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  1. All the best to Doc on his retirement. I'm going to miss him big time!
  2. Wow, never knew that a Sunday Ticket rule existed for that purpose. That's kinda stupid to guarantee three games for every market and then have a separate rule that overrides that when a certain network has only one game.
  3. I think the post got moved here from another thread. It appeared new to me here today as well.
  4. Wow, they actually put out The Five as a special report to the affiliates? Yikes. That's for sure a circumstance where they need to put a separate news anchor standing by for the special report to the affiliates.
  5. Just in case anyone was anticipating Ray Cortopassi's debut, his on-air debut was postponed from the original September 28th date to the following Monday, October 5th.
  6. The ticker text is above the Look N ticker. If you look at it on a different angle, you can see it. I have to tilt my monitor upwards to see the distinction.
  7. Any other Nexstar stations doing this? Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by...cleverly promoting Albert Ramon of NewsNation in a news story?
  8. I think we're getting more and more proof that as of right now, no matter what happens in the news, this will always be a precisely a 3-hour show that automatically reruns exactly as-is from 11pm-2am ET no matter what. Maybe this changes someday, but this is how it is for now.
  9. This is the problem with having this whole "west coast feed" issue. The network is programmed like a primetime scripted programming block rather than a news network. I get the impression that regardless of any major event happening, they're always going to be forced into reruns starting at 1 1pm ET.
  10. Quick observation: Having prerecorded weather coverage on the rerun isn't much help, especially when we're talking about an actively-evolving situation with tornado warnings, flood warnings, etc. They had both Albert Ramon and Gerard Jebaily in studio for Hurricane Sally coverage with a plethora of reporters out in the field.
  11. They portray the anchor desk to be rotated into multiple different positions, but it seems like they have no intention to do so on the live broadcasts. I wonder if they tried it during rehearsals and scrapped the idea. I also thought we'd be seeing a lot more of the newsroom studio on the cable side of things, but they're barely, if ever, using it. Are they doing any professional shots of the newsroom studio on the digital side of things?
  12. First off, which one of you wrote this? Secondly, idk, it just sounds a little too self-serving for them to actually put this on air.
  13. Wow, that's weird then. Can't think of why they'd go outside for video, then.
  14. I was wondering why the national Fox outlet was talking a feed from WBBM, but then I saw the mic flags. Looks like everyone else in town was there, but WFLD is nowhere to be found.
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