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  1. I cant stop listening to this, I love it. But there is no need for a desk that large.
  2. When did sunrise revamp their look?
  3. ABC News' World News Now beings broadcasting in HD tonight.
  4. Is it me or it doesnt sound very..FOXy?
  5. HM, interesting. DO they not use the FOX music pkg? ...just sounds?
  6. I hate how these packages use a globe motif, it makes me them look so generic. Blah.
  7. Hey, I need a copy of your green card when you get a chance. Thanks, Jordan in HR
  8. Post-Gazette. Newspapers: Reporting stuff since the 1600s.
  9. KDKA is supposed to launch HD on 6/15. I can't wait to see what a Faux-Eurostile catastrophe this will be.
  10. What about WPXI? Aren't their live shots/field video in HD? I forget.
  11. KXAN flipped the switch today, reportedly.
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