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  1. Weeters

    WEVV New Graphics

    That's probably the most common way to do it, but not all stations or graphics packages are created equal. I think a lot of stations are moving to inserting it in control so the web stream will have it. The Tegna graphics package is designed this way, and I believe some Scripps stations insert ticker and bug in the PCR as well.
  2. Weeters

    KHOU's new building

    The sign was restored and converted to LED, according to this video.
  3. Weeters

    KHOU's new building

    That's one awkwardly shaped studio. So small, the chroma wall is behind the homebase area. At least it looks like they have a window to outside. It's neat how they worked the signage from the tower at the old place into the ceiling of the break area.
  4. Weeters

    WEVV New Graphics

    Keyer priority. The lower third and OTS are on separate key channels, and they're not set up correctly in the switcher.
  5. Weeters

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    Was talking about the Nexstar/Tribune and Northwest stations. The Cox people are going to have to figure out a standardization plan for the Apollo group as a whole. Ex-Tribune stations can't live on TONS and BRUTUS forever.
  6. Weeters

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    That's a lot of wishful thinking. Especially once the Tribune/Nexstar and Northwest stations are brought into the fold. Just because Cox people may be brought over to the new Apollo, doesn't mean Apollo is going to let them run things the "Cox Way". The ex-Cox staffers will be forced to unify all these stations on similar hardware, just like every other station group is. Someone will get a set designed, and that will quickly become the "Apollo set", and we'll have the "Apollo graphics" and "Apollo music". That's how Economy of Scale works. I suspect in a couple years, "Apollo buys a new station" will be as unpleasant to hear around these parts as "Sinclair buys a new station" or "Nexstar buys a new station" is today. Hope for the best, expect the worst!
  7. KRON licensed Aerial ages ago, but hasn't really gotten around to fully adopting it. It's been randomly appearing in promos for a while now.
  8. If we assume there is any demand for this, its not a bad idea. No ads means nobody is getting paid to try and sell commercial time, and it's unlikely they'd make a lot of money off that to begin with. Assuming they get 15,000 month-to-month subscribers, they'll make $45,000 gross a month before operating expenses, which could easily pay for a small team of producers and an extra (one man band) reporter or two. I have my doubts this will work in the long term, but at least they are trying to stay relevant in the digital age. Also, I know it's "commercial-free", but I imagine they will still sell sponsorships and make some additional revenue that way.
  9. Weeters

    Gray Television - General Thread

    United is actually getting out of everything. It sold its last newspaper (The Kenosha News) a few weeks ago. They've slowly been selling off their other newspaper properties over the past few years. What a terrible position they were in. Small town newspapers and TV stations with pretty much no digital properties and lackluster digital for the stuff they did own.
  10. Weeters

    Out & About

    There were rumors of a few years ago of a chopper share between WTMJ and WISN that would have gotten them both (and possibly WITI and WDJT if they wanted to buy in) a HD chopper... Hopefully that avenue is explored again.
  11. Weeters

    WISC (finally) getting a new set

    "Tegna" is the new normal. Flat is what is "in". Gaudy, unnecessarily glossy 3D is not coming back any time soon.
  12. Weeters

    Bill Evans Out at WABC

    It's February sweeps. If they wanted to give him a "formal goodbye", they'd have said something by now. I'm in the camp that says this was a contract dispute, and he left on less than good terms.
  13. Weeters

    WISC (finally) getting a new set

    Along these lines, logos are being designed to look good as app icons, not because they look nice on-air. This logo and the WXIA logo that nobody on here likes are prime examples of "digital first" logo design.
  14. Weeters

    WISC (finally) getting a new set

    Definitely a Devlin set. Given the station's past "borrowing" design (i.e. that obvious Scripps knockoff package they previously had) from WTMJ, I have to wonder how much of this set (and perhaps even the designer) was inspired from Milwaukee. There are some common elements present on WTMJ's set (like the weird angled desk platform) not seen on recent Devlin sets that seem to have made a comeback here...
  15. Weeters

    MSNBC Shake Up

    Probably not even going to bother going up against the Super Bowl.

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