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  1. Looks like the music on the weekday evening version of Fox Weather Live has also been replaced by generic production music.
  2. When Tom first announced his retirement, if you would have said that the last big sticking snow event he was going to cover would be in mid-January, and that he would be covering a possible severe weather outbreak on his penultimate day on the job, most people would have laughed... but it's certainly looking like that's how it's going to play out, based on the latest guidance from the SPC. However, it's looking like the rain might change over to some wet snow (and probably non-sticking snow considering how warm it'll be for the three days prior) during the day on the 28th, so he might actually get to cover somewhat seasonally-appropriate weather on his very final day.
  3. I haven't been watching much Fox Weather lately, but I just tuned in and noticed that the overnight show has been given the Fox Weather @ Night moniker back, and the show is being produced by the control room with a full set of graphics, inserts, and music again. And I noticed that Haley Meier is hosting on a Thursday, which was always one of her days off... So I checked the bio page, and sure enough, Kelly Costa's bio has been de-linked. Her last social media post about Fox Weather seems to be on February 13th. Looking in the past, she tweeted on February 14, 2023 that it was her 1-year mark with Fox Weather. Sounds like she had a two-year deal that was not renewed. This makes sense, as it's seemed like Fox Weather has had very little interest in keeping the Orlando operation going ever since Katie Garner left. Back in June 2023, when they changed Kelly's backdrop from the Orlando skyline to a fake background of the NYC Weather Command area, compounded with the fact that they never hired an Orlando-based replacement for Katie, I had a feeling that their tiny Orlando outfit would come to an end sooner rather than later. Wishing Kelly well on whatever comes next.
  4. This definitely looks a lot more "2020s big network" than the earlier design.
  5. I noticed that as well. It's also ironic considering that Weather Command pretty much only uses its own music during the intros now. That show tends to always use "severe weather" music during teasers and when going to break now. Another change that happened, I believe, sometime during December, is that America's Weather Center's music was changed to a very serious-sounding production track. I'm not a fan at all. Sometime during the past week or two, the weekday edition of Fox Weather First began splitting its time between Studio A and Studio W. I know the 8am ET hour originates from Studio W, and the early morning hours originate from Studio A (as seen on the videos they post), but I haven't watched live early enough to see what time they switch studios. On days that don't feature serious weather situations, they do not use the anchor desk for the Studio W portion of the show. Instead, they use a small coffee table with raised chairs positioned in front of the curved video wall. It looks like they still use the anchor desk on serious weather days.
  6. Glad to see that the weekend schedule is slowly but surely getting filled in.
  7. I didn't realize that Blake Burman took over as moderator of The Hill on Sept. 5th last year. At first I was thinking this move was going to have an impact on Leland's ability to host the show, but here it turns out he's been gone from the show for a while. As for weekday Morning in America, man that show just keeps going through so many changes. I guess ending at 9am ET brings them in line with a typical cable news morning show schedule. Weird seeing them shift back to a solo-host format. I figured that they were going to keep two anchors as multiple anchors are pretty standard for mornings.
  8. Kelly Costa is hosting the 6pm ET edition of Fox Weather Live solo from Orlando tonight. Wouldn't be surprised if they're having a company holiday party in NYC. With Kelly hosting this shift, I'm expecting that they'll probably air long-form programming throughout the primetime and overnight hours.
  9. I know Brigit was just about to get married at the time she left. I'm imagining she'll take some time to decide what's next. Maybe we'll see if she pops up anywhere in 2024.
  10. I found an FTV post stating that he left the network on July 14th "to tend to personal responsibilities at home in Nashville." It was written in a leaked memo from Sherri Berg that Will would remain available as a freelancer; however, to date, I don't believe that's happened yet? Not 100% sure, though. In other news, Zack Green, formerly of WBZ, has joined Fox Weather seemingly without any pre-announcement. He is hosting his first on-air shift today from 9am-12pm ET.
  11. Yeah, the current part of the set that's still standing turns 10 years old in March (the part that was built in 2013 was torn down in late 2019 to make way for the mixed reality studio), so these upgrades seem like a sign that this set is here to stay. The Lab also turns 10 years old in August, although to be frank, this past week of using The Lab as a temp set is the most use it's gotten since 2021 when Weather Center Live was canceled. Outside of this week, The Lab is pretty much only used for extended hours of severe weather/hurricane/winter storm coverage, or on random days that the main studio is being used to film pre-recorded footage. The Lab is not used for any regularly-scheduled programming at this point. Will The Lab also see its 10-year anniversary? My money is on "probably", as it doesn't seem like Allen Media Group is super interested in spending money on full new sets.
  12. It's just one big green screen room, essentially. There's no physical elements used, at least not in any of the live stuff.
  13. With TWC's current set nearing its 10-year mark, it looks like they're committed to renovating the current set instead of building a new one. Both Monday and Tuesday, everything after 1pm ET was housed exclusively in The Lab while work on the main studio is underway. By Tuesday morning, the aging multi-panel stand-up video wall on the right side of the studio was replaced by a brand new single-panel screen. While shows are back in the main studio during the morning hours today, they're not using the telestrator area at all, so it stands to reason that renovations to that part of the set are currently underway. They'll probably move the afternoon shows back to The Lab today while construction continues. I'm expecting it to just be more video screen replacements and maybe lighting upgrades, but we'll see.
  14. New titlebars for maps rolled out this morning 12/5. Everything else about the on-air look remains the same for now. The new map titlebars all now have a navy blue background, are thinner, and (mostly) have left-aligned text instead of centered text. And this is what I mean when I say (mostly) left-aligned text, because then you have a few that still have centered text...
  15. Kiyana is back from her honeymoon, and with that, it looks like a new weekend schedule has started today. Bob Van Dillen now joins Haley Meier starting at 12pm ET. This show is now branded as Fox Weather Live and is a control room-produced show, as opposed to the rinky-dink automation-type production previously used on weekend afternoons. Craig and Kiyana are back on the 6am-9am ET block. The 9am-12pm ET block is back to being Michael, Jane, and Rick, now minus Bob. Edit: From checking the Roku program guide, this new Fox Weather Live block only runs from 12pm-2pm ET, and then long form starts at 2pm ET and runs for the rest of the night. As part of the weekend long form block, there's a new long-form show called It's Been A Week at 3pm ET, which features a recap of the week's weather events. So we're trading the automation-produced Haley Meier weather show from 12pm-8pm ET and getting a control-room produced Haley Meier and Bob Van Dillen show that airs only from 12pm-2pm ET. I swear, the network keeps bouncing back and forth between having weather programming on weekend afternoons, and now we're going back to the "no, let's do long form programming instead" swing of things.
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