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  1. Speaking of CBSN, looks like the producers at KDKA are pushing to unionize, with CBSN mentioned in the release. As far as I know, they’ve been running a bare bones operation since the launch and the last round of Viacom cuts:
  2. You’re absolutely right. There’s little doubt they were going to go after another anchor in the market, so to string their existing talent along is pretty low.
  3. Imagine being a reporter or working behind the scenes at WUSA. The bosses have now paid money to lure 3 primary anchors away from WTTG and yet, they’re still in 4th place. And still, everyone’s being asked to shoulder the load of corporate pain, taking unpaid furloughs, etc.
  4. Deep sources. And just because someone is joining does meant they are automatIcally staff off the bat. Trust me on this.
  5. FYI. Phil will be freelance reporting. Not anchoring.

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