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  1. Nice to know that they were still interested in filling that position. I was concerned that they were never going to fill it due to cost-cutting measures. Welcome to the team, Tim!
  2. I wonder if this means we can avoid the ridiculous thing they did in 2013 where they rolled out the new graphics with the Super Bowl, but went back to the old graphics for the NFL preseason and didn't bring back the new graphics until the first day of the NFL regular season. Let's hope so.
  3. The flat ABC logo next to the 3D Circle 7 logo seems a bit odd. I have to wonder if there would ever be a consideration to flatten the Circle 7 to match the design.
  4. Funny I was just thinking about this last night at random, and here we are with this announcement today.
  5. Probably the first platform in which WGN has delivered the weather without a meteorologist. Speaking of which, who has been doing the weather on weekend mornings for the past several months? Are they doing the classic strategy of having the weekend evening meteorologist (Mike Janssen) work all day every weekend, or are they rotating people in and out?
  6. Wow, seeing a throwback from only 10 years ago is something I didn't think I'd see, but either way, it's nice to see those graphics again!
  7. I haven't been following the business side of streaming. What happens if the streaming bubble collapses? Where does the business model go if that happens, if both cable and streaming collapse?
  8. Is it me, or does the clock area look it it's designed for baseball? I could easily see them using the corners of that diamond to indicate occupied bases.
  9. Wow, surprised to see this considering the design that just rolled out on the Bally networks. I guess they're trying to keep the two looks as separate as possible. I like the simplicity and clearness of this score bug.
  10. Yes, thank you to both! The Fox 2008 look was the main thing that was on the tip of my mind, that I couldn't think of. The 2016 TBS look kinda gives that vibe too. I think it was mainly the color scheme that was making me think of the Turner Sports look from 2007-2010. I also wonder if the new bosses will make all of their booth talent wear full suits for every game like what Marquee is mandating. It looks so odd to see that on a local telecast; although I think some Fox RSNs may have already been wearing suits on a daily basis anyway.
  11. That score bug reminds me of something I've seen before, but I can't place my finger on it. It gives me Turner Sports vibes circa 2007-2010
  12. The fact that the game clock and shot clock are not horizontally aligned kinda makes it look odd, but that might be a stylistic choice to help the viewer differentiate between the two?
  13. Oh absolutely. The biggest question will be what the new score graphic will be like. I know all newer score graphics tend to be larger to make them mobile-friendly, but hopefully they do it elegantly.

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