircraft warning beacon. CTC was designed by Norman Foster who designed the other two buildings you mentioned. The diagonals are a signature of his works. The diagonals you see over the screen at home base is actually a nod to Liberty Place and its crown lighting. I love Glenn's reaction, "this is my 40th year in television and this my first ever window". It just makes sense to put the weather department at the windows right? Lol

    NBC 10 Thread

    You should see the things settle now that they've moved. The last month and a half theyvth been rehearsing and a lot of those times were during newscasts.

    NBC 10 Thread

    Vai anchored the 2nd half of the morning show with Tracy as well.

    The CBS 3 Eyewitness News Thread

    LOL. 4th place news org in the city hires another anchor that probably won't last that long here either cause the station's management can't get out of its own way? Not even close. I will give them credit for going to a respectable operation to find her though. They should also look at WJZ to figure out how to put out a decent news product.
  13. Few observations: Both news studios overlook the newsroom and out of CTC's eastern facade. They closed the morning show with a neat shot out of the window. I will say with the way the lighting is, you probably won't see much of the windows on air at least in the morning anyway with the rising sun shining right through it. CTC's smart shades (yes I said smart shades) will definitely be lowered. There's a standup desk in the newsroom that is co branded with the NBC10 and Telemundo 62 logos which will be used for reporter standups. I'm glad they've gone back to using the newsroom for live reports. I know they went away from that at Bala cause the newsroom there was pretty ratty and they had no intention of renovating it. This one is a trend that I hope continues, they're using a ton of sweeping shots for tosses between the anchors and the weather and traffic talent as well as going in and out of breaks. There's also a few overhead flash cams mounted around the studio. I think they'd benefit from a decent jib if they want to make the sweeping wide shots a thing. They use the monitors in the interview area to display graphics or other items based on the subject of the interview. Like today on the 11AM they had Eagles TE Zach Ertz and his wife Julie on, and on the big picture monitor behind them they had their camera at Linc running and behind Vai who was interviewing them they had a generic picture of turf on the three vertical monitors. That area will prove to be very versatile. I'm a bit surprised that they have yet to have any of the anchors stand up for a story. Maybe they will do that at 4 today. I have to say, I think I like WWSI's desk and home base a little more than WCAU's not by much. In fact I would actually swap the desks. I think WWSI's desk goes with WCAU's set better but that's just me. Overall a great facility in a beautiful building.
  14. NBC10.com has a gallery up of both stations' new studios: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/A-Behind-the-Scenes-Look-at-NBC10-Telemundo62-New-Home-498053871.html
  15. I wouldn't go by what little we saw in the 6PM. I got the feeling that was just a soft launch of the new studios just by the fact there wasn't a grand tour and they were saving that for the 11PM. Makes sense since they TV's #1 rated program (SNF) as a lead-in. From what I understand based on hints dropped by various talent, the interview area as well as some stand up locations utilize CTC's big windows so hopefully we'll get to see that tonight.

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