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  1. The graphics/animations themselves look pretty good for Nexstar. Probably one of the better packages they've put out lately. But that color scheme is gross and looks like a PowerPoint 2007 template. Those two shades of blue do NOT work together.
  2. I'll nominate this one from WCIV... that unnecessarily huge text. eek It presumably replaced a fairly decent open with Ultra News... I don't know if there may have been another open with Overture prior to 2004/05
  3. Come to think of it, WILM is picking up 25 Words or Less. I've seen them run promos for it.
  4. Ah, that makes sense. WILM has MeTV on a sub. Are there syndicated programs that start on the 16th?
  5. Great open! Maybe you should make a compilation of Cheers finale newscast opens
  6. Changes I can see in Wilmington... WWAY-ABC: Tamron Hall replaces Face the Truth at 3pm. WWAY-CW: Judge Jerry is at 4pm. Bob's Burgers replaces American Dad at 6/6:30pm. WWAY-CBS: No changes WECT: The Kelly Clarkson Show replaces Me Time with Frangela and Daytime Jeopardy at 2pm WSFX: Wendy Williams moves to 10am, moving Maury to 11am. This avoids conflict with the Maury rerun on WWAY-CW (that's right... two competing stations were running Maury at the same time). Two and a Half Men replaces WWTBAM at 1pm. Two hours of Judge Mathis replace Wendy and Steve Harvey at 3 & 4pm. WILM: Must be going for an older demo... Matlock replaces Pickler & Ben at 10am and Gunsmoke replaces Pawn Stars at 1pm. Also, 2 Broke Girls replaces Access at 6:30pm.
  7. I guess we can officially merge the "WBOC Late 1980s News Theme" with Tuesday's "WNDU 1986 News Theme" on the NMSA... it's obviously the same package.
  8. Finally, a proper WSLS open with the Park JDK theme... from March of 1989:
  9. Vicki Gardner, the lone survivor of the 2015 shooting that happened live on-air while being interviewed by WDBJ, is suing the station. The $6 million lawsuit claims the station was negligent in hiring Vester Flanagan, the shooter. https://www.roanoke.com/news/crime/gardner-shot-and-injured-in-attack-at-bridgewater-plaza-sues/article_959a802e-fe18-57f9-a3e0-c8dcd1240ddb.html Gray Television was initially named as a defendant, but was nonsuited since they purchased WDBJ several months after the attack.
  10. That's a neat inside look at how a set is built. Pretty cool that it's made in NC... and in the furniture capital of the world nonetheless! That set is a little underwhelming though... reminds me of WVEC's set in 2011. It's a pretty 'safe' design though, so it works.
  11. WAVY's 11pm newscast from Saturday, September 27, 2003. This tape is without a doubt one of my coolest finds - this newscast followed the three-hour special WAVY aired chronicling Hurricane Isabel. I plan to upload that eventually.
  12. It wouldn't be as big of a deal. However, there would probably a lot of confused baby boomers. On the other hand, if you take The Office off of Netflix... oh wait...
  13. Some of my flea market finds from today... WTKR from March 1995! Probably the most that's been seen of the short-lived TV-3 News look.
  14. KPTM open from 1992, unknown theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8jVIgBPCv4
  15. A pair of morning newscasts from Louisiana adopt local flavor for interesting titles. KLFY/Lafayette's Passe Partout ...and KALB/Alexandria's Jambalaya
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