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  1. WWAY commercials and news open from November 1995. Similar intro to the one WILX had at the time which was loosely based off of KGO.
  2. About friggin time. WSET was using the former WJLA set from 1995 that was handed down to them in 2001, with few changes since. And that set replaced another hand-me-down from WJLA (the ca. 1989 set that went to WSET in 1997)
  3. Commercials and promos during WBTW’s morning news ca. February 1997. Sure wish more of the news broadcast was uploaded!
  4. KYW 11pm newscast with Larry Kane, July 18, 1994
  5. Lisa Schaffner, former longtime anchor for WRIC, has passed away at 59. https://twitter.com/8news/status/1428698966091259907
  6. RARE short-lived WBTV 11pm news open from October 24, 1998, a matter of days before the debut of the 'busty 3' logo.
  7. In the 90s? It's STILL being used by car dealers I've heard some dealership in Florence or Conway, SC using it on radio spots in the past couple years
  8. First 15 minutes of WVEC’s “Good Morning” news program with John Miller and Karen Jones from April 9, 1996 (date on title is incorrect)
  9. WRAZ news promos and open from 2000
  10. Negative for Van Nuys on VO. Pretty sure it’s a local guy, but don’t know who it is.
  11. WVEC 11pm news open ca. 1985 or 1986. Likely one of the earliest opens with Turn To because Len Randolph is featured.
  12. Another to add... LoConte Goldman. Work includes the original Hearst package in 1995 and WTKR's 1994 "TV-3 News" look.
  13. Turns out these are the new graphics!
  14. First half of WAVY’s 11pm news, 5/7/92
  15. I think it's important to point out Vimeo is designed for film & video industry professionals, filmmakers, etc. to showcase their work/portfolios. it wouldn't surprise me at all if they pulled such content from their platform.

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