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  1. Really late to the party. I don't have the complete answer, just a clue--it's from KGTV. As to whether it's a custom package, a library theme or what, I don't know... but I am absolutely obsessed with it! NMSA lists it as "KGTV 1994 News Theme." From the hook I'm guessing it is something custom because of the way it screams "10 News." Nice long close from YouTube:
  2. Hey Smitha! You left your schedule on the photocopier again. It's in my desk whenever you wanna drop by to get it.
  3. Already on a temporary set as of tonight.
  4. As far as I can tell, WTOV is still broadcasting in 16:9 SD. Even in SD, the quality of the picture is awesome-- always has been, compared to 7 which is muddy and dark. I'm told to expect KDKA's graphics to be in-house. I'm disappointed that there won't be a KDKA version of the KYW graphics (I was thinking along the lines of KPHO) but I am hoping for the best. Their graphic designer has some talent but it always seems like management wants to go for less impact (in an effort not to scare the loyal viewers away.) I am hoping for a nice, clean font. I don't know what it is with KDKA and typ
  5. As promised, here's the open, smooshed down a bit. The file is 27MB, so fair warning! http://www.tvnewstalk.net/elsewhere/4Open-DV.mp4 I really, really like the subtle touches-- like the Pittsburgh skyline inside the ABC logo.
  6. Here are a few. Video to follow (did not catch an open, but a few transitions. And the wipes between teases? Yeech!) Truthfully, I would switch to watching WTAE if they would get away from that godawful Gilmer theme. Attaching as opposed to Flickr, so you can get the full quality image. The verdict? Overall, I'm pleased. WTAE isn't over-hyping the HD thing. While I wish I had captured an open, I enjoy what I have seen so far. It's clean, compact and even a little classy. A huge step-up from the TAG look. They did, however, quash my pipe-dream of a move to the new Gari H-A
  7. Working on it tonight, JV. Cool your jets!
  9. I LOVE LOCAL 2's new approach to news! Sassy and no-nonsense, and not over tabloidy... unlike Sashay's hair. :-(
  10. I think it's only a particular Moto box, which I happen to have. Christian, get VLC Player. You can open the m2t videos in there, and use the Streaming/Exporting Wizard to transcode to a MOV file or even an MP4.

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