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  1. It's more fair to call it a blue grey. The ceiling is also not getting the level of lighting the set gets so it's hard to tell exactly. In what I've seen they're pretty close, but the set is definitely blue.
  2. These photos are of what will be the Meet the Press studio. Yes, it's painted in a hideous blue color, same one as the "metro station" ceiling paneling in the newsroom. Just wait to see it with the lights on... The entire thing looks like a rejected soap opera set from the 50's. There are additional studios (at least one, but I hear there are more?) on the upper floors. The replacement one for the one that had the fire is much more "traditional" for a NBC News set (your standard Clickspring design) and should be popular on here once it debuts. THAT one may debut by Election Night.
  3. Same thing happened yesterday with ABC stations. They got pulled pretty quickly.
  4. Can you please provide a source for these "indications"? All I see is that Tegna became aware of the licensing issue after the shooting happened. Per the KUSA statement: And per the TVNT site guidelines:
  5. Until there's FCC regulations about TV stations hiring outside security guards, the FCC has no jurisdiction here and no reason to get involved. Let's summarize things here: KUSA/Tegna contracted with Pinkerton to provide a security guard. The vast majority of security guards, whether they be at TV stations, your local mall, a defense contractor, a technology company, or wherever, are outsourced from contractors. The bigger names in this field are companies like Securitas (which owns Pinkerton) and Allied Universal. These contracts typically require some sort of background check, but generally only by the service provider (i.e. Pinkerton.) The company getting services, in this case Tegna, relies on the contractor to follow the contract. No company really has any interest in doing a background check on the security guards and janitors their contractors bring in. That's why they're contracting in the first place. In certain situations, the security guards do identify with the particular company to which they are assigned (A security guard contracted to a Google office may wear a Google uniform.) In this specific case, it is highly unlikely the security guard was decked out in KUSA swag (TV stations are already stingy enough with swag for actual employees.) In many states, security guards must be licensed. In this case, it appears the "guard" was somehow allowed to be hired without a license. Again, a Pinkerton problem. It's not uncommon for a contractor to contract out work, especially one-off jobs, such as this one. Pinkerton has a long history of scandals, to the point that they are often antagonists (or at least referenced) in video games set in the past. It's highly unlikely any of this will come back to be blamed on KUSA/Tegna in court. This is 100% on Pinkerton.
  6. This. The color temperature seems off, like the house lights are on too...
  7. Most major markets have more hubbed master control operations than small markets. KABC: Currently hubbed at Encompass in Atlanta, soon Houston. KNBC/KVEA: Hubbed at Comcast Media Center in Dry Creek, CO. KCBS/KCAL: Hubbed in the room next to ABC in the Encompass facility. KTTV: Hubbed at FOX facility in Las Vegas. KTLA: Unsure, but likely to be out of one of the 5 new Nexstar hubs eventually (Springfield (Massachusetts), Spartanburg, Indianapolis, Dallas, and Denver) Transmissions sometimes monitors the transmitter, but they do not have Master Control duties, and Transmissions is also not staffed 24/7. Some of these stations may have local override buttons. But again, there are union rules about who is allowed to press that button, and station rules about clearance needed to break into programming.
  8. The union and cost considerations likely contributed to the delay. Technical personnel are hourly, and their 8 hours is usually timed to end in conjunction with the end of the last newscast. Anything after that is overtime, which means you're paying at least 1.5x the normal cost to have them around. This is why there is usually some kind of approval process from management in order for the last newscast to go long. A technical employee making $30/hr normally is now making $45/hr. Those costs add up fast, and rolling news coverage usually doesn't have commercials, so you're not making any money while paying 1.5x the cost to have just your technical employees around. Three minutes might not seem like a long time, but I would not be surprised if the studio lights were already off, the cameras parked (fun fact: those cool moving camera shots for a newscast close are often the preset to park the cameras being played out over a long duration), and the control room empty at several of these stations. Not to mention, in this day and age with automation, you usually can't just push a few buttons and be on air. Someone has to load up a rundown into the various systems that put a newscast on the air.
  9. From the WNBC thread, these are special new weather graphics for WNBC, pushed by their weather producer. This is still part of Look N, so let's please not speculate about "new graphics". I think this update probably means there were never plans for new graphics this year, like some believed.
  10. Can't confirm this directly, but according to this post from a retired engineer, as of September 5th, Two Thousand and Twenty, almost 14 years since this thread was created... WDSU-TV New Orleans is finally HD, debuting a new fully-HD control room. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1425282661005351/permalink/1548173738716242/
  11. CBS and Fox News Channel have had a content share agreement for a while. It's just not very often used, and when it is, it's usually transparent to the end viewer. For example, a Fox News satellite truck may uplink live signals for both FOX and CBS. Additionally, WFLD, WBBM, WGN, and WMAQ have had a news share agreement in place since 2009. I know everyone on here likes to think there's all this in-fighting behind the scenes between stations like a scene out of Anchorman. That couldn't be further from reality. Stations share content with each other all the time and work together frequently, regardless of affiliation or ownership groups, and this has been going on since TV started.
