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  1. Looks like they stopped the work from home today and went back to same-studio social distancing. The setup with the monitors appears to be the in-studio Fox Weather Command area, except they covered the area where the producers usually sit with a monitor to display the show's backdrop. Edit: While two-person shows are fully in studio, looks like they're still using work from home if there's a third host. Marissa Torres is at home tonight while Brigit Mahoney and Ian Oliver are in studio.
  2. Looks like Fox Weather Wild returned to the air this week, and based on the graphic on the bottom of the screen, I'd say that the new episode must have aired on Wednesday. They're airing it in reruns right now on the stream. That's another brand new thing at Fox Weather this week: They decided to start utilizing something akin to TWC's LDL (lower display area) to display at the bottom of the screen a rotating forecast for cities across the country. Since launch day, they've used this only during the daytime automated blocks, but as of this past week, it's now being used during all live shows. The problem? It's being run from the control room on the chyrons, unlike TWC where it originates from master control. So now you've got this awkward situation where the outdated forecast bar is displayed on anything that they choose to rerun at a later date - be it reruns of Fox Weather Wild or any clips of their severe weather coverage that they might reuse on a special someday. The other quirk is that since it's built into the lower thirds, it disappears momentarily anytime an opener or a transitional effect runs over it. During the first block of this episode of Fox Weather Wild, Nick and Marissa expressed how good it was to be back but that it's a bit awkward to be doing the show remotely and having to deal with some of the delay in the feed as they talk with each other and with the guests. I got the impression that they were planning on keeping the show off the air until Fox lifted their remote work COVID protocols, but after being off the air for 4 weeks and still no lift in protocols, they must have decided that they should go ahead and start producing the show remotely. I do have to wonder if it's only going to be weekly instead of nightly at this point. I didn't catch if they said anything about that.
  3. Good point, and it does seem to logically follow that with NBCSN out of the way now, a new graphics package to usher in a new era of NBC Sports would make sense. Especially considering that the non-NFL graphics package dates back to 2015.
  4. Do we know if the show is still starting at 6am ET on the streaming platform or if they adjusted the entire show's start time to later?
  5. Wow, crazy that it's been 4 years already. The whole flip-flop they did with the rights to last year's Super Bowl really threw me off. I do sadly feel that they will bid this package adieu for this year's Super Bowl. If they do, I hope the next package is just as nice. Generally, NBC seems to have the best design sense with sports graphics.
  6. I guess the COVID isolation woes keep progressing. Effective last Wednesday 1/5, over half of the meteorologists are anchoring from home, and today, even the FNC newsroom was used as an alternate hosting location. (oddly enough, the behind the scenes Fox Weather Center was not used today. Wonder if they're now having to avoid that area due to an outbreak or something.)
  7. Congrats to Patrick on working his way back to the anchor chair after all this time with WGN!
  8. That's a good point. Maybe we'll have to wait and see what happens after a few weeks, maybe longer if it's a prolonged outbreak in the building. EDIT: I just checked in on their automated programming block. They have removed every show from the little advertising slider in the lower right except Sunrise, America's Weather Now, and America's Weather Weekend.
  9. I thought that last week's scaled-back schedule might be due to the holidays, but now it seems that last week's schedule change might be permanent? Both last week and today, live programming ended at 8pm ET every weeknight. No America's Weather Tonight, and no Fox Weather Wild. The latter show just did that one special Christmas episode on December 23rd, and that was it. No other episodes since December 9th. The 9am-12pm ET block is still called Fox Weather Sunrise. Looks like the silly Sky Dome branding is gone for good. That's about the only one of these changes I can get behind. Otherwise, the fact that the amount of live hours per day is cut down to just 6 hours in the morning every day and 5 hours in the afternoon on weekdays...not good. Also effective today 1/3, the network moved from simple social distancing (implemented on 12/22) where each meteorologist hosted from a separate side of the main studio, to now exercising full separation of the meteorologists in separate rooms. For the whole day today, they had only one meteorologist in the main studio while the other meteorologist hosted from the stand-up podium near the behind-the-scenes weather center.
  10. RIP Jeff, and I feel so bad for his son having lost both parents at age 11. I can't even imagine...
  11. Wow, I had no idea that they used the same opener format from 1999-2001 (albeit with different colors and a different background) as the 2001 package.
  12. Looks like they may have simplified their schedule even further? The Sky Dome show is gone as of today, and the 9am-12pm ET block is under the Sunrise branding instead. For the past two weeks, we observed that the America's Weather Tonight show branding was gone, as the entire 5pm-9pm block was being billed as America's Weather Now. Of course, at the beginning of the month, the weekend morning block was completely renamed as America's Weather Weekend, ditching the Sunrise and Sky Dome branding. At this point, I would not be surprised if they ditch the America's Weather Center branding and also merge that with America's Weather Now since it's just a two hour block. Unless maybe they won't do that because they count the 3-hour automated block as America's Weather Center, technically.
  13. Wow, I knew the Bally/former FSNs were gone, but I didn't realize that they had dropped every single other RSN as well. Truly a sign of the times.
  14. And you can add another meteorologist to the mix - Kiyana Lewis, formerly of News 12 Bronx/Brooklyn.
  15. Keep 'em coming! WBBM is just going to be the former-NewsNationers at this point.
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