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  1. Here we go, bringing WPIX into this again. I don't want to write my thoughts about this debate again, so I'll link to what I wrote previously:
  2. Easier said than done. There's also a hefty price tag attached to a Renderon package, something that Scripps might not be up for paying these days. I don't doubt one reason they went in-house is because of the cost of an outside designer. Renderon is still around. They mostly have been doing foreign work lately. VDO is long gone.
  3. Scripps' hub was stronger when it was just the original stations. They've spread themselves too thin with all the acquisitions, and it shows. I'm sure one reason they chose to go with a basic design was the long render times they had with the Renderon package. It would take them hours to render one 5 second animation. That might work when you have 12 stations, but when you have 60 of them, that doesn't scale well. If they were sticking with the Renderon package, it might literally take weeks of nonstop rendering to do all the station-specific graphics (opens, weather opens, etc) for the 8 Tribune stations they just picked up. This package was designed to scale quickly. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of this package (such as the interstitial graphics) is built in Viz (and/or Chyron because apparently that's sticking around now) and deploying it only involves swapping out a few layers in After Effects for opens. These opens would take a few minutes to render on a low-end PC. That's really another reason 3D is falling out of favor. It's tens of thousands of dollars of additional expenses when you factor in the need for expensive software licenses and render clusters, for what? Some shiny graphics that have fallen out of favor?
  4. Given the prominence of the helicopter in severe weather coverage AND the sponsorship, that sponsorship probably offsets the cost quite a bit. I've watched tornado coverage on KFOR numerous times and they say "Bob Moore Chopper 4" like every 3 minutes. You NEVER hear a sponsorship uttered that many times on television newscasts.
  5. Scripps has promoted the "Digital Director" from WTMJ to "Senior Director of Content Strategy" for all the east coast stations. https://scripps.com/press-releases/scripps-promotes-marcus-riley-to-oversee-content-strategy-for-east-coast-stations/
  6. Houston's KTRK has restored the giant neon 13 signage on the tower behind their studios. https://abc13.com/5710623/
  7. This is what I mean when people on here get all excited about new graphics or whatever when a company takes over a TV station. Fixing this is way more important to a company than a graphics package or standardized set.
  8. Since the new graphics have debut, and this thread was focused on Journal stations being switched to Scripps, the posts regarding the new graphics have been split off and this thread is being retired.
  9. A "bunker" full of guns and ammo was found hidden in a wooded area just across the street from WTMJ this morning, after police were called out to investigate reports of shots fired. https://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/man-arrested-after-bunker-with-weapons-found-near-estabrook-park
  10. These have been around for a few years (Here they are in March 2015) and are not related to the new Scripps graphics.
  11. I think my biggest problem with these graphics is that the lower thirds are using the old Facebook logo that was replaced months ago. Dear Scripps Graphics Hub: The Facebook app logo is now circular. Everyone wanted Scripps to get new graphics. Well, here you go. This is the style that's popular right now. I wouldn't expect many changes to these as it rolls out across the rest of their stations.
  12. Since we're mid-sweeps already, I would expect not until early next year, at the earliest.
  13. They were probably pitched to Scripps and rejected. I don't think those cuts would work well with the new graphics.
  14. Hello everyone! It's that time of the year again, when local news begins to see preemptions for holiday-themed programming. Traditionally, this site eventually ends up taking part in the ever-festive tradition of creating lists of what your local station is airing on a given holiday. And as is tradition, I am here to remind you of the no lists rule and how it applies here. Basically, you are welcome to discuss (a basic list is not good enough) stations special local (or in some cases, regional) programming. I know in some markets, local programming will preempt network specials. That is also fair game to mention. What is NOT fair game, and what we don't want to see, is posts that tell us what we already know: There will be big parades, there will be sports, and those air nationally, so EVERYONE is affected by them. YES, we get it, there will be no evening news on CBS in Fargo because of a football game, just like there won't be evening news on CBS in Chicago, or Dallas, or Cadillac, MI because of the same game. To summarize: Tell me something I don't know! Good: Not good: Feel free to ask questions below! -The Management
  15. Since this appears to be a cash grab for political ad revenue, this is probably the best and cheapest way to do it. This could very well be Scripps' entry into remotely-produced newscasts. I wouldn't be shocked if the WPTV and WFLX deal is up at the end of the year. They could just reassign staff to the new WSFL newscast and call it a day.
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