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  1. They still live on in a sense... Since WTMJ's Morning Blend graphics rolled out at the same time, and use a lot of similar elements. Those Morning Blend graphics are coming up on 11 years old.
  2. Yeah, but it's all still Tribune's in-house garbage being replaced. Anyone with a former Tribune station has to do this, regardless of how old or new the facility is. The WREG engineers are probably too busy planning out installs of their own new toys to care.
  3. Show me a meteorologist who actually wants to give a 7-day forecast, and I'll show you a liar. Nearly every one that I have spoken to loathes giving them. A lot can happen in 7 days that throws off the forecast. The 7-day forecast (or beyond) is one of those things implemented by managers who have no idea how to actually do the jobs that they oversee. Most will tell you that anything past 5 days is an educated guess.
  4. Just because Cheatwood left, doesn't mean they're going to throw out these formats. The idea that Tegna is just going to suddenly go back to some boring, dry news format with two stiff anchors at a desk reading news over some grand orchestral news music is ludicrous. The old way of doing things aren't coming back any time soon. Folks need to stop holding their breath.
  5. WTMJ is in bad need of a new set (or at least a major refresh), especially since they started wallpapering it and removing duratrans, leaving the LED back lighting exposed (behind the plexi on either side of the desk). They now have the oldest set in the market, and both WITI and WDJT have essentially received two new sets in the period that WTMJ set has been up. My fear is, since their studio is round, they'll be convinced that the best use of the space is a green wall and floor.
  6. I've seen some stations attach clothes pins under the desk to hold the backup wired mics, though occasionally the clothespins get busted and need to be replaced. Another method I have looked at is to get some lengths of Velcro (this kind if you just want to order one thing, or that AND the soft side with adhesive backing if you want to avoid screwing things into the desk). Attach a couple inches under the desk so the soft side is facing down (plastic or adhesive side against the desk itself) and then use another length to sandwich the coiled mic between them. Having the soft side facing down should make sure it doesn't get caught on anything or scratch people's legs up.
  7. It's highly unlikely any of the stations involved with the Fox/Nexstar swap will get new graphics from their current owners. FOX would be better off using the time getting graphics for WITI and KCPQ ready.
  8. This. TV only exists right now because of the momentum it's built up in the past 80+ years. It wouldn't be "hard" to start a station from scratch right now if you had the money (good luck finding investors to back it.) Affiliation might be the only problem. Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or any of the other obscenely wealthy people could wake up tomorrow and decide "I'm going to build a TV station" and be able to build something that looks just as good as whoever your favorite station is right now. The real questions are: will anyone watch, and how long will it take to pay back that investment? That's where it all breaks down. Even a mid-market station is going to cost you tens of millions of dollars to build. You need to find people to staff it. You need to find people to hire the people to staff it. You're going to need to convince people to buy ads on your new station, that has no ratings to tout. You're going to need to buy a lot of expensive gear and pay people to connect it all together. Suddenly, you're spending millions more to keep the thing afloat, waiting and hoping that it doesn't sink. WMNN/MI News 26 tried to build a hyperlocal news operation from scratch, and after 8 years of marginal improvement, the entire concept was scrapped and replaced with "national news with brief local updates," never getting beyond the point of only having pre-taped news segments updated once or twice during the day. 8 years, and they never got to the point of producing any regular live content, something that they clearly were working towards early on. Heck, the whole NBC Boston experiment isn't doing so well, and that's owned and operated by NBC and not even entirely built from scratch. If NBC can't do it with existing resources, I doubt anyone else can do it from scratch.
  9. Digging around online, it looks like the two story building the fire happened in was originally built in the 50's for KCRA radio. It's so disconnected from the "new" part of the building I can see why it's been abandoned. https://www.valcomnews.com/kcra-channel-3-first-aired-nearly-six-decades-ago/ The biggest loss here is a place I'm sure the engineers and IT people loved to hide.
  10. And last I heard, it still pulls better ratings than "Wisconsin Tonight" ever did, except maybe the first couple weeks before they completely trashed the Wisconsin Tonight newsmagazine format and made it a quasi Morning Blend at Nite, with a bunch of people coming on to hawk their garbage without having to pay the Morning Blend segment fees.
  11. Since things I bring up on here keep getting fixed: I'm not sure if this is isolated just to the stream or what, but they've gotten into a bad habit of airing CNN packages that are being mixed wrong in their control room, and have no voiceover track (or sometimes any voices at all) once it hits the stream. This is pretty normal in TV news, where stories will be edited so the left audio channel contains VO and the right contains "NAT" (natural) sound. These are then turned back into "stereo" in the audio console in the control room. Pay attention to those audio meters, kiddos.
  12. A treasure trove of 1998 WITI, all revolving around the retirement of John Drilling. Some observations: The "Newscenter" set is brand new here (weeks old), and the newsroom and weather office have yet to be renovated to match. There are also still human camera operators in the studio. Also a few clips of Molly Fay, now over at WTMJ doing the Morning Blend, and Scott Steele who is now suing WTMJ/Scripps. A few of these packages were crammed right at the end of the show, so there's a few seconds of the classic Magnum close music sprinkled throughout.
  13. Greetings! Last year we rolled out a major change to the forum software that inadvertently removed a feature that many of you enjoyed: a dark theme. Today, we are happy to announce that a new theme, dubbed internally as "TVNT.2020". that features a toggleable dark mode. The new theme is now available if you wish to help test it out, and will roll out as the default theme in the coming days. How can I switch over to this new theme? Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the "Theme" dropdown in the footer. You should see the option "TVNT.2020" under the current theme "TVNT.Blue v2" NOTE: This option is currently only available to site members. Guests and new accounts are not able to see the new theme at this time. OK, I did that. Now where's this dark mode? Dark mode can be toggled in the navbar that is attached to the top of the page. Just click on the moon icon for a (visually) darker TVNT experience that's perfect for control rooms, edit bays, and all other places where light is frowned upon. This applies to both desktop and mobile views of the site! I don't like it! You can switch back to the current theme (for the time being) by using that "Theme" menu in the footer, but we'd appreciate it if you left feedback here about why you didn't like it. We will be looking at all feedback, and attempt to incorporate what we can into the "final" design before it's made the default. Something seems broken or doesn't work right. Please leave a comment here (or send me a private message) with any relevant details, along with a screenshot of the problem (if possible) as well as information about the device you are using (i.e. an iPad or mobile phone). Current known issues: Discord box does not fill the full sidebar (Width is hard-coded and changing it would break current default theme) Some text is being rendered as Helvetica, when the rest of the site is set in Proxima Nova (In progress) Latest Posts sidebar on front page is too lengthy (Under Investigation) This is just one of the many exciting changes we have in store for 2020! Happy posting! -The Management
  14. WDSU sports reporter Carley McCord died in a plane crash on Saturday in Lafayette, Louisiana. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff from the Lafayette Regional Airport. https://www.wdsu.com/article/carley-mccord-a-member-of-wdsus-sports-team-dies-in-plane-crash/30351254
  15. It's the bed from the holiday image campaign SAM released a few years ago. https://stephenarnoldmusic.com/happy-holidays/
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