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  1. January 1996. WABC-TV, New York, NY. Blizzard of ‘96. — Matt
  2. Shocked. Thought it would be until year 2030 until they get those. Lol. — Matt
  3. I like the package. But my big dislike is the line above the L3. But still. Simple. Modern. Minimalistic. But I still think Blue is not the only color of this. — Matt
  4. I really like these new GFX for Scripps. Very good and simple. Can't wait for this to be rolled out. -- Matt
  5. Pay wall free link provided. Sad to hear this news. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/pbs-nightly-business-report-cease-production-1203401018/amp/ — Matt
  6. I like the Raycom ticker better. -- Matt
  7. Update ... confirmed, on air, Thursday at Noon. https://www.wral.com/brian-shrader-provides-sneak-peek-of-new-wral-news-set/18733876/ — Matt
  8. It’s good to get it right the first time I guess. Any updates on any new gfx? — Matt
  9. https://www.wral.com/sneak-peek-wral-s-new-set-to-be-unveiled-next-week/18716075/ Monday at Noon. And a sneak peak at the set. 4K cameras! — Matt
  10. V7 … sounds MAJESTIC!!! I wish abc27 would get that theme. Seriously. Well done. And the set is very nice too. Major step up for WKBN. Well done. -- Matt
  11. "Covering 19 counties in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania … It's 5:30 … you're watching WBRE Eyewitness News." God. I love that open. -- Matt
  12. I got one to beat that one ... KTWO-TV … Wyoming's News Leader ... Sloan Dickey. LOL -- Matt
  13. The SusquValley (HLLY) market down 6 spots?! Wow. -- Matt
  14. The News side has the propaganda … The Business side has the money part. Ingenious esp to the only viewer they are going for … Donald J. Trump. -- Matt
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