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  1. The promo campaign when this debuted normally included VO saying "Keeping you: Safe. Informed. Connected." It's a severe weather market, and the longtime weather slogan is "Your safest place in a storm." New slogans, especially for legacy stations, come after lots of market research. One of the primary questions asked is normally "what do you expect from your local news?" I would assume this was born out of the majority of answers being some form of "keeping my family safe, staying informed and connected to my community." Stations are more concerned about what their audience wants and expects than hanging onto a zippy slogan that a forum thinks is "unique." EDIT: The VO in the new open is also "Keeping you: Safe. Informed. Connected."
  2. Just a reminder that we're in the midst of a pandemic and every work stream possible has been upended. Launching a new gfx package would be an unneeded distraction, especially for the small market stations.
  3. The station is right downtown. There is no room for a helipad. Tune airport was the best option.
  4. The LED platform is gone too.
  5. Getting serious 2004 WTMJ vibes from that open.
  6. Honestly I don't hate this package. The music is pretty good. The graphics are SUPER basic, but less flash hopefully means more emphasis on the actual content. My consumption of TV news has fallen drastically over the last couple of years because the substance just isn't there.
  7. I noticed this on a KMGH live stream today. *ducks and covers*
  8. FYI: It's just an update. The newsroom view is becoming a monitor wall, per an employee.
  9. As mentioned in very tiny text in the original post (why?) these are only graphics for the 5OYS Investigates franchise. Chill.
  10. Appears to be a mistake or old page. TV listings two weeks out show it still at 4. (http://www.10news.com/entertainment/tv-listings) And Dateline? On ABC? At 3pm? No....
  11. WTVF's opens pre-Scripps are some of my favorites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=8Xs-0G2KEgk And since the thread includes promos...
  12. I hate to throw back to a post from two weeks ago, but I don't hang around these parts like I used to... WTVF is the dominant number 1 in the Nashville market. It has won all time slots for more than a year now, and when it didn't completely sweep previously, it was losing by a fraction of a point in one newscast. Upon joining Scripps it jumps in as the #2 station for revenue in the company. Behind only WXYZ. We ain't all 3rd or 4th place stations... #wigsnatch
  13. That was a 3 minute package on a set. I understand it's a small market. But that was a 3 minute package on a set.
  14. I'm strangely alright with it. Yes it is cheesy, but it's very 90's and (those of you who are old enough to remember the early 90's) will recall that the 90's were very cheesy in general.
  15. OK, there are a bunch of stations out there with this graphics package, mine included and it can be done well and not so much... This one is the latter... Really? Using the "Live" bug for when the announcer says "live"? EDIT And an even worse version:
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