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  1. I found it interesting that the commercial they ran tonight, they only used NewsNation branding and not WGN America branding. Makes you wonder...
  2. Was she broadcasting from home or from one or both of the stations' studios?
  3. I haven't watched the Sunday 9pm news much this fall, but I noticed that tonight, they dedicated the entire 9:40pm-10pm block to sports. Even though the actual show Instant Replay was quietly cancelled during the pandemic sports shutdown, they still basically did a pseudo-Instant Replay tonight. Have they been doing this all throughout the fall sports season, or did they only do it tonight because the Bears are trying to make a playoff push and because it's slow news during the holidays?
  4. I think tyrannical bastard may have misunderstood and thought that this was referencing the Sunday night package rather than the Sunday afternoon package?
  5. I never like large graphics that hug the bottom of the screen with no gap. It feels so claustrophobic. Don't they basically modify the NBA score graphic almost every season now? It seems absurd.
  6. Cubs play-by-play Len Kasper abruptly resigned today and joined the White Sox radio booth. I wonder if Marquee is at the root of his reasons for leaving.
  7. Wow, that's ridiculous. Honestly, sports betting is a huge turn off for me. When SportsCenter started running full segments based around betting a few years ago, I tuned out.
  8. I do miss seeing the little snippets of the latest posts to the right side of the main forum page. I used to like glancing at those to see if there was a new development I was interested in. Now it just lists the latest threads that have new posts, rather than actual snippets of the posts themselves. The rest of the update seems great so far.
  9. Nice, I always have fond memories of that era. I didn't realize that the format launched without Robin Meade at the helm in the mornings. I just looked it up, and apparently Robin Meade joined CNN Headline News on 9/11/01 of all days. What the heck. Is that a sports cut of the theme because of the Bulls in the NBA Finals? Kinda has a sports cut vibe to it.
  10. If that were to happen, I bet NBC would select to air the Super Bowl in Winter Olympics years, seeing as they already traded their year with CBS this time around to set up the Super Bowl coverage on the same year as the 2022 Winter Olympics.
  11. Yeah, it's weird. They prioritized having that graphic on display above him, when normally the priority is to have both people in a double box be on equal zoom levels. It definitely does look odd.
  12. All the best to Doc on his retirement. I'm going to miss him big time!
  13. Wow, never knew that a Sunday Ticket rule existed for that purpose. That's kinda stupid to guarantee three games for every market and then have a separate rule that overrides that when a certain network has only one game.
  14. I think the post got moved here from another thread. It appeared new to me here today as well.

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