  12. That's their Investigative unit package. They've had it for a while. From what I've heard from people "in the know": -The weather graphics were only changed to the CBSN local package because most stations don't have the resources to maintain two looks. -Any plans for new graphics are indefinitely on hold due to the Viacom takeover and COVID. I'm considering closing this thread, it's becoming a "graphics speculation" thread where people just point out any random oddity as a "sign" of new graphics.
  13. Yes, KBMT is broadcasting from the KHOU studio in the George R. Brown Convention Center.
  14. KMTV had the Scripps v.2 weather graphics for years and never used the full package. Scripps doesn't seem to care if the weather computers jump the gun.
  15. KTVA itself no longer has a news department. Everything but the license and transmitter now belongs to Gray. More than likely, the KTVA signal will go dark once it's fully integrated into KYES. KYES is essentially airing a news product named "KTVA 11 News" right now and simulcasting on Channel 11, from the way it's described in the announcement.
  16. The NMSA isn't some magic site that is 100% accurate. It's more than likely someone sent in a wild assumption and the operators just put it up since they are unable to verify it.
  17. The Contact TVNT Action Team On Your Side Investigators have combed through hundreds of pages of government documents (we ran a search) and we can report that, despite all these job cuts, the federal government paid out anywhere between $350,000 and $1,000,000 to Coastal Television from the Paycheck Protection Program to retain 30 jobs. At this rate, 30 jobs will be all that's left across the company.
  18. This. Some of the animations aren't even done correctly and the yellow bar is all blown out. It just looks like a last-minute change that some ill-advised manager pushed through. Also, I'm surprised nobody's pointed out that their lower thirds are now very similar to those of WPXI's. I guess this kills off the idea that a new graphics package is on the way. They wouldn't do this if they thought it would all go away in a few months.
  19. This was the original stated purpose of NewsNet. The original concept seemed to hope that affiliates would start their own small local news departments, that would insert 5 minutes of local news twice an hour. But, surprise, very few stations actually did that. Most stations ended up being low-power stations with 10 other "throwaway" networks that just ran NewsNet national and collected whatever tiny amount of ad revenue they could. The new model seems to be convincing stations to replace most of their existing local news departments with an hour of the NewsNet feed with a few minutes of local news sprinkled on top. What that tells me is the original concept is a failure, and they're now moving on to Plan B. They have to make this work. Eric Wotila is riding the already-in-freefall rollercoaster that is local TV news, and is now working on pulling out the brakes.
  20. It was trapped in new member verification, but you might want to take a look at the post above yours now. I'd say that's confirmation.
  21. Like this post if you're old enough to remember the WITI MyFox site being covered in the "kitebox" logo that was never once used on-air. Is there anything besides the website update that is leading people to believe KCPQ is launching new graphics today?
  22. First on the TVNT Discord over the weekend... WarnerMedia has placed CNN Center in Atlanta up for sale, and may have already found a buyer. CNN will remain in CNN Center for the next 5 years, at which point any remaining operations in Atlanta are expected to move back to the Techwood campus, New York, or Los Angeles. https://www.gpbnews.org/post/cnn-center-atlanta-be-sold https://www.ajc.com/news/breaking-news/sell-landmark-cnn-center-building-downtown-atlanta/kIsZtWUQiPPjbYICmVZunM/
  23. Last night I was having trouble getting to sleep, and decided to put on NewsNet for a while to see if that would help. Thinking about what is happening with KTWO, I ended up logging an hour's worth of what they aired and figured out where it came from. I wanted to know just how much they rely on CNN. The answer? In the hour I watched, approximately 27 minutes, or 45% of the hour, was ultimately from CNN. A package from WISH also aired twice, with a large "wishtv.com" bug in the upper right, but otherwise clean. This doesn't seem to have come from CNN, but the bug being there was a little odd. Those 9 minutes of actual content from NewsNet include: 5 minutes of Weather (2 minutes and 3 minutes) 2 minutes of news headlines (Nothing substantial, just teasing stories about to air. 1 at top of hour, 1 at bottom) 2 airings of an approx. 1 minute package from California where the reporter/VJ had a NewsNet mic flag.
  24. Looking forward to "News Net Wyoming".
  25. TVNewsCheck has another article out regarding groups strongly looking at keeping some aspects of "social distancing" around, previously discussed with Fox, and this one now includes Gray and Tegna. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/249724/no-going-back-to-pre-covid-workflows/ Tegna on employees being in the building: Fox and Tegna on staff in the buildings and possible severe weather coverage contingencies: Gray: So, yeah. Even if this disappears in the coming weeks, I think the damage is done. These groups have seen the "efficiency" in not having everyone come to the station to work. Fewer people in the office means less space is needed, and less space saves money.
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