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  1. If Gray was smart, they would use the KTVA set for Alaska News Now. It would be a waste of such a nice set just to get dismantled all because of one owner to rule them all. -- Matt
  2. Good point. So this took what ... 5 seconds to create and finish? lol -- Matt
  3. I'm sorry. But that is the most ugly looking 5 I have ever seen. Really??? I mean, I know it's Alaska, but still. -- Matt
  4. That set, even though it is now like a Hearst-Set-In-A-Box is very nice. I love the anchor and weather desk. WGAL needs this like now. I think they have been in Studio B since 2004 in it's current studio. -- Matt
  5. WGAL is just getting the shaft ... come on Hearst. -- Matt
  6. Trust. The. Bow Tie. -- Matt
  7. 'The News with Shepard Smith" ... Remind you of something? "The News with Brian Williams" ... and that started on CNBC as well if my memory serves me right. Always loved that theme the show had. If they were smart, they would keep the theme for Shepard and update the look. Good pick CNBC. -- Matt
  8. Their morning show set is better than the news set. -- Matt
  9. Worst graphic package out there currently from any station group. — Matt
  10. I'm excited to see how this experiment works out. Will Joe Q. Public be interested what is happening in small towns on a national scale. THe news/info/tv news nerd in me says absolutely. But you know how the public is. LOL. Nice promo here. With some graphic hints I think. -- Matt
  11. The one and only ... Action News!! -- Matt
  12. I realize it's only for 9 and 10 newscasts but I wonder how ABC network feels about this. Yeah, I know they probably care less, it's Alaska after all ... but would this hurt the relationship with ABC network?? -- Matt
  13. The open is nice But the L3's need a lot of work. -- Matt
  14. If TENGA and PBS had children ... it would be this package. And that's not a bad thing either! But ... Why only 11p? Send this to WPXI in Pittsburgh. Lord knows they need a REDESIGN. To the max. -- Matt
  15. ‘Pay-to-Play’ ... excellent description. — Matt
  16. WGAL is ringless now. — Matt.
  17. Haha ... I remember the days when Scott was at ABC27. I like him. Leave him alone WNEP! lol -- Matt
  18. WGAL been doing social distancing and using split screens when showing anchors together. Interesting that Chief Meteorologist Joe Calhoun been broadcasting the reports from home. If my memory serves me right, Joe had cancer once before so him staying home just to make sure he don't get anything makes sense. -- Matt
  19. Those KARE 11 gfx were nice back then. -- Matt
  20. I like that ticker design for Gray ... now if they could get rid of that font ... -- Matt
  21. I don't hate the new TENGA gfx either ... Still waiting for WPMT FOX 43 here to get it ... What I do hate is that I feel that 10TV loses it's uniqueness with this look. 10TV is special. This package diminishes that ever so much. -- matt
  22. Sorry ... I don't care how much "ooo ooo ooo ooo .... Tenga" you insert into 10TV ... Nothing will ever beat this news promo for 10TV ... Legit, one of the best TV news promos ever for a local station. -- Matt
  23. When is WNT going to start using the new studio? -- Matt
  24. Chris Matthews was one of a kind. No debate to that. As for a replacement ... my personal choice, the only choice for a replacement ... KEITH OLBERMANN. His Countdown show he had was excellent. His opinion pieces he had on air, was spotless and perfect. I remember the one he did when he scorched George W. Bush for playing golf and the one where he spent an entire hour on a commentary about the Affordable Care Act. Keith (like Rachel Maddow) was a steady guiding light in troubling times. And without trying to editorialize any more than I need to, something we need right now. -- Matt
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