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  1. After a 10 1/2-year absence, weekend morning newscasts return to WTKR on Saturday, April 4th.
  2. WNCT’s 6pm newscast from July 1, 1991!
  3. Sounds fine to me. Not as weird as every station that picked up Wall to Wall News in the 2000s
  4. WVEC report on the Virginia General Assembly's failure to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment on February 13, 1980. Includes the last few seconds of the open using the ABC World News Tonight synthesizer theme. Virginia finally ratified the ERA today - 40 years later.
  5. TVARK is back online: https://www.tvark.org/?page=644 It appears this user is Bandicam-ing their stuff and re-uploading to Youtube. Not cool, bro. What do you use to capture 60fps? I would love to transition to this for my uploads at some point.
  6. WECT is about to go Gray. They are using the Gray ticker this morning.
  7. This is imminent in today’s media landscape. TV stations are transforming into local digital media companies.
  8. Bumping this... WWAY debuted the new Morris package today.
  9. It's a library track. WTVJ used it in a promo in 2001. If it was a theme from "The Hour" that made it into the Gari production library, I'm not sure, but it's certainly possible. Quoting @KentBrockman from when I brought it up in the Discord server:
  10. Yes, it sounds like one of the headline bed cuts.
  11. Maybe it was freely distributed to a bunch of Fox stations back in the day, which is why a lot of smaller-market affiliates used it? That would be my guess.
  12. This demo reel from Jeff Hertrick offers a rare look at ill-fated Martinsburg, WV Fox affiliate WYVN's newscast. Also includes some clips of his time at WTOC. WYVN used the "USA News"-copycat production track "America's Station" from Firstcom.
  13. I believe WFMY used that cut too. It's sooo ridiculously 90s... especially the first letter mismatched font type on the supers. I love it.
  14. One of the things I noticed about this is how smaller-market WBTW looked at the time. Robeson and Scotland counties (NC) hadn't been added to the DMA yet. They looked more Pee Dee-focused... Myrtle Beach was on the cusp of the explosion in growth it experienced in the 1990s, so it's no surprise there are only a couple Grand Strand shots in the open. I would've expected a golf course flyover in there, but Myrtle just wasn't quite there yet.
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