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  1. Reading that story, Why do I want to ask if something like that happened long ago when CBS ran like the proverbial "chicken with its head cut off" when looking for a new Detroit TV home .
  2. I think NXT will go to FS2, now why not FS1, because of too many live sports events on FS1
  3. With NBCSN shutting down, I wonder if this means that the reported reboot of G4 MIGHT be a reality?!
  4. Saw the debut, First Impressions are, it reminds me of "NewsFix" I hope its only temporary until their news department is up and running
  5. Ok, I gotta ask , what about MeTV on WSYM FOX47.2 in Lansing,Michigan will that stay or go to gray's WILX TV 10.5 [presently antenna TV]
  6. Uh, for those talking about "PARAMOUNT NETWORK" remember THAT will be rebranded as Paramount Movie Network in 2021, oh and EL REY Network signs off on dec. 31st
  7. So we ARE nearing ......what I predicted in my artwork
  8. If there is a suggestion to help NewsNation its this .. you have TWO NN Broadcast HQs for the east coast : WGN for the west coast : KTLA , they can utilize one of the studios on the lot as "NEWSNATION WEST"
  9. Any further Update on Nexstar's Lansing,Mi CBS Station ?
  10. It will be nice to have FOX47NEWS back at 600 West St. joseph Rd HQ.
  11. It will be interesting indeed.. should the Supreme Court overturn, are we ready for the possibility there's going to be a mediapocalyspe ??
  12. I'd be curious what Nexstar has planned for their CBS Affiliate in Lansing,Mich WLNS as for set and graphics
  13. been wondering who the heck is the person who does the Voice overs introducing 6 NEWS and of course the "your watching 6 News, sponsored by.." on WLNS TV Lansing

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