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  1. I was confused by Feder's writing of "Zoraida...returned Monday." Was he referring to last Monday or this Monday? Because if it was today, and the Feder post was released at 6am at his usual posting time, it would be odd to say that she made no mention of her return even though the newscast was still in progress at the time Feder's post went up.
  2. Oh, did they actually break into their programming this afternoon? Was it wall-to-wall coverage or just a quick update?
  3. So, now that the program guide for two weeks out is published, it looks like come September 27th, the remainder of the evening shows will survive. Everything before 8pm ET will shift one hour earlier than it currently is, while NewsNation Prime will be rebranded as "NewsNation with Marni Hughes" (Times in my guide shown in Central)
  4. Renaming the network to NewsNation when you have a fixed schedule with just a few hours of news per day is so ridiculous. Sad to see that they don't even cover any type of breaking news that happens during the day, now almost one year after the network started doing news.
  5. A fond farewell to Andy! Happy retirement!
  6. I like the branding, but the plain and somewhat stretched-out white text seems really generic and uninspired.
  7. WMAQ filled a position immediately? Wow, now I've seen everything.
  8. Congrats to Andy on his retirement! Going to miss him! I saw people in Feder's comments speculating on who would replace him. Isn't it already a foregone conclusion that Alicia Roman would be replacing him? Hasn't she been part of the morning news team for quite a while now, getting ready for this position?
  9. Returning to looks of the 80s and 90s is considered the trend right now. See: Miller Lite, Bud Light, Subway, Burger King, and probably countless others.
  10. Have to wonder if they're turning it into a generic stand-up or sit-down area, and from now on, if weather might only be done at the chroma key walls?
  11. He's still on the website, and as of yesterday, he was still tweeting NewsNation-related content, but I would not be surprised if they drop weather from evenings either this month or next month when the morning show starts. I could see Albert moving to mornings when that happens. We'll see
  12. Scott shouldn't talk. I can barely understand the point he's trying to make with as many errors as there are in that post.
  13. And a link for context: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2021-08-09/anchor-rob-nelson-exits-struggling-cable-channel-newsnation What a disaster. I'm sure the drastic reduction of NewsNation Prime didn't help. I'm guessing the writing is on the wall that Prime is going to be cancelled when the September lineup comes out. Wouldn't be surprised if either Marni or the weather team go next. Well, maybe one of the meteorologists gets a spot on the morning show, but I don't see weather in the evenings being a thing much longer.
  14. Nice to have a food reporter actually being hired in the market for a change!
  15. Interesting, I never realized that they were actually finding success on the digital side as a new entry into the arena. In that case, I do hope they keep it up and that management doesn't shoot their digital side in the foot while the TV arm falters.

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