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  1. Not surprised. Wonder what WGAL will do now with the 12:30p slot. Hopefully NoonDay on 8 will return with a HOUR of news. Or maybe, bring back 12:30 Live! -- Matt
  2. I doubt they will recreate it. I was once in that CNN Studio in NYC on a day trip. I had a connection at the time who worked for CNN, now works for WaPo. It was a nice studio. Tried to find a pic or two I took of it. Even with me behind the anchor desk. Can’t find it. — Matt
  3. Still waiting for WHP CBS21 to get these graphics. That will probably happen in year 2030. — Matt
  4. The ticker tho for Gray stations is junk. Much to be left desired. The text of the ticker takes up only 45% of the screen. — Matt
  5. FWIW ... https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/4/8/exclusive-back-to-the-future-in-cleveland —- Matt
  6. Those gfx look hot for CBS 19 ... But since it’s Flashback Friday ... let’s go to one of the best news promos ever. Seriously. Lol — Matt
  7. It took Johnny Manzel only one week and he shut down an entire football league. Impressive. // end snarky comment. But yeah, sad to see this happen. — Matt
  8. I wish they did that here in the SusquValley. WHP 580, the conservative talk station uses an odd package for news which sounds like a reject Coldplay song. There was a short time years ago they used Third Coast for news when they had a tighter News relationship with WHP-TV. — Matt
  9. I really don’t want to go off-topic with the tread but can you go further on the WeateRate scam? I ask because I always thought that a station had to PAY for the title of Most Accurate Forecast. Thanks. — Matt
  10. Congrats on the comment of the day!!! Resistance is Futile!!! — Matt
  11. https://www.wgal.com/article/wgal-celebrates-our-70th-anniversary-of-broadcasting-in-the-susquehanna-valley-1949-local-tv-news/26839388 Events to happen throughout the next year. Here is a very nice piece that ran during the 6a news this morning. I hear another piece will be run later today by long time anchorwoman Kim Lemon. Can’t wait to see what happens throughout the year. Hopefully a new Studio B coming soon. — Matt
  12. I loved when WHP CBS21 had the THIRD COAST theme. I wish they would’ve kept it. One of those good news themes where you can’t help yourself humming to it from time to time. — Matt
  13. But WHTM has the better set. — Matt
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