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  1. Spring Rubber

    Random WBBM Thread

    I hope she does turn up at Fox 32. She would be a huge asset to them.
  2. https://www.robertfeder.com/2019/02/13/cubs-sinclair-announce-marquee-sports-network-today/ It's official today. Sinclair is indeed the Cubs' partner in this venture. Sounds like the rumors were 100% accurate on this one.
  3. Spring Rubber

    2019 AAF Season

    Ah ok, is the tracking technology advanced enough now to track the lighting reflections on the floors properly as the camera moves? This being a virtual green screen set would help explain why it looks so awful. The background does look phony as heck.
  4. Spring Rubber

    2019 AAF Season

    They were doing the studio show on the field for the series opener last night, but now that it's day 2 on CBS Sports Network, this is the studio they're using. At first glance, I thought it was a virtual set, but after looking closely at the reflections on the floor, I'm led to believe that maybe it's a real set, but that the lighting is just really poor. Also, there's a complete lack of CBS logos on the set. Does this set belong to the AAF and not to CBS? (Edit: my pictures don't do it justice, but the lighting on the talent is absymal. They look like they're being let more by their hair lights and fill lights than they are from their key lights. Their hair and arms are lit more than their faces are.)
  5. Spring Rubber

    2018-19 NHL (and NBA) season

    Just to clarify, it looks like this is the E-League studio that they used for the selection show last year, right?
  6. Spring Rubber

    Random WMAQ Thread

    Well, I guess it's the most bland thing that could have come out of this.
  7. Spring Rubber

    Random WGN thread

    Would we describe this as, "What happens when the news division has to produce graphics that mimic the sports division?"
  8. Spring Rubber

    Random WMAQ Thread

    As I understand it, WMAQ doesn't really have space for anything. That's why their current set is so small. IIRC, in 2012, their current studio was built inside of the newsroom where their former newsroom set was. At the time, they were lucky to have the streetside "Studio 5" in a completely separate building where they could temporarily broadcast all of their newscasts while the main studio was constructed. Now that they no longer have that lease, the only conceivable way to remodel their set is to reconstruct it piecemeal and broadcast from whatever portion of the studio that's not currently under construction.
  9. Spring Rubber

    Random WMAQ Thread

    WMAQ is using the Weather Center as a temp set right now. Might be worth a new thread if this is indeed a sign of a new set on the way (which I think it might be) Since it's such a small studio, they might be able to get things done in time for sweeps, but then again, they didn't exactly get their current set done in time for sweeps in 2012, so maybe it doesn't matter to them.
  10. Spring Rubber

    Random WGN thread

    Regardless, that is rather shocking that they'd let the N-word slip without censorship on broadcast TV. Is that even allowed by the FCC?
  11. Spring Rubber

    ABC going after NFL Sunday package?

    I agree that NBC should stick with SNF. They have too much else going on with NASCAR and other sports during the daytime in the fall. The NFC package is a prized possession for Fox and should be retained at all costs. If NFL on ABC is handled anything like how ESPN has been handling MNF, I'd be kinda worried. I'd rather CBS keep the rights; they know how to broadcast sports without all of the BS.
  12. Spring Rubber

    2018 NFL Season

    I like the minimalist thing better. The graphic looks more obnoxious when it stretches across the entire screen.
  13. Spring Rubber

    WGN Sports Loses White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks

    I would be surprised if the Cubs aired any games on WGN. They're launching their own cable network next year, and the vibe has always been that they want all of their games to be on their new network.
  14. Spring Rubber

    WGN Sports Loses White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks

    I'm not surprised this happened. WGN was one of the only broadcast stations in the country still airing local sports. Basically, in every other market, with few exceptions, teams went to RSN-exclusive formats a decade or more ago, because those contacts pay the teams so much more than broadcast TV contracts. Either way, it's still sad. WGN doesn't have much to hang their hat on anymore, aside from their news.
  15. Spring Rubber

    Random WMAQ Thread

    She was on tonight. She's not on leave yet. Feels like it could be any day, though.

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