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  1. The debut is now, 6pm Sunday newscast! Jim Rosenfield, Jacqueline London, and Steve Sosna anchoring the newscast.
  2. ThunderJay27

    NBC 10 Thread

    A person on Facebook posted this answer: "Erin & Lisa were on Preston & Steve yesterday. They asked why NBC 10 was doing a report on a 6 ABC person. NBC 10 has been doing many reports about drug addiction highlighting how everyone is effected by it. So Erin read Lisa's book and felt it was bigger and people needed to hear about it. Listen to P&S podcast from 11/14."
  3. ThunderJay27

    NBC 10 Thread

    NBC 10 adds to the news & weather team. [MEDIA=twitter]907629647709523968[/MEDIA]
  4. ThunderJay27

    Hurricane Irma Megathread

    I'm watching a little bit of the Miami stations after-Irma coverage and it looks like they are sharing live chopper shots across the stations which is good to see. No shots yet of the lower keys just yet though.
  5. ThunderJay27

    New WPVI Set and Graphics

    Thing is, demos here don't really are out. Channel 6 is a generational channel here in Philly. I mean it's been 30+ years at #1 overall and people have connectivity with them. You tell me what station listens to its viewers when they make a music change?
  6. ThunderJay27

    New WPVI Set and Graphics

    Every piece of this is impressive. This really surprised me on how good this set and graphics change looks. 10 has some work to do when they move into their new spot soon.
  7. ThunderJay27

    NBC 10 Thread

    I really like Tammie's demeanor, style, and balance. Tammie definitely brings a calm nature, not rushed like some of the other ones on the team. Not sure if it's just me, but I've noticed some of 10's Mets go overboard on numbers instead of delivering what's going on and they run out of time because of it. As far as Chief, I can definitely see that once Hurricane retires, whenever that will be, and I think it'd be a good move.
  8. ThunderJay27

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    I just noticed that the 6pm team was at the 'PHL 17 desk and as they were going off air, you saw that off to the left where their desk would be. Are they getting a new set or maybe some upgrades?
  9. ThunderJay27

    The Fox 29 News/Good Day Philadelphia Thread

    I was home tonight for the first time in a while and decided to catch Fox 29 News at 10. One thing though call me off guard was them playing different songs as they we're going to commercial breaks. Just just curious to know how long they have been doing this and what do you guys think of this idea? I know 29 tends to be different.
  10. How soon before WCAU gets StormForce Doppler 10,000 or is this the current one they have?
  11. ThunderJay27

    NBC 10 Thread

    Will a new meteorologist be hired to take Sheena's old shift or will there be a shift from within?
  12. ThunderJay27

    NBC 10 Thread

    Wow! Didn't see this coming at all. WRC will have 2 great, talented, and young meteorologists. (They're building a nice team down there.) I know there's still 2 months to look at options, but what does 10 do now? Look at TWC and bring in someone from there? Look to familiar faces such as Amy Freeze to lure back to town? Or other options?
  13. ThunderJay27

    NBC 10 Thread

    Brittney Shipp headed to San Fran.... (via Sheena's IG & Twitter) [MEDIA=instagram]BATVjisryaQ[/MEDIA] I'm gonna miss this girl in the middle!! @brittneyshipp is leaving us for San Fran We had… https://t.co/ckQcKNXir2
  14. ThunderJay27

    NBC 10 Thread

    With Congressman Chaka Fattah being indicted today, and his wife, NBC 10 anchor Renee Chenault-Fattah also reportedly named in some connection to the cases, does this mean this could spell the end of her anchoring career? It would be such a shame if so. According to the on air announcement, she is currently on leave from the station. Philly.com article link: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20150730_Rennee_Chenault-Fattah_s_alleged_role_in_fraudulent_car_sale.html
  15. ThunderJay27

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    This is how u know your news theme song is iconic.... From Jamie Apody.... In case you missed it, @theroots KILLED their opening number on the Parkway, sampling the @6abc theme song #6abc4th https://t.co/YPQYPAq9IE

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