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  1. That opener is awkward in the sense that it has a "WEATHER" transition before Cheryl Scott but not a "SPORTS" transition before Jim Rose. The current openers have both. You'd think you'd either have to stay with both, or ditch those transitions altogether.
  2. Whenever Marv Albert hangs it up, I fully expect Brian Anderson to take a full-time role on TNT's Thursday NBA games. He's already their #1 on MLB coverage and #4 on NCAA March Madness. He's been a huge asset for Turner Sports. He definitely makes the big moments exciting and could some day be #1 on all of their sports coverage.
  3. 11:30pm? With essentially no lead-in? Are they basically trying to kill off the show at this point?
  4. Ugh, that's so annoying. If they want to play it that way, they should just fold all their RSNs into a single channel and air whatever game is local to your DMA.
  5. I agree. I haven't watched an RSN for anything except live sports since the mid-2000s when they still had better peripheral content. The minute the game is over, I tune away.
  6. Same thing I dislike about their previous set...the lack of depth behind the desk. All of the depth is off to the sides.
  7. Have they aired any Bruins games yet? I wonder what the in-game graphics look like.
  8. For whatever, reason, Feder seemed surprised that they were hiring a 5th meteorologist. I mean, WGN and WLS already have five. I assume Pete Sack will be utilized a lot less or almost never now.
  9. I almost got a little teary-eyed at the end.
  10. WMAQ ran this ad at the conclusion of Sunday Night Football. NBC Sports Chicago goes off the lineup on both AT&T/DirecTV and Dish on Oct. 1st if a new carriage agreement is not reached. This is the same day that the channel becomes the exclusive home of the Bulls, Blackhawks, and White Sox while losing the rights to the Cubs. I wonder what affect on pricing this change will have. They have created a website about the carriage dispute, in which they don't mention AT&T/DirecTV and Dish by name, but it's very obvious that their logos are missing from the list of networks that are carrying the network after 10/1. https://mysportschicago.com
  11. Intro is great, but I'm not a big fan of the new remix to the MNF music, though. It just doesn't have that same power to it.
  12. Wow, I can't believe 1) that they changed it that quickly ... and 2) that an ESPN employee openly tweeted about it rather than just making the change silently.
  13. I'm just disappointed that they took the lazy way out on the scoreboard by doing simply another tweak to the design they've been using for the past 4 seasons. This is better, like you said, without the italics. The font being used for the score and for the down and distance looks so out of place.
  14. Yeah, but usually only a new traveling desk that's actually used at the Super Bowl itself. This is only their 3rd new studio desk of this century: 2003, 2012, 2019. (Well, it's their 4th if you count the way that they expanded their 2003 desk in 2008 when Strahan joined. It was the same exact desk design, just made longer to accommodate the added analyst position.)
  15. A few more screens from the halftime studio show...
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