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  1. That Bucs package gives me a real early 2000s vibe...
  2. I really like that Steelers package. Might be my favorite preseason package ever.
  3. Did we receive confirmation that they're only on the temp set for two weeks? From reading Patrick Fazio's post above, I see that Kate Chappell is anchoring with him for two weeks, but I don't see anything about the temp set before for two weeks.
  4. I wonder what that will mean for the future of their web/mobile stream. I wonder if it will always stay free or if they will get to the point where they charge for the stream. Right now, as far as advertisements on the stream go, there's only 4 ad breaks per hour, each break lasting only 60-90 seconds, and I'd say that over 90% of the ads are pharmaceutical ads for the same few medications over and over. I wonder if they'll either increase the number of ads, start charging for the stream, or both. One change they just made on the stream this week is that the commercials are now clickable links so that you can be brought to the advertiser's website. I'm assuming that will help bring their ad revenue a bit higher, from the few commercials that they do have.
  5. I have felt that Dan Abrams' gig with NewsNation was always a placeholder for him to have a cable TV presence while working to get Live PD back on the air. Now that it's back on the air by way of On Patrol: Live, I keep checking every day to see when Dan will announce that he's "stepping away from NewsNation to focus on other projects." The Abrams/Cuomo interview felt like an "interview your successor" type of moment.
  6. Here's an example of what they're doing with the "slivers" at the bottom of the lower thirds. Every single topic now has its own dedicated sliver like "Fox Weather Extreme Heat", "Fox Weather Top Story", "Fox Weather Wildfire Alert", etc. The show's own sliver "America's Weather Now" only appears very briefly as they transition between segments, almost like a "bridge" between these other slivers. As the day goes on, it appears that they're no longer allowed to use any show opens, wipes, or any other full screen graphics that display the show's title. The use of the show's title is limited to just the occasional slivers on the bottom of the lower thirds, to the background behind the anchor desk, and to a few random monitors across the studio. All OCM scripts continue to say "Fox Weather" in place of the show names. Clearly some consultant decided that they want to go full steam on the "Fox Weather" brand only. Personally, I'm really going to miss dedicated show opens. I hate the modern trend of eliminating openers.
  7. As of today, some formatting changes have taken place at Fox Weather: 1) The timeclock for segments has been redone. Instead of the top of the hour segment starting at :00, it now starts at :58, to mirror TWC. They now play the pre-recorded Across America segment with the O&O mets at :58, and then the studio show immediately starts as soon as that segment ends 2) Show opens and teasers are now gone. The top of each hour starts with a quick "Fox Weather TOP STORY" graphic, and they immediately jump into the story. 3) Along with the above change, they seem to be de-emphasizing all of the individual show names. When the OCMs start and close segments, they now say "Welcome back to Fox Weather" instead of "Welcome back to Sky Dome" or "Welcome back to America's Weather Center." I'm noticing that the only place the show names are now seen are on the background behind the anchor desk as well as very rarely on the graphics below the lower thirds. They have gone out of their way to craft a bunch of other "sliver" graphics below the lower thirds in place of the show titles. So far, each show still retains its own music and double box graphics, but we'll see if that lasts. 4) All shift changes now result in a live toss from the OCMs of the previous show to the OCMs of the next show. This happens after the :58 Across America segment wraps up.
  8. The Cuomo signing led an IRL family member to say to me, "Hey, did you hear that Cuomo is coming back on some channel called NewsNation? Have you ever heard of it?" So I guess it caused some increase of awareness of the channel's existence...
  9. Effective today, America's Weather Weekend now runs until 2pm ET. Steve Bender and Kiyana Lewis anchor the 10am-2pm ET portion. One of them still stays afterward for an unknown amount of time to provide top and bottom of the hour updates during Fox Weather Live from 2pm ET onwards. They have updated the corner graphic to reflect the new schedule.
  10. After Tevin Wooten's departure in May, TWC quietly moved Dr. Rick Knabb from Weather Underground to Storm Center to replace Tevin, making Weather Underground just a two-OCM show now. One caveat is that Dr. Knabb still appears at :50 past each hour on Weather Underground for the Tropical Update. That's kind of a historical nod to the way that TWC *used* to utilize their hurricane experts on the air back in the 90s/2000s/early 2010s.
