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  1. Okay. That makes sense then. Thx. -- matt
  2. That was one hell of an introduction to a new set. Glad they brought the old anchor do to a nice piece on the station. Everything I like about the set ... EXCEPT ... what is up with the purple beside the CBS Logo? It does not match any of the Nexstar CBS gfx package. Other than that, well done. -- Matt
  3. Always said that Drew Anderson is top-notch talent. He's a great guy. FOX29 got themselves a heck of a meteorologist. -- Matt
  4. Imagine TalkBack 16 if they did this to WNEP. LOL -- Matt
  5. Do you think they will time this and debut Studio 1A an the MSNBC studio at the same time? -- Matt
  6. WHTM ABC27 here airs it at 12:30p ... you're not missing much. -- Matt
  7. I don't think it will be a major change. One would think they would do that while the TOKYO OLYMPICS were happening. But time will tell. I bet it is for Today All Day and other hours. I would like to see a new anchor desk tho. -- Matt
  8. WGAL now doing 11p repeat of the news after Seth Myers. Never thought I'd see the day WGAL do this. About time. -- Matt
  9. Ideally, I would want Brian Williams to have the 9p slot like he had with The News with Brian Williams. I would REALLY REALLY LOVE to see Keith Olbermann come back to MSNBC. -- Matt
  10. This set is going to age ... quick. -- Matt
  11. That name eluded me! Thank you! So they are doing it again. Good! I remember a few years back when it was the Winter Games and the WGAL roof caved in and they had WESH do the Olympic Zone for them for the night. It was odd. LOL. -- Matt
  12. So far, no changes to the WGAL schedule. I am not even seeing the Olympics pre-show that they did with previous games. They would do that from like 7:30 to 8 p then the primetime schedule started. -- Matt
  13. Question: I thought I heard somewhere that NBC will air the Olympics (not only prime time of course) but also LIVE in all time zones. So, the LIVE on the east coast (correct me if I'm wrong) is going to be like starting 7AM on the East Coast. Did I hear correct? -- Matt
  14. Can they make the temp any smaller? Lol Other than that, looks great! — Matt

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