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  1. I predict that a replacement will be named just prior to November 2020 sweeps.
  2. I don't expect them to syndicate it, at least not year one. Once they get ratings feedback and see how the format faired with the audience, I think maybe they'd consider it the following year, assuming they continue to do the show.
  3. The fact that they had to use a costume supplier to create that many replicas of that getup is amazing. That was something.
  4. So now that Alicia Roman is officially off the weekend evening newscasts, I guess Pete Sack actually has a permanent role as the meteorologist for those newscasts. He's been appearing on them ever since she switched to mornings. I wonder who covers those newscasts whenever Pete is unavailable. Maybe Paul Deanno...
  5. This seems like a trial to eventually put Alicia on weekdays mornings after Andy retires. I can't think of another good reason for it. They barely have enough time for Andy's segments in the fast-paced morning news environment; I can't imagine what it's like with two AM meteorologists. How do they handle it? Do they alternate segments or something? Who stays around and provides the Today Show segments?
  6. Wow, I didn't realize that they use the news set for that show. I've never watched.
  7. I wish Xfinity would put the ESPN channels all together. It baffles me how spread apart all of the sister networks are on their lineup.
  8. Looks like they're wasting additional room for extra padding for no reason.
  9. I have a feeling this might have been in the works when they hired Paul Deanno. I wonder if Alicia will take back both weekend mornings and evenings or if they'll just use Pete or a rotating cast on weekend mornings now.
  10. That opener is awkward in the sense that it has a "WEATHER" transition before Cheryl Scott but not a "SPORTS" transition before Jim Rose. The current openers have both. You'd think you'd either have to stay with both, or ditch those transitions altogether.
  11. Whenever Marv Albert hangs it up, I fully expect Brian Anderson to take a full-time role on TNT's Thursday NBA games. He's already their #1 on MLB coverage and #4 on NCAA March Madness. He's been a huge asset for Turner Sports. He definitely makes the big moments exciting and could some day be #1 on all of their sports coverage.
  12. 11:30pm? With essentially no lead-in? Are they basically trying to kill off the show at this point?
  13. Ugh, that's so annoying. If they want to play it that way, they should just fold all their RSNs into a single channel and air whatever game is local to your DMA.
  14. I agree. I haven't watched an RSN for anything except live sports since the mid-2000s when they still had better peripheral content. The minute the game is over, I tune away.
  15. Same thing I dislike about their previous set...the lack of depth behind the desk. All of the depth is off to the sides.
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