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  1. Yeah I'm sure these will be hand-me-downs to the RSNs and whatever college hockey they'll be broadcasting next year. Also the Sharks-Avs game that followed is still using the old look.
  2. Doesn't mean anything. With the exception of Mike Tirico, all of NBC's current pbp guys have jobs with teams. Kenny Albert is the Ranger's radio voice, Brenden Burke is the TV voice of the Islanders, Gord Miller does TSN games. Point being, having a local gig with a team doesn't preclude anyone from doing national work. I too would be shocked if Forsy isn't on the roster of either ESPN or Turner when next season starts.
  3. Yeah I'm fairly certain ESPN will get the Wednesday night game. Their package calls for 25 regular season games, so 25 weeks would give us an entire season worth of games, give or take the occasional ABC game which I'm certain will be relegated to weekends. If they want to continue the Wednesday Night doubleheaders, TNT/TBS would take the west coast game.
  4. Official: https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-turner-sports-reach-tv-deal-for-games-on-tnt-tbs/c-324075352 TNT looks to be the primary regular season broadcaster with 72 games (ESPN will have 25) and will be the home of the Winter Classic. If I were to guess if the NHL keeps its current windows as is, ESPN will takeover Wednesday Night Hockey, ABC the Sunday afternoon game (after the NFL wraps up) and Turner would carry the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night games. It'll be interesting to see how Turner slots their games since they aren't an NFL partner, t
  5. Seems to be a trend going on with MLS teams selling their rights to broadcast stations and moving away from RSNs. Here in Philly the Union moved from NBC Sports Philadelphia to WPHL a couple years ago and it was mentioned in another thread the NE Revolution leaving NBC Sports New England to WBZ this year. I wonder if MLS teams are trying to tap fans who are cable cutters who wouldn't be able to follow their team on TV otherwise if it was on an RSN.
  6. Most likely. I could see them doing a phased roll out between the Summer Olympics and the Super Bowl/Winter Olympics. I wonder if the recently redesigned weather graphics are any indication of what a new look would look like or if they would do something completely different.
  7. Did MLBN/NHLN shrink the feed or did Bally hike up the bar. Seems like the latter to me.
  8. Looks like Ukee and Jessica have individual setups in front of separate monitors. It doesn't look like either are in the main studio at all so we may finally see them getting a much needed new set.
  9. I'm surprised Comcast didn't put a bid to be their rights holder either via NBC Sports NW or a new RSN for Seattle. They seem to like having RSNs in regions where they are the dominant cable provider.
  10. They'll probably wait till the 2022 NHL Winter Classic and change everything then...that is if they plan on having one network wide package again which it doesn't look like they intend on doing. I'm sure they want to keep their EPL broadcasts aligned with the SkySports look, their NFL look is more of an evolution of the 2015 look than anything else so that could change for this upcoming Super Bowl, and they've been slowly rolling out a unique look for the NHL that started way back in 2019 for the Stanley Cup Finals and if they do intend on finishing the look by replacing the score
  11. I didn't know Anzio left. This is a good get for the station.
  12. And he's gone from the NFL broadcasts: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/08/20/fox-takes-thom-brennaman-off-nfl-broadcasts/
  13. Only a slight change for NBC, starting with yesterday's games both the national broadcasts and RSNs are showing a constant shot clock on the scorebar during even strength play. The design of the scorebar prevents them from displaying during power plays which I'm sure they'll address with the next package.
  14. I'm hoping (but not holding my breath) that NBC finally finishes its long drawn out NHL graphics update. They updated a ton of insert elements during the Qualifying Round after debuting the animation package last playoffs. That leaves them down to just the scorebar, lowers and general chart elements that have not been updated.

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