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  1. Didn't see that one coming. All the best to her over there. Maybe that explains the recent full-time reporter hirings?
  2. What's the ethics behind advertising your cable channel against network primetime programming if you're affiliated with a network? It's easy on WGN-TV because they're independent, but if you're a Nexstar station with an affiliation, is it wrong to say, "Hey, don't watch Fox network programming tonight! Watch NewsNation instead!"?
  3. I have to laugh that the regions of the country in the newsrooms are divided up into Northeast, Southeast, Mid-South, Midwest, West, and...Texas. Guess everything's so much bigger in Texas that it requires its own division. I don't think the windows will factor into the newsroom view a whole lot for a good portion of the year. By the time the show debuts on September 1st, there won't be a whole lot of daylight left after 7pm, and it doesn't look like there's much of anything to see out those windows at night. It looks nice in the summertime during daylight, though! I'll definitely be tuning into their first week of shows to see what their news product is like. I would like to hope it's as unbiased as they say, but news stations still like to push a bias through the stories they select and the verbiage they use to present said stories. WGN-TV does that quite a bit, so my expectation is that NewsNation would be prone to do the same.
  4. Looks like they planned this return to 30 minutes somewhat in advance, with enough lead time to secure a sponsor. GN Sports now has a presenting sponsor in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, and they returned to the studio tonight, even more socially distanced than the normal newscast...
  5. They ran a promo stating that GN Sports is back to a half-hour show beginning at 10:30pm starting tonight. The temporary WGN News at 10:30 has gone the way of the Donlan.
  6. I didn't even realize he was on last night. I tuned into the 5pm show and saw Patrick Elwood on. Did Joe anchor the 9pm and 10pm? Was it totally unannounced ahead of time that it would be his last day? I knew it would be soon, but I didn't hear anything in advance.
  7. Much like the Steve Sanders vacancy, I bet Nexstar is required to post all of their job openings to the general public, even if they have no intention of hiring from outside. I still think one of the two Bradleys will get the position.
  8. Are Zonca and Kleist living separately at this point? Or is he still living in Chicago and working remotely? Yeah, it will definitely be nice to put their ancillary programming in a separate space and leave the news desk to...well...the news, if that is indeed the direction they decide to go.
  9. The MLB season is back on for 60 games starting July 24th if COVID-19 doesn't put a stop to it. Time for Xfinity to start negotiating with Marquee again? Or will they let this year go in hopes of a 2021 players' strike that allows them to hold off on carriage for a long time? https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-players-agree-to-report-for-60-game-2020-season-opening-day-to-be-set-for-july-24/
  10. Caught the credits tonight. Is the presence of a director, technical director, and audio operator an indication that they're not in fact using automation? Also, nice of them to credit Weather Producer Bill Snyder. I'm sure it's been many years to date without ever being shown in the credits.
  11. Yeah, I really wish MLB Network would consider adding back a few more nights of nonstop MLB Tonight. Back when I first discovered them in 2010, the norm was to have 6-7 nonstop hours of MLB Tonight every single night. I'm sure it must have been costly, as they started leaning heavily on airing the RSN-simulcast games replacing several hours of MLB Tonight starting in 2011 and 2012. I understand that they probably can't budget doing the 6-7 hours of MLB Tonight every single night anymore, but I just wish they would do it once or twice a week. It's also kinda crazy how often their daytime lineup gets replaced by live games. Many weeks, their daytime shows are only aired one or two days, with the rest of the week being all live games.
  12. ESPN only airs games on Tuesday night if they are unable to air a game on Monday or Wednesday night due to a commitment to airing something else (typically NBA Playoffs). ESPN technically only has Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights. MLB Network tends to air games on any day that a national network doesn't air a game, so much like the first half of the season, MLB Network would most certainly air a game on Sunday afternoons, almost certainly just an RSN simulcast like they typically do.
  13. We are here in Location 1. We want to take you live out to Location 2 where Reporter 1 is reporting on Event 1 right now!
  14. So they're going to move the Sunday games, which are unpopular because it's non-exclusive, and everyone's watching their local teams instead, to Tuesday night, where it will be non-exclusive, and every other team is playing at the same time as well. The good news is that weeknights are still probably more likely to catch the attention of channel surfers. The bad news is we don't even know what will be left of MLB after all these labor issues.
  15. Yeah, it very well may be some sort of standard Nexstar system. I think the new time/temp layout is nice. It fits better in the space than the old font did. Not sure how I feel about the lower third fonts. I'll see how it feels after a few days as tweaks may continue to occur.
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