  11. Lighting tweaks to the WOFL set today. I thought the lighting looked better yesterday. Seems way too shadowy today.
  12. New camera angle in use at the WOFL studio to match the type of camera angle that's typically used in the NYC studios. It's quite up close and personal, so up close, in fact, that you can't exactly use full lower thirds with headlines on them. They have to use just "slim" lower thirds in order to keep most the monitor visible.
  13. Fox Weather is now using two separate OCM teams on America's Weather Weekend: 6am-10am ET: Craig Herrera and Amy Freeze (Michael Estime filling in for Amy today) 10am-12pm ET: Steve Bender and Kiyana Lewis Then it looks like Kiyana Lewis sticks around to provide occasional weather updates during the automated Fox Weather Live. Seems like since they're adding Steve and Kiyana to weekends now, it's a missed opportunity to not provide fully-live weather programming until 1pm or 2pm ET, instead having them only work two fully-live hours of programming.
  14. Best wishes on retirement to Robert Feder. It's going to be weird not waking up to his column anymore. So, what's our next best source for Chicago media news now?
  15. Wow, how about that. As far as set design goes, are they restricted to following certain CBS O&O design elements? I wonder how much creative liberty they'll have with how they use the space.
  16. New OCM Michael Estime made his debut on America's Weather Now tonight, filling in for Nick Kosir. https://www.foxweather.com/person/e/michael-estime I'm not sure what the "FAST" weather service is that's mentioned in his bio. Can't find anything online about it either. Perhaps it's some new product that's about to launch? Edit: Oh, apparently "FAST" just stands for "Free, ad-supported streaming television" - so in other words, just the main live streaming network. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220608005888/en/FOX-Weather-Signs-Meteorologist-Michael-Estime
  17. Given that it's just internal talk at the moment, I suppose it's too early to tell what exactly might happen. Sounds like the possibilities are wide open at this point. Whatever the arrangement might be after October 2024, I assume it ought to launch with a heavy streaming component.
  18. At least they are preempting today's Pattrn rerun due to the severe weather threat. Going forward, I hope they continue to adjust situationally and air live weather at this time when weather conditions merit.
  19. Effective today, TWC has permanently moved the rerun of Pattrn from 1pm ET to 4pm ET. Are they STUPID? The 4pm ET hour is typically when severe weather starts to explode on any given day, and now they're going to remove most live weather coverage from that hour. Unreal.
  20. "Oh sorry, the news isn't happening during our regular news programming schedule, so we're not covering it." lol
  21. Fox Weather has been experimenting with completely dumping long-form from their weekend afternoon/evening schedule. After doing their preemption for PTC One last Saturday, programming last Sunday and both Saturday and Sunday this weekend has consisted solely of the "Fox Weather LIVE" automated loop of weather maps throughout the entirety of weekend afternoons and evenings. Edit: Looks like they're still doing long form on Sundays after 8pm ET. I suppose it's a sensible time for that sort of programming.
  22. I noticed that, too. This helps to bring the Fox Weather logo back in line with the position of the lower thirds. The logo was lined up with the lower thirds in the first few months of the network, and then over the winter, they added the lower display line with weather forecasts for cities nationwide. After that point, the logo hadn't been aligned with the L3s for the past few months. By moving the live bug beneath the logo, everything is aligned again.
  23. Not too impressed. On both the weather graphics and on the open, the text seems to just get lost into the background. This is what happens when you use plain white text with no outline / no drop shadow on a busy background.
  24. They just interspersed about 3 minutes of live coverage from WSVN into their coverage. Pleasantly surprised to see them taking video from a non-O&O. Thanks for going the extra mile to look up the model of TV. Yeah, that TV is laughable. Haven't seen them use it since yesterday afternoon. Maybe they realized how bad it looked on the air and are now rethinking their purchase.
  25. Thank you for the updates. I noticed that Tevin's been gone for a while. I wonder if maybe this was even a planned move for a while. When each show had their "cover images" put onto my on-screen guide a few months ago, Tevin was excluded from the Storm Center cover image; while every other show had their OCMs added to the cover images.
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