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  1. I don't think this service is replacing the linear cable/satellite service, just running along side it. That makes more sense if the goal is to capture the cord cutters that ran away.
  2. We're getting closer to a DTC service for ESPN: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/media/2023/05/18/espn-plans-to-launch-subscription-streaming-service/70233888007/
  3. OTSes have to be built in the character generator where as a monitor graphic can be a simple video file that can be stored on the graphics server for continual use.
  4. RIP Chroma Cues and the Westinghouse-ish 13.
  5. I love it. It really shares a lot of elements from the outgoing CBS O&O Package which I know is from the same designer. The WLEX package was nice but as you said was pretty dated by this point. Looked like an old Giant Octopus package from the late-2000s.
  6. To add to the mess, I'm pretty sure that's an Enforcer cut being used as the bed for the headlines.
  7. Is that just an unchanged logo or do they use other characters from the typeface as well? I mean anyone with a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator can go in and do a image trace to extract lettering and shapes. The fact that only the call letters in the logo use the font tell me they don't actually have it.
  8. I also think the Westinghouse font is lost media. It hasn't seen any regular use as a typeface since Westinghouse became CBS. There have been (bad) redrawings of previous logos (looking at you WJZ and KYW 1060) and KPIX never retiring their 5 til just this year but no actual evidence that it survives at all.
  9. Exactly what I was referring to earlier. I was actually a big fan of this look and the direction it was going. It tied in nicely with the network's "More Colorful" promo campaign. Also the stations DID have the option to retain their channel number branding. As you can see WNBC was to stay NBC 4 New York, WCAU was to rebrand to NBC 10 Philadelphia, KNSD eventually became NBC 7 San Diego after being just NBC San Diego when they launched the look. But yes NBC was WAY ahead of its time given the blow back they got from most of the O&Os when this was coming down the pike.
  10. I was wondering the same thing. If this opens the door for say WJZ to go purple (wouldn't be the first time they went with a crazy color scheme) for the Ravens, or WBBM go dark blue and orange for the Bears or blue and red for the Cubs? It seems like everything is in play. This does remind me of when NBC tried to implement this strategy back in 2011. The stations all had a choice of color schemes to go with.
  11. It's an easy fix for anyone in the gfx dept to take care of. I'm sure it'll be straightened out in the coming days.
  12. Something they need to tweak with the Next Weather graphics, the logo and banner are green like the rest of the graphics but the forecast boxes and other elements like that are still the default blue and it clashes badly.
  13. The Philly Inquirer also has a nice write up on the rebrand: https://www.inquirer.com/entertainment/tv/eyewitness-news-cbs-philadelphia-rebrand-20230412.html?outputType=amp The statements from the GM in both articles does have me doubting what others have claimed is the end of local identities at CBS Local. Just going by what all the GMs and the head of the division have all said, their goal is basically to merge the CBS News brand with the local fabric of each station with each station going about it the way it fits their market. Flame away if you disagree. I don't care. Lol Everything looks great but fail on that dated skyline image. Also they're using the new Next Weather gfx.
  14. The more I see it, if they had to insist on the box, I would have preferred the 3 by itself sans Eye. Also on their choice of color scheme, I think they picked Midnight Green 1; cause Eagles and 2; mainly to differentiate themselves from the other stations in town. Everyone else uses some combination of blue and white as the primary colors of their graphics. KYW would at least be separating themselves in that regard by going with Eagles colors.
  15. KYW has the new logo live on the website. With UEFA on OTA til 5, the 4PM will be streamed on the website. Annnnd KYW is live...for a breaking news cut-in. They will be live at 5PM.
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