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  1. I don't see any way for ABC 7's news or Tamron Hall's show to succeed on the subchannel. Best move would be to move both programs to other times. Tamron at 6 and news at 9? Or maybe news at 6:30 and Tamron at 9?
  2. And today we have an artificial city backdrop on WGN. Not sure if their camera is down or what. Normally they'd be eager to show a live shot of the snowstorm out there.
  3. I only saw the highlights, but I don't think there was anything new for their last year of Cubs game coverage, right?
  4. At first glance, I thought they were accidentally duplicating the background over and over again on a video wall. That's actually the intended design? What an eyesore.
  5. You could almost argue that they were ahead of the trend in 2016. ESPN was still messing around with the blue and silver motif at the time. It wasn't until 2017 and especially 2018 that ESPN decided to fully return SportsCenter to the red and silver color scheme.
  6. Irika just opened the newscast solo and said, "Rob...err...Brad is off tonight." Old habits die hard.
  7. Do we have any idea why they're using completely different music at the Columbus, OH game site on CBS right now? Edit: It sounds like it's a bunch of alternate cuts of the main CBS NCAA theme being used in lieu of the March Madness theme. They just used the main cut of the CBS theme going into the latest break. The only usage of the March Madness music in this telecast has been the sponsor bumpers, probably because the music is baked into the pre-recorded VO track. Edit 2: I think they figured out their issues after halftime. They're using the correct music now.
  8. From looking at some other O&Os like WCBS and KDKA, it looks like they're all airing Paid Programming during that hour. Must be a requirement. Pretty sad to see Paid Programming on a network station at 9 or 10 am on a weekday morning.
  9. I noticed that Let's Make a Deal is not being carried here in Chicago today and tomorrow due to March Madness. We have paid programming on WBBM instead. Is everyone else carrying paid programming, or are some markets airing their afternoon syndicated programming during that 1-hour block? Is pulling Let's Made a Deal something CBS does nationally in order to give their affiliates the option to move up their syndicated programming, or are repeats of the show still available today and tomorrow to the affiliates that want it?
  10. They've been so inconsistent over the years... 2011-2013: CBS graphics/CBS music 2014-2015: NCAA Tournament graphics/NCAA Tournament music 2016: CBS graphics/NCAA Tournament music 2017: NCAA Tournament graphics/NCAA Tournament music 2018-2019: CBS graphics/NCAA Tournament music Also, all of the smaller conference championships on CBS Sports Network since 3/11/19 got the NCAA Tournament music. The MVC tournament got the standard CBS music; however, since their tournament was last week instead of this week. Odd distinction there, especially since last year, the MVC tournament got treated by the NCAA Tournament music because the Big Ten Tournament was being held on the same weekend, a week earlier than normal. Since CBS was using the NCAA Tournament music for the Big Ten Tournament, they just decided to use it for the MVC Tournament since it was taking place at the same time.
  11. The first pairing of Antonio and Tracy was just for like a couple weeks between the date he started and the date Tracy went on maternity leave, right? I can't imagine it being more than 2 or 3 weeks.
  12. Turner has it again next year, right? I'm ready for them to try some shenanigans next year in that case. CBS knows better. They present sports in a much more traditional manner without all of the hullabaloo, and I appreciate them for that.
  13. She's not with TWC anymore. She left TWC in September. Looks like she's mainly been doing freelance work for NBC on the Today Show and on WNBC since then.
  14. Even in their final season televising sports, WGN has come up with revision # 1 million to their score graphic that was modified numerous times last season. For the first time, they've finally got the teams' logos and colors featured in the graphic. Edit: They had the home and road teams reversed, which led to problems when the Brewers hit a 2-run homer. It took them a few tries to fix it.
  15. Let the record show that the excessive lowercase was done for stylistic reasons... j/k. Blame the weekend crew. (Yet they capitalized "Million" but nothing else.)
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