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  1. Yes, it does look nice. And yes, I've been waiting forever for it. Haha. The time-lapse video is something else. Two months of construction ... 1 month of tweaks and getting it just right ... and they kept it a secret to about 48 hours from go time. There is only a handful of stations where a secret can be kept like that and silent. -- Matt
  2. Today was the day and the new WGAL Studio A made it's premiere on the Noon newscast. It is a 50 foot by 50 foot set, bigger than previous Studio B and it's just beautiful. Hats off to Hearst for making a great investment in WGAL. Here is a link to the new set including time-lapse video the construction, that took about 3 months. https://www.wgal.com/article/take-a-look-at-wgals-new-state-of-the-art-news-set/45316686 -- Matt
  3. After over 11 and a half years, WGAL is about to say goodbye to Studio B. New set makes its premiere on Tuesday afternoon. I wonder if this is Studio A. Not sure. But … finally! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/kristin-kay-315b44111_so-much-hard-work-and-brain-power-over-the-activity-7111802338553552896-S1XR — Matt
  4. Perhaps. One thing about Northeast and Central PA ... is that things do not like to change or evolve. -- Matt
  5. Kate Merriman is leaving WGAL. https://www.facebook.com/KateMerrimanWGAL/posts/pfbid0YAcAHCkmWL3und3nbqY9pbw2WeFpobYV1icDJD1BeyU5U1kCgQz1AUJnEzjF1is7l Best wishes to her in her new adventures! Her replacement, Jake Reyes has already started. He is from Florida. https://www.facebook.com/JakeReyesWGAL -- Matt
  6. My thoughts exactly. It's nice to see plants in any studio ... not just the holiday season with poinsettias. They really did a nice job with this set. WHTM here in the SusquValley can take some pointers from WMBD. -- Matt
  7. 28/22 Eyewitness News! -- Matt
  8. My opinion: Change is good here. Yes, the new 7-day look will take time to get used to, as with anything. Other's opinion: Only 1 in this FB thread liked it (two if you include my comment lol). Rest, well they don't. Once person asked to change it back to 'save his marriage'. Philly, being Philly I guess. LOL. https://www.facebook.com/6abcActionNewsWeather/photos/a.164230073660511/5984925338257593/?__cft__[0]=AZVBHUZenayjbhVYtwF9YV61w0VW-V9mI6YVOhNmdE11dx2ooOJVe-6Ncvicj0y-5CQB1PXKbZIGLBL7A0m2VMANeEzkQJBDeNdriw3FnlWUhukX3EM7OlC-hCEksa-MEfHbC29IG71wjcveHVPFGKUHTPyJr2poT8FzUXn8oudxcev5P2j01MFCxv9F6CkAjtk&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R -- Matt
  9. They've come a long way from stretched Helvetica. This look so nice. -- Matt
  10. I think they should just air CLASSIC Bob Barker TPIR eps in it's place. Yeah, I know Pluto has it whenever, but I think it would be neat to see this on live national OTA television again. -- Matt
  11. Question: Does WESH also do all the promos for the other Hearst Stations as well? -- Matt
  12. That works for KAKE-Land Weather Plex ... not necessarily for Houston. -- Matt
  13. Bad timing yes? Was there another way of handling this (like the FOX station did) maybe? But by FCC standards, practices and rules, they had to warn. It amazes me how many viewers do not realize this. -- Matt
  14. Last night, Mike Hostettler said goodbye to WGAL and the Susquehanna Valley. After 33 years at WGAL and before that at WEWS-TV in Cleveland (I'm sure I'm correct on that one, correct me please if I'm wrong) ... He will remain in the SusquValley while in his retirement. Here's some of his best moments ... the very last video on the page is his farewell. Congrats Hossy!! https://www.wgal.com/article/wgal-news-8-sports-anchor-mike-hostetler-memorable-moments/42041782 -- Matt
  15. Even tho KTLA is now owned by Nexstar ... they are too good of a station (legacy wise) to have a Nexstar corner set! Very nice set. Great job! -- Matt
  16. To be honest, I’ve given up waiting. WGAL recently added a very large tv to the studio for traffic reports. That’s all. — Matt
  17. So far from what I understand, KTLA did this all wrong. Good for Mark for trying to make it right. Hal Fischman right now is rolling over in his grave knowing what KTLA did here. No doubt. -- Matt
  18. Thank you for confirming. I thought so. -- Matt
  19. Is there any CBS O&O that has not launched CBS News (City) steaming yet? -- Matt
  20. Poor Nora ... Does she ever sleep? lol -- Matt
  21. I like everything about this ... except the very end. The stars effect, sad to say cheapens this look a bit. Kinda reminds me of ABC's Still the One stars at the end. -- Matt
  22. Not many changes here in the SusquValley ... WGAL is swapping times for Kelly Clarkson and Tamron Hall. Kelly will now air at 11a and Tamron will air at 2p. No word yet how WHP will handle them not having Ellen anymore. Last check online with the date of 9/5 has them airing ... The First 48 at 4p. I can't help but to feel this is just a placeholder for something else. And FOX43 WPMT will get Pictionary. -- Matt
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