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  1. WMAQ promo from 1979: First seven minutes of WLS Weekend Eyewitness News 1978:
  2. Thankfully it isn’t Kelly herself according to this article but the show’s EP.
  3. Great to know, KWWL is still using the Quincy Era set and graphics and probably other stations as well. Also welcome to TVNT!
  4. I personally disliked this logo because it looked like it was done on Microsoft Paint. The current logo is still better than this one IMHO.
  5. For Daytime and Primetime absolutely, their News Department on the other hand.
  6. KWWL Mark Woodley, the sequel.
  7. I personally like it, especially how different of a set design it is for a Gray station. I really like the interview area, the different monitors, and that the anchors are still sitting. My only gripe is that the monitor behind the anchors is a little small compared to the massive back wall monitors from the previous two sets. Other than that it’s great.
  8. Here it is, from my NBC affiliate KWWL. Sports Anchor Mark Woodley’s winter weather rant.
  9. If it is in January, just think that it would be around the 20th anniversary of the KCBS/KCAL merge.
  10. Complete with the “My Mood” closing theme, brilliant!
  11. Interesting seeing an old KENS newscast without any of the audible banter at the end, goes straight to black.
  12. WQAD’s Jim Mertens is going to KCRG as the new Evening Anchor. He replaces Chris Earl, who went to WFTX. Mertens starts May 24th. https://www.kcrg.com/2022/05/10/quad-cities-jim-mertens-join-kcrg-tv9-evening-news-team/
  13. KWWL, which is now owned by Allen Media, still have the same set and graphics.
  14. KCRG is no longer Eastern Iowa’s “24 Hour News Source”. They are now “Your Trusted Local News Source”, which they have used going to break the last few weeks. There are also new graphics which I haven’t seen on other Gray stations yet. The Weather graphics and on air bug are the same, but wouldn’t be surprised if they change soon.
  15. Two Departures at KCRG, both for different reasons. Morning Anchor Jay Greene has been fired: https://www.kcrg.com/app/2022/02/27/kcrg-statement-former-anchor/?outputType=apps And earlier this month, Primary Anchor Chris Earl left to take a job in Florida.
  16. ION finally has something original in forever!
  17. When WBZ went from NBC to CBS, Danny Dark was still the VO for their news opens. Must have been a contractual thing despite the affiliate change.
  18. I had the honor of going to the same church as Donna when I lived near Baton Rouge for a brief time, couldn’t be nicer. RIP to a great anchor, and a great person.
  19. I agree it’s about time that Maury is throwing in the towel.
  20. I honestly didn’t know that former KHOU vet Marlene McClinton worked at WMAQ before Houston.
  21. So that’s what happened to him. Thanks for the news.
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