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  1. It will be nice to have FOX47NEWS back at 600 West St. joseph Rd HQ.
  2. It will be interesting indeed.. should the Supreme Court overturn, are we ready for the possibility there's going to be a mediapocalyspe ??
  3. I'd be curious what Nexstar has planned for their CBS Affiliate in Lansing,Mich WLNS as for set and graphics
  4. been wondering who the heck is the person who does the Voice overs introducing 6 NEWS and of course the "your watching 6 News, sponsored by.." on WLNS TV Lansing
  5. looks like the famed Viacom "V OF DOOM" after Nutra-System and Slim Fast
  6. Any word as to what syndicated show will be in the lansing-jackson TV Market ??
  7. I got to agree, it was odd to see an In credit nexstar media group copyright instead of the usual 10 second animated one..but I do agree it REALLY wouldve look WAYYYYYYYYY outta place on a national scale ..unless they plan on doing a national version of the animated credit , with a newsnation logo in place of "LOCAL" followed by the famed "bang,bang,Bang" and then the famed nexstar logo.
  8. You know, you are right goldenshine9
  9. Should this purchase be blessed by the FCC, could we POSSIBLY see...
  10. and for WLTZ, it probably means the end of their news department....again!
  11. WGNAmerica...Entertainment all day, News all night, AND NO INFORMERCIALS !!!
  12. As for Lansing,Michigan's WSYM FOX47 ...uhhhhhh I dont think so , I mean where would you put the YES!
  13. and here is the screen shot of the copyright notice at the end of their newscast ...
  14. watching the livestream right now , while the graphics say KTVA.COM and KTVA 11 News, the anchors and reporters are using the name "CBS5Anchorage"
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