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  1. HulkieD

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    Vernon Odom is retiring https://6abc.com/society/vernon-odom-set-to-retire-from-6abc/4887174/
  2. HulkieD

    KTVU getting a New Set

    You can say that again. I'll be blunt. One of the reasons I don't watch WTXF locally - possibly the chief reason I don't watch WTXF locally - are the graphics. The look and sound are absolutely horrible. The actual news content is better than KYW, but KYW at least looks like a professional operation. Fox's graphics are incredibly cheap and tacky, and they have been for over a decade at this point. A fundamental rethink is needed.
  3. HulkieD

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    Wonderful package. Got me from the little montage of sunburst-yellow logos at the beginning. (Yay for including the iconic 1979-82 logo!) Bonus points for spotlighting the REAL stars of the format: the Eyewitness News TEAM. Roger and Bill might have been the greatest anchor team in television news history, but that cast of characters around them deserve equal points for making that newscast shine. NJ Burkett is absolutely right when he calls WABC the "New York Yankees of television news". I can't think of any other station with such a pedigree. Maybe.... MAYBE WPVI. Some of those are clearly from YouTube uploads (some of which I personally did)... but they own the footage so I can't really complain. https://abc7ny.com/community-events/eyewitness-news-anchor-roger-grimsby-profile-(1982)/4647748/ Great look at WABC's greatest-ever talent (sorry Bill Beutel).
  4. HulkieD

    Network # station ID

    If we're talking widespread usage, then it's the Fox O&Os from virtually day one. (WNYW was branding as "Fox Television, Channel 5" from the day of the acquisition.) It was the first group to encourage that type of branding - in fact it was called "Foxification".
  5. HulkieD

    The CBS 3 Eyewitness News Thread

    I will chime in and note that WCAU was pretty much blown up in the past five years as well. They brought in a ton of younger talent and market newcomers. The difference is that Comcast is willing to invest in the station. Obviously the biggest sign of their investment happened this week with the big move, but they're bringing in talent left and right and for the most part keeping them. Jim Rosenfield, Jacqueline London, Keith Jones, et al have been with the station for five years at this point and all look like they're becoming station cornerstones. Plus they made smart talent moves when it counted - Vai's move from sports has turned out to be very successful, whereas the Jim Donovan experiment in mornings has been disastrous. And let's not forget Fox 29. They have their own problems, but look at the talent they have. Bob Kelly, Sue Serio, Kathy Orr, Dawn Timmeney are all homegrown, be it at Fox or outside of the station, and Lucy Noland gets significant social media exposure on my feed thanks to her animal activism. CBS 3 just does not have that. They have Ukee. That's it. If they weren't doing the weather reports on 1060 they would be even more anonymous.
  6. Haven't really watched Fox 29/Good Day in awhile but I noticed they're now using a cut of Beyond for their breaking news stinger. Not sure when that started.
  7. One more thing... I was really hoping for a somewhat more significant branding refresh. The revised logo is... okay - that kerning continues to bug the hell out of me - but I was hoping they'd take the opportunity to refresh the music to Tower v5 or something. Don't get me wrong, I like LA Groove! But I'd also like to see some sort of a music change. I think it's the incredibly out of place bumper from the 360 pack combined with every other cut from LA Groove that bugs me. I do get that they probably didn't want to change too much, though. If those periodic ratings leaks are any indication, what they're doing now is clearly working for them. We know they got a demo win at 11, apparently they are very competitive in the morning, and at least in SOME demographic they're beating 6 at 4 (that 20 minute A block has to be working for them). WPVI doesn't seem as unassailable as they used to be and I think a lot of that has to do with what 10 is doing. I wonder if that interview set that was the first studio to leak will be used in any way. It's too nice to just be used internally.
  8. Bingo. That's my issue with the set. It seems rather... sparse. The configuration also makes it seem a little small, even though it's reportedly around the same size as the old studio. I was much more impressed with WPVI's set, honestly. That one seems huge, feels warm, and had a lot of cool areas and effects that were utilized. (I'm still amazed that they managed to use LED screens for literally everything in the studio). Maybe it'll look more interesting at 11. Who knows. But I'm a little underwhelmed.
  9. Basic graphic/music look is the same, just with a modified logo. Set looks slick but somewhat tiny, especially when compared to 6. Those 4k screens are awesome.
  10. HulkieD

    WABC - 7 Eyewitness News

    That’ll be an adjustment for WPVI. They love their Viz unit to an unhealthy degree.
  11. Noooooooo! Seriously one of the best ever.
  12. More GrooveWorx packs in use, the better I say. (Though they do need to fix those opens.)
  13. HulkieD

    TEGNA's New Graphics?

    KHOU’s using the new logo on its app now. It actually looks pretty decent in that application.
  14. HulkieD

    The CBS 3 Eyewitness News Thread

    Natasha is certainly capable. She should have gotten the position years ago anyway.
  15. HulkieD

    KMIR rebrands as NBC Palm Springs

    I half wonder if the KNBC package is on the way out. It IS almost a decade old in that incarnation, more if you count the earlier version. DC switched to Tower after years of custom packages and I think Philly might be going the same way. Who knows.

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