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  1. Good points there. Thanks. -- Matt
  2. Nice theme, even tho I feel this is a HUGE gamble for Amazon Prime ... how many bars will have this on? lol -- Matt
  3. I hope they don't get the Honeycomb package. -- Matt
  4. Yes, it def was announced on their noon newscast. -- Matt
  5. At 2p, WGAL moved the hearings to MeTV WGAL 8.2 until the end of the day's proceedings. -- Matt
  6. No word yet on WHP-TV that aired Ellen at 4p. I would think they want to do 4p news, but this is Sinclair we are talking about. That's not gonna happen. Probably a replay of the 9a 700 Club. -- Matt
  7. I'm going to retire before WGAL gets their re-done set. Seriously. https://www.facebook.com/WYFF4/videos/512290393902734/ -- Matt
  8. WGAL has Story TV on 8.4 and I must admit it is a pretty good channel. Heavy on documentaries. -- Matt
  9. Oh yeah. Caught/captured this online via their website. -- Matt
  10. They went from decent ... to even more bad. -- Matt
  11. I'm surprised that they are not having Jim Gardner do the interview. -- Matt
  12. and we all thought NewsNet was bad … lol — Matt
  13. I honestly don't know where to begin. This makes Glendive look like a Top 25 market. -- Matt
  14. RIP to perhaps one of the best opens ever. Gonna miss that shooting star. Other than that, nice new gfx. -- Matt
  15. "Until next time America!" - Maury -- Matt
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