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  1. How do they expect to gain any traction if they change up the lineup every other year? I can't even count how many changes they've had over the past decade alone, let alone the past two decades.
  2. I watched a little bit of the 7pm CLTV newscast tonight. Is was much of the usual CLTV fare with just solo tight shots of the lone anchor, and all you could see was the duratran. I think they did one slightly zoomed out shot late in the newscast where you could see a bit of the shelf unit in the background. I have to wonder if they're going to make broader use of the set or if this was just a way to get the show out of the newsroom. I hope they do something with it, otherwise just a tiny flashcam setup would have achieved the same effect.
  3. What's old is new again!
  4. I bet Cheryl will probably have a few weekdays off this week. Either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday.
  5. Wow, that's like a last resort type of thing.
  6. I was surprised it hadn't happened yet. This was in the discussion since years before they actually stopped using the studio. I wonder if they had to wait the full 10 years before being allowed to put it up for rent.
  7. Tornado confirmed on the ground near Dyer, and WGN is in postgame commercials with no ticker over the commercials. Ticker didn't come up until the postgame show came back on. And despite the urgent situation, they are still continuing the postgame show like nothing ever happened because the car company with the blue oval is paying them to do so.
  8. No, they're playing in Houston.
  9. Has WGN covered this tornado warning at all? Every other station in the market has broken in for wall to wall coverage, but it looks like WGN has committed to stay with Cubs coverage without so much as a double box live report from the weather center as they've done in years past.
  10. I would be down for an update from the Terrorism Alert Desk after the postgame show, just for kicks.
  11. What the heck is with the horrid lighting and the junk over in the lower right corner? Did they hang a green curtain inside of a storage closet? Is he recording this from his own home?
  12. Yeah, all labor on TV studios must be union.
  13. I don't see any way for ABC 7's news or Tamron Hall's show to succeed on the subchannel. Best move would be to move both programs to other times. Tamron at 6 and news at 9? Or maybe news at 6:30 and Tamron at 9?
  14. And today we have an artificial city backdrop on WGN. Not sure if their camera is down or what. Normally they'd be eager to show a live shot of the snowstorm out there.
  15. I only saw the highlights, but I don't think there was anything new for their last year of Cubs game coverage, right?
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