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  1. Good point. It doesn't feel like it's been that long already, but you're right.
  2. Wow, that was unexpected. I suppose him being at home has possibly allowed him to return to the air sooner than I otherwise would have thought.
  3. It seems that the article implies they'll alternate days. I feel like they should alternate weeks instead. Just seems like a better idea to me, but hey, maybe this works better for them.
  4. I think the XFL had a lot more potential than the AAF. Here's hoping the XFL doesn't go bust after all this.
  5. I like these graphics better than their standard graphics, I think. Makes me miss the 2014-2017 set, which I strongly preferred to their current set.
  6. For the Midday News, they're going with a double-box setup with the two anchors. They're both still in the studio but are being shown with a double box instead of a wideshot.
  7. With the COVID-19 outbreak, Instant Replay has been shelved in favor of more news. Also, Jackie and Tahman are distancing themselves in the studio, and Mike is doing the weather from a chroma key with a relatively low-res camera elsewhere in the building.
  8. I suppose so. I guess Turner allows them to use the March Madness music for conference tourneys on CBS/CBSSN because those conference tourneys ultimately lead into CBS/Turner's March Madness coverage.
  9. At least CBS/CBSSN are being consistent with their music this year. This year, ALL men's conference tournament games are getting the March Madness music instead of the regular CBS College Basketball music. Last year, they only used the March Madness music for men's conference tournament games that took place on or after Monday March 11th, while everything that took place Sunday 3/10 or earlier got the regular CBS music, which was silly. They still refuse to use March Madness music for the women's conference tournaments, however.
  10. Looks like sadly, the Chicago Fire telecasts are not produced by WGN-TV; they are instead produced by the team and/or ESPN. The graphics are ESPN's 2014 graphics package, and the mic flags display the logo of Chicago Fire FC. They keep saying, "Thank you for joining us on WGN and ESPN+" throughout the broadcast. There's no presence of WGN Sports branding anywhere on the telecast. Yeah, I'm disappointed.
  11. Looks like the outro of the WGN News at Ten has been removed and replaced by a teaser for GN Sports. They now do a wideshot of the desk, throw Micah's Bu-Bye graphic up on the video wall, pan out to reveal Dan and Jarrett sitting at the GN Sports desk, and then toss to Dan and Jarrett to do a full teaser for GN Sports leading into break. The Nexstar copyright graphic is also gone from the 10pm news; guess they're just looping it in with the copyright notice that appears at the end of GN Sports, just like they did for ages on Sunday nights where only Instant Replay, not the 9pm newscast, had a copyright notice.
  12. It definitely puts them in a pinch losing Steve Sanders and Tom Negovan on the same day. Until the replacements are hired, I'm expecting to see Sean Lewis and Patrick Elwood getting a lot of time behind the anchor desk, and possibly several female+female pairings when extra fill-ins are needed. Heaving Dina Bair and Jackie Bange this past Saturday was quite unexpected.
  13. Yep, Feder confirmed Negovan's departure effective Feb 28th. No word on where he's going next. https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/03/04/robservations-ratings-deliver-gratifying-victory-univision-chicagos-wojo/#more-24721
  14. Speaking of which, Sean Lewis also was the election results reporter in studio tonight. I feel like that's normally a role for Tom Negovan if he were still around.
  15. I've noticed that under Nexstar, they seem to always have a sub on the weekend evening newscasts when one of the anchors is out. They even have Dina Bair anchoring the 5, 9, and 10pm tonight with Jackie. Under Tribune, tonight definitely would have been Jackie solo.
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