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  1. That works for KAKE-Land Weather Plex ... not necessarily for Houston. -- Matt
  2. Bad timing yes? Was there another way of handling this (like the FOX station did) maybe? But by FCC standards, practices and rules, they had to warn. It amazes me how many viewers do not realize this. -- Matt
  3. Last night, Mike Hostettler said goodbye to WGAL and the Susquehanna Valley. After 33 years at WGAL and before that at WEWS-TV in Cleveland (I'm sure I'm correct on that one, correct me please if I'm wrong) ... He will remain in the SusquValley while in his retirement. Here's some of his best moments ... the very last video on the page is his farewell. Congrats Hossy!! https://www.wgal.com/article/wgal-news-8-sports-anchor-mike-hostetler-memorable-moments/42041782 -- Matt
  4. Even tho KTLA is now owned by Nexstar ... they are too good of a station (legacy wise) to have a Nexstar corner set! Very nice set. Great job! -- Matt
  5. To be honest, I’ve given up waiting. WGAL recently added a very large tv to the studio for traffic reports. That’s all. — Matt
  6. So far from what I understand, KTLA did this all wrong. Good for Mark for trying to make it right. Hal Fischman right now is rolling over in his grave knowing what KTLA did here. No doubt. -- Matt
  7. Thank you for confirming. I thought so. -- Matt
  8. Is there any CBS O&O that has not launched CBS News (City) steaming yet? -- Matt
  9. Poor Nora ... Does she ever sleep? lol -- Matt
  10. I like everything about this ... except the very end. The stars effect, sad to say cheapens this look a bit. Kinda reminds me of ABC's Still the One stars at the end. -- Matt
  11. Not many changes here in the SusquValley ... WGAL is swapping times for Kelly Clarkson and Tamron Hall. Kelly will now air at 11a and Tamron will air at 2p. No word yet how WHP will handle them not having Ellen anymore. Last check online with the date of 9/5 has them airing ... The First 48 at 4p. I can't help but to feel this is just a placeholder for something else. And FOX43 WPMT will get Pictionary. -- Matt
  12. Beautiful set overall. But this is a weird angle. -- Matt
  13. Well, which one of us called into WNEP TalkBack Feedback, as a 80-year old person complaining about the word NXT? LOL
  14. Good points there. Thanks. -- Matt
  15. Nice theme, even tho I feel this is a HUGE gamble for Amazon Prime ... how many bars will have this on? lol -- Matt
  16. I hope they don't get the Honeycomb package. -- Matt
  17. Yes, it def was announced on their noon newscast. -- Matt
  18. At 2p, WGAL moved the hearings to MeTV WGAL 8.2 until the end of the day's proceedings. -- Matt
  19. No word yet on WHP-TV that aired Ellen at 4p. I would think they want to do 4p news, but this is Sinclair we are talking about. That's not gonna happen. Probably a replay of the 9a 700 Club. -- Matt
  20. I'm going to retire before WGAL gets their re-done set. Seriously. https://www.facebook.com/WYFF4/videos/512290393902734/ -- Matt
  21. WGAL has Story TV on 8.4 and I must admit it is a pretty good channel. Heavy on documentaries. -- Matt
  22. Oh yeah. Caught/captured this online via their website. -- Matt
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