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  1. Just an FYI, the segment is called "Tell Us Your Story" and it normally lasts for the majority of the hour. Glen & Ray do a phenomenal job with these long-formed, detailed interviews. So DEFINITELY a must listen.
  2. That is an extremely fast pace. I don't know if it's sustainable. You're gonna wear out everyone, including your viewers.
  3. Today is Stephania Jimenez's last day. They mentioned it the last 2 minutes of the weekend morning show. It wasn't said what her endeavors were going forward.
  4. Looking at the 10pm show tonight, is it me, or does it look like the 2 anchors are back at regular spacing and not the 6ft spacing?
  5. Harry Hairston is retiring. Great guy who did alot of tough assignments well. Harry Hairston Retirement Send-off (I wonder if this was apart of the NBC cutbacks )
  6. NBC 10 Offering Buyouts Looks like there may possibly be more people leaving 10.
  7. Looks like Fox 29 has debuted new graphics and color scheme. Looked like 2 slightly differing ones for Good Day vs the regular news shows.
  8. I don't know. Tammie was good at her job, but I don't think she clicked with viewers here. "You're going to need the rain slickers today...", that's just one example. The other thing was getting the chief title from "Hurricane". I know that was a management decision, but I think that didn't sit well with viewers as well. These are just my opinions, I would love to hear yours. Also, guesses on the next 4,6, &11 meteorologist?
  9. I've been watching all 4 stations with these tornado warning ongoing. I'm impressed with CBS 3. Kate Bilo & Lauren Casey have been showing traffic cameras from where the storms are, giving a good visual of the conditions and staying on top and anticipatory of these storms. They have been using their different in studio cams to give different shots of the weather team so the views don't get stale. 6 has Cecily & Adam double teaming using the "Big Board" as their main screen and doing a good job at breaking down things to the average viewer that doesn't understand all the weather jargon. 29 has Kathy Orr & Scott Williams doing their thing and doing it well. 10 has Tamie Susza & Krystal Klei with their coverage. They have been on top of things but has had a few hiccups trying to switch back and forth between radar views. They also, in the middle of a tornado warning, cut their coverage and went to Nightly News, while every other station went until the warning expired at 645. If there is a local threat going on, why go to something national? I didn't get that decision.
  10. A person on Facebook posted this answer: "Erin & Lisa were on Preston & Steve yesterday. They asked why NBC 10 was doing a report on a 6 ABC person. NBC 10 has been doing many reports about drug addiction highlighting how everyone is effected by it. So Erin read Lisa's book and felt it was bigger and people needed to hear about it. Listen to P&S podcast from 11/14."
  11. NBC 10 adds to the news & weather team. [MEDIA=twitter]907629647709523968[/MEDIA]
  12. I really like Tammie's demeanor, style, and balance. Tammie definitely brings a calm nature, not rushed like some of the other ones on the team. Not sure if it's just me, but I've noticed some of 10's Mets go overboard on numbers instead of delivering what's going on and they run out of time because of it. As far as Chief, I can definitely see that once Hurricane retires, whenever that will be, and I think it'd be a good move.
  13. I just noticed that the 6pm team was at the 'PHL 17 desk and as they were going off air, you saw that off to the left where their desk would be. Are they getting a new set or maybe some upgrades?
  14. I was home tonight for the first time in a while and decided to catch Fox 29 News at 10. One thing though call me off guard was them playing different songs as they we're going to commercial breaks. Just just curious to know how long they have been doing this and what do you guys think of this idea? I know 29 tends to be different.
  15. How soon before WCAU gets StormForce Doppler 10,000 or is this the current one they have?
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