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  1. Wow, how about that. As far as set design goes, are they restricted to following certain CBS O&O design elements? I wonder how much creative liberty they'll have with how they use the space.
  2. New OCM Michael Estime made his debut on America's Weather Now tonight, filling in for Nick Kosir. https://www.foxweather.com/person/e/michael-estime I'm not sure what the "FAST" weather service is that's mentioned in his bio. Can't find anything online about it either. Perhaps it's some new product that's about to launch? Edit: Oh, apparently "FAST" just stands for "Free, ad-supported streaming television" - so in other words, just the main live streaming network. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220608005888/en/FOX-Weather-Signs-Meteorologist-Michael-Estime
  3. Given that it's just internal talk at the moment, I suppose it's too early to tell what exactly might happen. Sounds like the possibilities are wide open at this point. Whatever the arrangement might be after October 2024, I assume it ought to launch with a heavy streaming component.
  4. At least they are preempting today's Pattrn rerun due to the severe weather threat. Going forward, I hope they continue to adjust situationally and air live weather at this time when weather conditions merit.
  5. Effective today, TWC has permanently moved the rerun of Pattrn from 1pm ET to 4pm ET. Are they STUPID? The 4pm ET hour is typically when severe weather starts to explode on any given day, and now they're going to remove most live weather coverage from that hour. Unreal.
  6. "Oh sorry, the news isn't happening during our regular news programming schedule, so we're not covering it." lol
  7. Fox Weather has been experimenting with completely dumping long-form from their weekend afternoon/evening schedule. After doing their preemption for PTC One last Saturday, programming last Sunday and both Saturday and Sunday this weekend has consisted solely of the "Fox Weather LIVE" automated loop of weather maps throughout the entirety of weekend afternoons and evenings. Edit: Looks like they're still doing long form on Sundays after 8pm ET. I suppose it's a sensible time for that sort of programming.
  8. I noticed that, too. This helps to bring the Fox Weather logo back in line with the position of the lower thirds. The logo was lined up with the lower thirds in the first few months of the network, and then over the winter, they added the lower display line with weather forecasts for cities nationwide. After that point, the logo hadn't been aligned with the L3s for the past few months. By moving the live bug beneath the logo, everything is aligned again.
  9. Not too impressed. On both the weather graphics and on the open, the text seems to just get lost into the background. This is what happens when you use plain white text with no outline / no drop shadow on a busy background.
  10. They just interspersed about 3 minutes of live coverage from WSVN into their coverage. Pleasantly surprised to see them taking video from a non-O&O. Thanks for going the extra mile to look up the model of TV. Yeah, that TV is laughable. Haven't seen them use it since yesterday afternoon. Maybe they realized how bad it looked on the air and are now rethinking their purchase.
  11. Thank you for the updates. I noticed that Tevin's been gone for a while. I wonder if maybe this was even a planned move for a while. When each show had their "cover images" put onto my on-screen guide a few months ago, Tevin was excluded from the Storm Center cover image; while every other show had their OCMs added to the cover images.
  12. Welp, that's unfortunate timing. Hope everyone gets better soon, and hope it doesn't continue to spread throughout the broadcast team.
  13. Solid move. We all need less fake "Breaking News" in our lives.
  14. Taking a page out of TWC's book of what they do in the day(s) leading up to a tropical landfall, Steve Bender is co-hosting America's Weather Center from the field today in Miami. For whatever reason, he took the creative liberty of standing next to his own live program monitor. Ah ok, so the monitor was intended to be used for weather maps, and perhaps they had the monitor set to the wrong source in the opening segment. Either way, the monitor is still kinda dark out there in the bright sun.
  15. This is exactly what I expected in terms of hires. Sharkey leaving WFLD at the same time Magiera left WGN made it all-too-obvious. What I didn't expect was WGN taking a WMAQ-style approach to just having any sports anchor appear on any given night. I figured they would go with assigned roles right out of the gate. I would assume they'll have defined roles before November sweeps, but hey, you never know.
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