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  1. EngadgetHD had a good story about it. Another cookie cutter FX set design.. bleh.
  2. WISC, the CBS affiliate in Madison, WI is lauching HD news this Sunday.
  3. Decent HD graphics on a Hearst station? About freakin' time.
  4. Thank you! I'll find something to upload tomorrow in return.
  5. Was reading a TV magazine I get, was not sure if you guys knew about this: http://www.televisionbroadcast.com/content/hdnewsmap/HD_Newscast_Tally__90_HD_Stations_in_51_Markets.shtml Although it seems they're a bit slow with updating... maybe we can help?
  6. Oh yeah, no question about it. That's the WLS bug (with an ABC 11 logo). Looks beautiful though.
  7. From what I hear, KUTV in Salt Lake City is HD today. (So is KSL, in REAL HD this time.)
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