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  1. That's just from the CBS O&O coronavirus special graphics. Been seeing these since the beginning of the outbreak.
  2. Jim Rosenfield explained how they're handling the outbreak: Notice he said weather and digital teams are working remotely (ie from home).
  3. Same building. It's literally right next to the news studio. With 1060 now out of the building though, they could convert the space they vacated into studio space if they ever decide to move on from their now pushing 10 year old set.
  4. Philly has a second studio. Dunno why they didn't build a set for CBSN in there. They haven't used that space since they stopped doing the "Einstein Science" segments last year.
  5. That leaves DC as the only RSN with the 2008 set (although they gave it nice refresh a few years ago).
  6. You shouldn't. The name and logo are very Chicago Cubs-centric. They're both nods to Wrigley Field. They're more likely to be branded to align with Stadium than anything else. Could you imagine how a Cardinals fan would react to having to watch their games on a network branded in a Cubs motif?
  7. That's definitely Frank they're using as their font. And I agree, I would love for this to spread group wide. Or even do like they did with the soccer score bar, and flatten out the rest of the current package.
  8. There were some CBS executives (including Les Moonves) that were placed on the Entercom board as part of the spinoff. Their seats were temporary while the new company got on its feet. I dunno if they're still currently there (well we know Les isn't lol) or not but those were the terms.
  9. I think it'll be on a market by market basis. Take LA for example. Hypothetically that cluster could partner up with say KABC but right up the coast, the SF cluster could stay with KPIX.
  10. KYW had been simulcasting EN even after the spinoff. IIRC part of the terms of the spinoff were, CBS was to maintain their partnerships with the radio stations for a year and then they were free to do whatever they want. The Philly cluster partnering with NBC 10 is just the first shoe to drop. That said there's nothing stopping other markets from just reupping with the CBS O&O they were previously aligned with. I think it's safe to say Entercom Philly couldn't wait to be free of CBS3 and the mess they're currently in.
  11. Yup. I had a feeling something like this would happen after CBS spun the radio group off. I wonder if KYW will simulcast Nightly News now or stay local at 6:30.
  12. Wow this is big, NBC 10 is partnering with the Entercom Radio cluster in Philly provide weather and share news and traffic. https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/business/nbc10-telemundo62-announce-new-partnership-with-entercom-radio-stations/2292521/ Get prepared to hear First Alert Weather forecasts and Traffic reports on the Entercom stations, KYW NewsRadio stories on NBC 10.
  13. NFL Films produces the halftime show separately from the game broadcaster.
  14. They're as expected also using the new weather graphics.
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