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  1. Who'da thunk that station would wind up a satellite station of KLUR TV
  2. who is doing coverage for Telemundo / NBCUniverso ???
  3. And just like that ...April Moss has been scrubbed from the CBSDetroit.com website
  4. Ahh..April Moss the latest to add to the list .. I guess CBS was right in not having a newscast on WWJ 62 [when they had no choice but to buy it when it was WGPR TV after WJBK went to FOX]...only a 2.5 minute weathercast and a short sports update at 11pm
  5. why do I have this feeling that this was her plan all along 1. go public with the info ....CHECK 2. grab enough publicity to make her bosses "suspend her".....CHECK 3. she records her now former boss saying she was suspended...CHECK 4. it becomes official [shes's out] and now all thats left is to dump the evidence with Project Veritas.....CHECK and MATE did I miss anything or am I close?? so now lets see.. In 2020, in Anchorage, Alaska a news anchor went nuts ,got fired when she had a fight with her fiancee who happens to be the ND over so called evidence
  6. and Ivory has now been "suspended Indefinately pending review" ..oh yeah, Ivory recorded the ND calling her home with the news
  7. Ohhhhhhhh CNN & MSNBC will have a field day tomorrow with this..but now if this is in the same ballpark as say RKO GENERAL in the late 70s could this have the same type consequence for FOX O&Os and the network as a whole??? UPDATED: 9:19 am et. Just read FTVLive...and nope, this is a nothingmajorburger, except that she just pearl harbored [wrestling term] her tv news career, tho maybe she can get in with OAN.
  8. WILX TV already has that, its called STUDIO 10 at 4pm.. Its Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh, their 4th attempt at a local 4pm show
  9. Just saw an ad here in the Lansing-Jackson market, "Live with Kelly & Ryan" are moving to Scripps owned Fox station WSYM starting August 23rd, what is Gray owned NBC station WILX going to air to replace it
  10. Ok, but besides SCRIPPS, how about Byron Allen Media ??
  11. Uh, good suggestions, but what if angley did a "pat robertson" and in his will it states that the station stays in the hands of his church in perpetuity ( in Pat Robertson's case its that no matter who owns "THE CBN FAMILY CHANNEL" they have to air "the 700 club" in perpetuity)
  12. Maybe whomever runs the O&Os will do something to it's Detroit CBS O&O to bring a news department or work with WWJ News radio 950 [ not the CW half Well...maybe even that ]
  13. I spoke of this once before, but here is my solution , and i'm not a consultant , i'm a viewer like you folks and you can agree or disagree, all i ask is for an open mind NewsNation as a concept would work, if..and this has been a problem of theirs since its debut, and that is WHY they dont have the program live coast to coast solution.. you have TWO HQs for the newscast one at WGN Chicago & one at the sunset gower studios , the home of KTLA TV , I think they have some studio space that is unused at the moment that could house a west coast NN. here's an exam
  14. FOX had a taste with the NHL, it was so-so , if they were to get it, they would probably have it on FS1/FS2 with Saturday nights for FOX starting at 7 call it hockey night in America
  15. I got to agree, the CBS pkg looks super [kinda needs to get used to during their Morning,6 & 11 news simulcast on WLAJ ]

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