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  1. Why do I get this feeling the MARQUEE SPORTS NETWORK name will be replacing Fox Sports [name of city]
  2. Just a bit of an update, WSYM now has the 2020 scripps end cap with scripps music
  3. I just wonder if Lansing, Michigan Scripps owned WSYM TV plan on getting the new scripps look, or will they be stuck with the clunky Gray look [Gray's lansing,michigan NBC station WILX TV produces FOX47NEWS]
  4. I would've LOVVVED for VIACOMCBS to have used the retro CBS font ..ANNNNNNND! a challenge I give to the creative folks out there, y'all know Viacom for that "pinball machine music" in their original logo,and CBS with their "chimes" from the 60's that intro'd their programs in color, lets see if both themes can mesh together as an end cap for the company [which also by the way, NOW also owns Brittan's channel 5 and Australia's Network Ten ]
  5. lugnuts6

    The "3" Thread

    I'll give it a chance, reminds one of the "Square 3" when it was own by NBC ,saw one of the TV Guide ads on a facebook group
  6. lugnuts6

    The "3" Thread

    if that is the new WKYC logo....... GET THE BUCKETS!! total vomit inducing !
  7. I cant wait for CBSNDetroi...uh..right they dont have a news department ....never mind
  8. Looks like that move to Washington DC is fast , FTVLive reports that CBS announced that CBS EVENING NEWS W/Norah O'Donnell to debut on July 15th from washington DC,but then again who knows..we'll just find out on july 15th
  9. lugnuts6

    WTTV New Look

    Do the folks at WLIO know about this ? [they call their newscasts "your news now" ]
  10. so THATS why I heard a new corporate ID liner on entercom owned 97.1 WXYT FM "The Ticket" detroit
  11. I wonder if WLNS TV will have the same type set as WTEN !?
  12. Reason I asked is, if memory serves me correctly, Chris Illitch was contemplating starting up his own sports network for the red wings /tigers when the FSDetroit contract expires in 2021 But with Gores as a partner with Liberty media in a bid for the 21 former fox sports regional nets . that plan could be somewhat moot yes??
  13. Hey OKNewsGuy, You said something that caught my curiosity: "This is something Liberty might consider but they probably won't do it. It'd be awesome if they did though. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported the other day that Twins Owner Jim Pohlad has joined the Liberty-Platinum bid and now the New York Post has reported via its sources, that the owners of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Milwaukee Brewers, and Cleveland Browns might join the Liberty-Platinum bid." is this the same platinum group run by Tom Gores [owner of the Detroit Pistons] or am I thinking another Platinum ??
  14. Any syndy news for Lansing-Jackson Michigan TV Market?
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