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  1. And here it is! Someone must've listened
  2. Here's a WBTW weekend 6pm news open and commercials from November 1994. More to come!
  3. The WCNC Real News open sample on the NMSA comes from an open digitaldave1982 uploaded to YouTube years ago - I think it was dated 1990 or so, it's long gone unfortunately. There are a few clips of them using Real News on YT if you dig around.
  4. The second half of WFMY's noon newscast from July 24, 1995
  5. As I’m aware, all of phillyvideofan’s content is lost media as far as I know. I remember hearing years ago (from them?) that the source tapes were lost/destroyed and original files lost as well. It’s a shame because there were several videos on the channel special to me, in particular some WECT, WWAY & WBTW news clips from the early/mid 90s.
  6. WAVY 6pm news from August 1990. My first time seeing a 6pm open with Wall to Wall/The Team!
  7. I, too, thought the same thing... "A new set already? Seems like the old one just got finished!" But 6 years is a good run for the old set. Time's just moving faster, I suppose. It's about the average lifespan of most of WTKR's sets the past ~30 years 2016-2022 set 2000-2016 set (with numerous facelifts) 1995-2000 set 1992-1995 set (with a major rehaul in 1994)
  8. Sony as a whole seems to be one of the most strict about copyright. I had a commercial compilation with a 1997 Burger King commercial that used Foreigner’s “Urgent” that got blocked by Sony Music (no strikes). I think it’s become common knowledge that Jeopardy eps are a no-no on YouTube.
  9. 6:30am segment of WAVY News 10 Today from August 1994
  10. That logo was much better as a circle. Never liked the rectangle treatment all that much.
  11. A few finds for your viewing pleasure: WCBS noon open, June 14, 2000 KCBS 11pm open, September 10, 2002 KOMO 11pm, February 10, 1999
  12. I think I remember seeing/hearing this many years ago. From one of my tape finds, the national satellite feed of WNBC's version of "We're 4 New York"
  13. I’ve been looking for this WWAY era for a long time and finally found it! Commercial breaks and 11pm news open from December 1997, with Millennium 3 and graphics from jcbD
  14. The first few minutes of a WCBD 11pm newscast from April 1997, not long after the switch to the Media General 'clouds' look. Nice to have a copy of this that isn't potato quality!
  15. It appears the WLWC newscast faced the same fate as the WTKR-produced 10pm newscast on WGNT after being acquired by Paramount - they didn't want news on their O&O stations.
  16. No worries. I don’t think I have anything else from Columbia to upload, but I have a few mid-90s era clips from WCBD, WCIV, WTAT and WLOS to come.
  17. A one-of-a-kind find... a complete 1996 10pm newscast from WTAT, produced by WCSC
  18. Here’s a look at a WOLO newscast in 1999, using a ripoff of the Media General ‘clouds’ open of the time
  19. WTVD 11pm newscast, February 22, 1996 First few minutes of WECT's 11pm newscast, February 9, 1997
  20. The first of a few new finds... A look at WWAY in 1989!
  21. This video begins with a WVEC promo from the 1980s, Take it to the top (portions are cut out, unfortunately). I'm certain it's misdated and is actually from 1983 judging from a tractor pull event advertised at the end - May 20 & 21 were a Friday/Saturday, since 1984 was a leap year and Sunday/Monday wouldn't make sense for such an event. WVEC was using different campaigns after this, For People Like You in 1984 and Spirit of Hampton Roads in 1985.
  22. A few newscast airchecks I uncovered from Eastern NC. WNCT 11pm newscast from 2001 WCTI 11pm newscast, 2004 The latter half of a WNCT newscast from 2004, weeks away from switching over to the Media General 'crescent' graphics & Wall to Wall News. While the main set was getting a refresh, they were on the Fox 8/14 set temporarily with modifications... I think I figured out the reason for the odd handcuffs background. They were doing a heavy crime-focused series at the time, "Crime and Punishment" as mentioned by Marti Skold at the end of the broadcast.
  23. WWAY commercials and news open from November 1995. Similar intro to the one WILX had at the time which was loosely based off of KGO.
  24. About friggin time. WSET was using the former WJLA set from 1995 that was handed down to them in 2001, with few changes since. And that set replaced another hand-me-down from WJLA (the ca. 1989 set that went to WSET in 1997)
  25. Commercials and promos during WBTW’s morning news ca. February 1997. Sure wish more of the news broadcast was uploaded!
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