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  1. Interesting how much of it will be talent sharing between Fox, ESPN, and especially MLB Network. Sounds like they're only planning on having like 4-5 full-timers.
  2. There is no slowing down with WGN announcements in the new year... https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/01/16/wgn-launch-half-hour-sports-show-1030-weeknights/ So does this mean that Dan Roan will work Monday-Friday instead of Sunday-Thursday like he's been doing for the past several decades? Will Instant replay be officially handed over to Lauren Magiera?
  3. I would think their biggest challenges are the fact that WGN America has gone 6 years without any content that draws an audience, so they need a lot of advertising to get eyeballs back on their network, and also it feels like a hindrance to only do nighttime news with no daytime component to draw the daytime audience and cover breaking news. Here's hoping they can overcome these hurdles with time.
  4. Having the LA studio continues to make less and less sense for ESPN. They just cut back the amount of usage for their NBA coverage there this year, now they lost SC Coast to Coast. It's basically only used for 4-5 late night SportsCenters per week, one or two days of NBA coverage per week, and I believe their daily show The Jump.
  5. I noticed that CBS 2 rolled out the weeknight crew for all of the evening newscasts tonight. Not sure if it was mainly motivated by the winter storm or by the NFL game...I'm thinking mainly because of the NFL game. I think everyone else in the market stayed with their usual weekend teams.
  6. Also, according to my program guide, they're going to end the Saturday 5pm news at 5:30pm instead of 6pm. That's only showing for this Saturday. The Saturday after that appears normal for now. Hopefully this is just a one-off occurrence.
  7. Dang, I was hoping for more midday weekend news...something either at 12pm or 4pm. Nobody in the market is doing that.
  8. It kinda feels like they were content with just refreshing the NFL look in 2018 and keeping everything else the same indefinitely. I have to wonder if they'll wait until the Super Bowl in 2022 to consider merging both packages into a single new package.
  9. Here we go, time for the end of an era. I still have fond memories of CLTV from the 90s during my childhood. :( Wow, they cut Paul off mid-sentence, at least on Xfinity, and went to sign-off. Not sure if it's the same for everyone. How embarrassing. Not a pretty send-off at all.
  10. Looks like 6pm on New Year's Eve is the end of the line for CLTV. That's when the program guide lists SIGN OFF for the channel. Politics Tonight will be the final show at 5:30pm. Kind of a shame; I was hoping they would end with a normal newscast. Instead, the final newscast will be at 2:30pm. I set a DVR recording for both.
  11. Right, it only made sense when they had all of the sports. Now you have to program everything with either local content or syndication and try to find something that viewers will want to watch.
  12. For all intents and purposes, the current iteration of CLTV was a watered-down version of Headline News from the 90s, but without regular updates. When you run a pre-recorded newscast for 3-4 hours at a time without updating it with breaking news, weather, and traffic, it loses its effectiveness. In times of severe weather, blizzards, etc, they'll still be airing the same weather segment from 3+ hours ago with outdated information rather than providing live content. The production quality was definitely underwhelming for market #3. While they've had WGN's graphics for the past 2-3 years, they still suffered with poor, muffled audio quality, audio/video miscues, and awkward transitions between pre-recorded anchor reads. It always kind of felt like a market #120 newscast. Then you have the fact that most of their lineup doesn't even consist of their news product anymore. AFAIK, they only do three 2-4 hour blocks of news per day, and the rest of the lineup is pre-recorded features and/or infomercials. Being exclusive to only a few cable providers and no satellite providers really hurt, as well. I feel bad for the staffers losing their jobs. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.
  13. Whatever comes next, I hope the top-of-screen insert graphic doesn't transfer into the new look. I still hate it and think it makes the newscast more tacky.
  14. This is definitely better than the old look. The old look was really getting stale, especially whenever they'd add a scrolling red bar like "NEWS ALERT" across the top of the old lower thirds. I hope they don't do anything like that with these new graphics. Also neat how the red gets replaced by yellow for the morning daypart.
  15. I predict that a replacement will be named just prior to November 2020 sweeps.
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