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  1. I don't believe we talked about this here, but last week, MLB on TBS debuted a new set as well as new full screen/motion graphics for their MLB studio and game coverage. https://www.newscaststudio.com/setstudio/mlb-on-tbs-2/ https://www.newscaststudio.com/graphics/mlb-on-tbs/ As for the studio, it was partially necessitated because NHL on TNT took over the previous studio (Studio F) used for MLB coverage. This new MLB set (built in Studio D) seems intentionally basic, something that could easily be torn down and put back up every year. Seeing as they don't u
  2. Looks good! Too bad they'll have so few games in the early part of the season that we might forget what the graphics look like between November and January.
  3. I would argue that the open might have been the best part of the newscast...
  4. I am of the opinion that switching a font while retaining the same graphics is not a good look. Ya know, back in 2014, I told myself that TNT needed to slow down on the new graphics. At the time, they were debuting new graphics basically every two years: 2008?, 2010, 2012, 2014. Normally the standard amongst most sports broadcasters at the time was to at least let each graphics package last 3-4 years. I guess I spoke too soon at the time. Little did I know that they would come to settle on these 2014 graphics for the next 7+ years!
  5. I freaking knew it. The way that the network discontinued weeknight weather segments and dumped him off to the weekends was surely NOT what Albert signed up for a year ago. The minute they gave the weekday morning position to Gerard and not Albert, I figured Albert would not be long for NewsNation. The only thing that surprised me was that it came so soon, after only working one weekend (this past weekend). Hopefully this means he was able to secure another job somewhere. Best of luck to him, and hopefully the next place that hires him actually lets him stay in the position for which he was hi
  6. Effective this weekend that just ended, the weekend edition of NewsNation Prime has been shifted an hour later from 7pm ET-9pm ET to 8pm ET-10pm ET. Also, although the intro still displays Gerard Jebaily's name, the weather is indeed being delivered by Albert Ramon, presumably at least for however long Gerard's gig on the morning show lasts. Either this arrangement becomes permanent after some amount of time, or we'll see some sort of staffing changes if and when a permanent morning weather person is hired and if they indeed choose to not bring back weather on the weekn
  7. For whatever reason, it's the Turner Sports standard to have an unbalanced desk whenever there are three people instead of four. If you look back to Inside The NBA before Shaq joined the team or if you look at the early days of their MLB coverage when it was just three on-air personalities, they would always sit in the same unbalanced positions skewed to the right.
  8. I haven't watched Morning In America with the audio on yet, but the presentation space looks nice. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the tiny "set" being used for Dan Abrams Live, but I don't think all of the dark black background space looks very good in the way they're implementing it. Definitely looks like a limited space, limited budget issue.
  9. If they do retain Ramon in a regular on-air role, I would have to think it might make more sense to add a weather segment with him to Rush Hour, maybe just one time per show somewhere around :45 past, as having a weather segment seems more in-tune with the "Live news" theme of Rush Hour, compared to Prime where the theme is evolving more toward longer, in-depth stories with longer interviews. If they do bring him back for nightly segments on Prime, that's great too, but I do think he could stand to have a daily weather segment on Rush Hour. Side note: On-air advertising confirms th
  10. Wow, so Gerard Jebaily is the one delivering the weather on the morning show. Where does that leave Albert Ramon then? Pushed to weekends, if anything? I don't believe there's a weather segment on weekday Prime anymore, now that the weekday show has become more about interviews (aka what you'd typically find on cable news, compared to the old local news format). At least when I watched two days last week, I didn't see a weather segment.
  11. On my program guide, they have changed the name of the 9pm ET show back to "NewsNation Prime". Guess maybe they decided against naming the show after its host after all? I guess we won't know for sure until tomorrow night.
  12. I did find it interesting that they have "Live PD night" on Banfield almost every Friday night where they interview former officers from the show along with other members of law enforcement. The most surprising thing is that they openly use the "Live PD" name on the segment branding and have not yet (to my knowledge) received a Cease & Desist from either A&E or Big Fish Entertainment (not sure which party owns the rights to the name of the show). I would have figured they would have been hit with a C&D pretty quickly, unless of course they already obtained the rights to the show na
  13. Wishing Zoraida well. Certainly a shock to see her go.
  14. I think the most confusing thing is that the tweet is apparently written in Pacific time when it's a nationally-focused tweet.
  15. I was confused by Feder's writing of "Zoraida...returned Monday." Was he referring to last Monday or this Monday? Because if it was today, and the Feder post was released at 6am at his usual posting time, it would be odd to say that she made no mention of her return even though the newscast was still in progress at the time Feder's post went up.
  16. Oh, did they actually break into their programming this afternoon? Was it wall-to-wall coverage or just a quick update?
  17. So, now that the program guide for two weeks out is published, it looks like come September 27th, the remainder of the evening shows will survive. Everything before 8pm ET will shift one hour earlier than it currently is, while NewsNation Prime will be rebranded as "NewsNation with Marni Hughes" (Times in my guide shown in Central)
  18. Renaming the network to NewsNation when you have a fixed schedule with just a few hours of news per day is so ridiculous. Sad to see that they don't even cover any type of breaking news that happens during the day, now almost one year after the network started doing news.
  19. A fond farewell to Andy! Happy retirement!
  20. I like the branding, but the plain and somewhat stretched-out white text seems really generic and uninspired.
  21. WMAQ filled a position immediately? Wow, now I've seen everything.
  22. Congrats to Andy on his retirement! Going to miss him! I saw people in Feder's comments speculating on who would replace him. Isn't it already a foregone conclusion that Alicia Roman would be replacing him? Hasn't she been part of the morning news team for quite a while now, getting ready for this position?
  23. Returning to looks of the 80s and 90s is considered the trend right now. See: Miller Lite, Bud Light, Subway, Burger King, and probably countless others.
  24. Have to wonder if they're turning it into a generic stand-up or sit-down area, and from now on, if weather might only be done at the chroma key walls?

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