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  1. ION finally has something original in forever!
  2. When WBZ went from NBC to CBS, Danny Dark was still the VO for their news opens. Must have been a contractual thing despite the affiliate change.
  3. I had the honor of going to the same church as Donna when I lived near Baton Rouge for a brief time, couldn’t be nicer. RIP to a great anchor, and a great person.
  4. I agree it’s about time that Maury is throwing in the towel.
  5. How is WTSP compared to KDFW lol!
  6. I honestly didn’t know that former KHOU vet Marlene McClinton worked at WMAQ before Houston.
  7. RIP not to just a game show icon, but an icon period.
  8. So that’s what happened to him. Thanks for the news.
  9. FYI, that anchorwoman is Susan Nicholas, now at WSAZ. But I agree, what the hell!
  10. Speaking of KCRG, Bruce Aune’s last newscast is tomorrow. Bruce is retiring after 34 years at KCRG.
  11. And that 90 minute talk show was helmed by none other than David Letterman!
  12. I just hope that Alex is OK and still up to the challenge.
  13. Ugh, they just keep digging themselves into a deeper hole.
  14. Maury used to be a normal talk show until it turned into Povich's Paternity Test Palooza!
  15. Who will replace Woltering?
  16. NewsActive has finally posted from more news opens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcBU0UqmJnc
  17. What is it with this trend of the anchors standing up now? I think it's out of place.
  18. Part 88: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr1JirZQd_Y
  19. Part 87: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37SMY2-miyg

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