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  1. You're missing Eat's point. When 9/11 happened, nobody really bothered to even wait until they had special breaking news graphics cued up until they went on air. WPIX cut to a live picture with lower thirds and a VO. WNBC didn't even have a lower third at first, they just cut to a live picture with a VO. WABC actually went on-air so fast that they used the wrong cart ("This has been an ABC7 Eyewitness News special report.") WNYW was on the air when it happened. They just went to their reporter a few blocks away. The only station that managed to cue up a "breaking news" animation was WCBS. The point is 9/11 happened so fast that they didn't have time to sensationalize it. Nobody covered their screens in "BREAKING NEWS!!!" graphics and animations because the pictures spoke for themselves. I doubt anyone rushed this to air quite like they did on 9/11 (though they did rush into plenty of tweeting and speculation with little fact behind them immediately after it happened.) This helicopter crash happened in poor weather, giving you plenty of reasoning to think it could have been an accident, and it was sensationalized like this could be a new 9/11, even after the facts started coming out, and despite the fact that nobody had anything decent to show of the actual accident, except blocky street-level video fed off bonded cellular backpacks trying their best to push out a signal over the congested cell phone networks. 9/11 was covered like it was because it was news. This was covered like it was because the stations could sensationalize it like it was another 9/11, until they couldn't, and even then, they kept going.
  2. WPIX actually managed to get in the audio to their morning breaking news open at the immediate start of coverage. Y'know, the one using their early 2000's, upbeat morning theme with the lady singing. You can actually hear the audio operator trying to pull out the singing in real time. If anyone though the Tegna C Clarity claps and "ooh ahhs" were inappropriate for breaking news...
  3. This. The only law is that the EAS message be aired aurally and visually.
  4. Likely the same reason Cox wasn't gobbling up stations: too much fat within the company sucking up the money. At this point, Hearst is bait for another Apollo to come along and enter TV with.
  5. $535 million for all of that isn't cheap, but it's definitely not what this collection of stations would have sold for 10 years ago. We're seeing a lot of these sales not because the companies necessarily have "deep pockets", but because the stations value has plummeted to the point where groups like Tegna don't have to reach nearly as deep into said pockets to buy them. Another factor is the market is beginning to level off, and investors for these mega groups are starting to feel comfortable with throwing large sums of money around again.
  6. Almost all stations have a switcher that isn't sufficient to have every feed coming into the building available on it. A small market may only have a handful of sources, but probably has a small switcher. A large market station may have a hundred sources but a switcher that only supports 50. Most stations I've seen rely on having a block of switcher inputs (I'd say on average 10) designated for remote sources (which can be satellite feeds, microwave, bonded cellular, and in some cases infrequently used hookups within the building itself) that are fed from the facility's router, and usually these run through framesyncs to ensure they're synchronized with the switcher. Since KGO was in the middle of a show, they would already have had the remote shots they were using routed in. It's possible that they already had CNN Newsource routed to the switcher for something else that was being fed on it (Newsource fed a murder trial verdict from Southern California less than an hour prior to the crash, at the time of the crash, Newsource was offering two feeds from a House Judiciary Committee hearing regarding the Mueller report). It's possible NewsOne was feeding something else and couldn't feed WABC immediately, or in a rush to get on-air, WABC wasn't feeding NewsOne. My guess is a producer, either in the booth or in the newsroom, saw the alert come down from CNN first, and at that point their priority was to get Newsource on the air because they knew that this was being covered on it.
  7. This. CNN Newsource was probably already routed into the switcher and the producers just went with whatever feed would put pictures of the news on-air the fastest. The last thing on their mind was "Gosh I wonder if WABC is feeding this somewhere. Let's waste time getting that feed routed into the switcher instead of taking the one already available."
  8. Oh no, that's definitely a factor too. Basically what I was told was they couldn't afford it even if they could get it.
  9. Poked around and found KOVR said goodbye to one photog on-air, though mentioned "several" people were leaving, including one other photog.
  10. It's the big open space just left of the ramp space and right of the elevator banks. That's the entirety of the block, which does actually expose another oddity about the WBBM space: the only way to get extremely large items (i.e. large set pieces that wouldn't fit in an elevator from the docks below) in and out of the studios is through one of the Block 37 mall entrances. You can see the oversized doors next to the revolving door on Google Streetview, and on that plan you can see the large double doors leading into the hallway between the studios. That mall entrance likely would have also been the audience staging area, had they ever landed the talk show or whatever they initially intended the current news studio to be used for.
  11. KDKA's farewell specifically mentions some of the departures being in "engineering" and "master control", which probably means the Master Control Hub is finally fully online. I imagine a lot of the names are from that, and it just so happened their departure lined up with a few other people who decided to leave or retire at the same time.
  12. I heard this back in the era of "Just 10 Minutes" and that awful synth theme that nobody has ever admitted to composing. Back when they definitely couldn't afford it, even if it was available to them.
  13. The space behind the area where the jumbotron was to go is the HVAC and lighting grid space. The other studio on the same floor (the big room on the right side of the floorplan) has a catwalk along one side, though I'm not sure if the streetside studio does. A bathroom would be fairly easy to plumb, since there's a set just right of the streetside studio The shaded ares marked NIC/Not In Contract seem to refer to this plan's original use as an office space furnishing plan (They seriously couldn't dig up a better floorplan??) Obviously you don't need office furniture in the bathroom so it's marked NIC.
  14. I heard some time ago that they can't get Enforcer due to market overlap/exclusivity with WBBM (Kenosha County is in both Milwaukee and Chicago viewing areas, and for a long time cable subscribers there got both Milwaukee and Chicago locals.) CBS Local would be the next best option, but I don't think it fits WDJT's image.
  15. That's unfortunate. I feel like they actually improved the previous generation O&O package with all their little in-house fixes. Hopefully they do something about the awful lower third in this generation of the O&O package.
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