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  1. susquvalleywgal

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Congrats on the comment of the day!!! Resistance is Futile!!! — Matt
  2. susquvalleywgal

    WGAL’s 70th Anniversary

    https://www.wgal.com/article/wgal-celebrates-our-70th-anniversary-of-broadcasting-in-the-susquehanna-valley-1949-local-tv-news/26839388 Events to happen throughout the next year. Here is a very nice piece that ran during the 6a news this morning. I hear another piece will be run later today by long time anchorwoman Kim Lemon. Can’t wait to see what happens throughout the year. Hopefully a new Studio B coming soon. — Matt
  3. susquvalleywgal

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    I loved when WHP CBS21 had the THIRD COAST theme. I wish they would’ve kept it. One of those good news themes where you can’t help yourself humming to it from time to time. — Matt
  4. susquvalleywgal

    WBRE/WYOU's new Nexstar graphics

    But WHTM has the better set. — Matt
  5. susquvalleywgal

    New ABC27 set taking shape ...

    Watching the 6p news. Having a little minor hiccups. But other than that, beautiful set and graphics. This is the best abc27 looked in YEARS. More photos in a bit. — Matt Here are some still shots from the premiere. Same music package and v/o ... these graphics are simply beautiful. Hipefully someone caught video. No talent open. — Matt
  6. susquvalleywgal

    New ABC27 set taking shape ...

    UPDATE: The last newscast from the current abc27 studio (named after former Meterologist Chuck Rhodes) has been completed. They actually dimmed the lights on the set while signing off. It was a great moment. Now comes the long wait to 6p where the best set and graphics in the SusquValley will be live. I hope that WGAL is taking notes. I’m sure they are. — Matt
  7. susquvalleywgal

    The worst news opens of all time

    Woof. — Matt
  8. susquvalleywgal

    New KOLR Graphics / Possible New Nexstar Package?

    Actually it will debut SUNDAY NIGHT at 6P. New weekend crew debuting that night. I can’t wait to see it all in action. Defiantly will be the best set in the SusquValley (sorry WGAL) ... you can better believe tho that WGAL is taking notes and hopefully a Studio B refresh will come sometime this year. — Matt
  9. susquvalleywgal

    New WXIA Set and Logo

    Interesting that 11 Alive’s website AND wiki is not updated with the new logo yet. — Matt
  10. susquvalleywgal

    New ABC27 set taking shape ...

    New building on same property. Both buildings will be joined together. — Matt
  11. susquvalleywgal

    New ABC27 set taking shape ...

    Kinda surprised they are keeping the music package. Was hoping for a change. But yeah, this set looks amazing. One more tweet i found from their fluff program, Good Day PA ... – Matt
  12. susquvalleywgal

    New ABC27 set taking shape ...

    Update! Sunday. 6pm. It debuts. — Matt Another sneak peak ... the This Week in PA set. — Matt
  13. susquvalleywgal

    WPEC getting new set?

    Can we talk about those ugly mic flags for a minute?! Goodness. — Matt
  14. susquvalleywgal

    WBFF New Graphics, possible new Sinclair Graphics?

    Well, WHP has not gotten these new gfx yet ... and probably never well. They dind’t get the new website template yet!!! I feel WHP is the ugly Glendive step-child Of Sinclair. — Matt
  15. susquvalleywgal

    WJTV (and WHLT) new look coming?

    I pray that WHTM ABC27 don’t get elements of that open. That was PAINFUL to watch. — Matt

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