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  1. NBC using the RSN animations and the 2015 insert package for the Sunday broadcast.
  2. This talent shortage isn't just limited to Action News either. Saw a promo for this week's FYI Philly with TaRhonda Thomas hosting with Alicia. You know it's bad over there when they have to have a hard news reporter host the station's entertainment show.
  3. I see NBC addressed the issue I had with the scorebar with the pitcher/batter text being illegible.
  4. Looks good. The text for the pitcher/batter could stand to be a bit bigger or at least bold. I wonder if they made this change to the template in preparation for the next package that we saw at the Super Bowl and are Peacock games going to be using that. I also wonder if the Peacock games will have a similar production set up like they did when NBC had the NHL where games that were played in markets that had an NBC RSN were produced side by side out of the same truck.
  5. That's an awful move imo.
  6. And those games will be available for free to both subscribers and non-subscribers.
  7. The STL logo used on their ballcaps would have been the ideal route to go. In fact that's what most networks use in their score bugs as opposed to the uniform logo.
  8. Part of the reason for the big affiliate swap of 1995 was NBC's constant issues with KYW preempting national programing in favor of local/Group W content and them wanting an O&O in Philly to better control it.
  9. I guess that's to allow Jessica to present her Top 6 segment live on the morning show and not have her working two separate day parts.
  10. Peacock gets Monday and Wednesday Night Baseball from ESPN per Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2022/03/09/mlb-deals-with-apple-and-peacock-worth-115-million-annually-combined/?sh=438aa97a185c
  11. Their adaptation of this look for KYW was really good too: They really nailed the lowers and other insert elements and as mention before, the footage used in the opens was brilliant.
  12. WCAU's last package in 2000 before the NBC standardization. Brilliant package by Hothaus before they seemed to start cranking the same package out to different stations:
  13. Yeah. I do think this will make it's way to at least NASCAR, Notre Dame, their college properties and maybe the RSNs. Big question is whether they apply this to their EPL coverage or do they continue with SkySports package or even develop a new package for Sky and use that.
  14. It's a good evolution to the 2018 package. I hope this does work its way to the other properties and the RSNs this time around.
  15. Those are both clones of the WCBS set as are WBBM, WJZ, KPIX and others. I'm guessing they'll get the same set.
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