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  1. That's a shame ... I like the current look ... It really didn't age. If true tho, what will KSL 5 do then? LOL -- Matt
  2. That's a shame. Drew Anderson is TOP NOTCH TALENT. I loved when he was on WGAL and FOX43 ... he knows his stuff. Hopefully he returns to the SusquValley soon. -- Matt
  3. I have so many questions: 1) Does he always do the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of every newscast? If so, Sinclair says you're hired. 2) Happy Festivas! LOL jk. -- Matt
  4. FOX Weather: First you didn't believe the news ... now you won't believe the weather! -- Matt
  5. Man I miss Dick Clark so much. -- Matt
  6. HUGE loss for Channel 6. She is a great meteorologist. -- Matt
  7. I'm hoping they get a real Channel 7 logo. -- Matt
  8. TEGNA didn't care ever since they watched a WHAM CAM segment with Joe. Just saying. -- Matt
  9. That's a new look for the Dalek desk ... Shall we call it a Alpha/Omega desk?? lol -- Matt
  10. And don't forget email newsletters, who ever has time for email nowadays. lol. But everything about NewsNation so far seems perfect, maybe almost too perfect. I always wanted a newscast that is helped by local stations. Let's see how this all turns out on Tuesday. -- Matt
  11. How about moving the KTVA set to KTUU?? Lord knows they need it. -- Matt
  12. If Gray was smart, they would use the KTVA set for Alaska News Now. It would be a waste of such a nice set just to get dismantled all because of one owner to rule them all. -- Matt
  13. Good point. So this took what ... 5 seconds to create and finish? lol -- Matt
  14. I'm sorry. But that is the most ugly looking 5 I have ever seen. Really??? I mean, I know it's Alaska, but still. -- Matt

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