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  1. I hope they don't get the Honeycomb package. -- Matt
  2. Yes, it def was announced on their noon newscast. -- Matt
  3. At 2p, WGAL moved the hearings to MeTV WGAL 8.2 until the end of the day's proceedings. -- Matt
  4. No word yet on WHP-TV that aired Ellen at 4p. I would think they want to do 4p news, but this is Sinclair we are talking about. That's not gonna happen. Probably a replay of the 9a 700 Club. -- Matt
  5. I'm going to retire before WGAL gets their re-done set. Seriously. https://www.facebook.com/WYFF4/videos/512290393902734/ -- Matt
  6. WGAL has Story TV on 8.4 and I must admit it is a pretty good channel. Heavy on documentaries. -- Matt
  7. Oh yeah. Caught/captured this online via their website. -- Matt
  8. They went from decent ... to even more bad. -- Matt
  9. I'm surprised that they are not having Jim Gardner do the interview. -- Matt
  10. and we all thought NewsNet was bad … lol — Matt
  11. I honestly don't know where to begin. This makes Glendive look like a Top 25 market. -- Matt
  12. RIP to perhaps one of the best opens ever. Gonna miss that shooting star. Other than that, nice new gfx. -- Matt
  13. "Until next time America!" - Maury -- Matt
  14. I don't want any station to get Gray's Honeycomb gfx ... but even that will be 1000x better than this. -- Matt
  15. I'm glad though he will be doing his own thing, especially with the current and real dangers (not opinionating just stating what I believe is true) of climate change. He will be missed though. I wonder how many bow ties he has in his collection. Best of luck Glenn. You are the man. -- Matt
  16. Always loved the opens during that time ... "The First Team!" -- Matt
  17. Bryant looks bored there. LOL -- Matt
  18. Don't know what else needs to be done to that set. It's already pretty nice. -- Matt
  19. I would be perfectly okay with NBC10 Philadelphia getting EARTHWATCH Weather back and CBS3 Philly getting First Alert Weather. -- Matt
  20. Doesn't surprise that LA is doing this first. KTLA+ moved in first. -- Matt
  21. Okay. That makes sense then. Thx. -- matt
  22. That was one hell of an introduction to a new set. Glad they brought the old anchor do to a nice piece on the station. Everything I like about the set ... EXCEPT ... what is up with the purple beside the CBS Logo? It does not match any of the Nexstar CBS gfx package. Other than that, well done. -- Matt
  23. Always said that Drew Anderson is top-notch talent. He's a great guy. FOX29 got themselves a heck of a meteorologist. -- Matt
  24. Imagine TalkBack 16 if they did this to WNEP. LOL -- Matt
  25. Do you think they will time this and debut Studio 1A an the MSNBC studio at the same time? -- Matt
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