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  1. Knock it off. Those graphics are certainly a lot flatter than the shiny glass panels that all other Scripps graphics have. That said, hasn't WXYZ had one-off topical graphics for a while now? I feel like we've been here before, wondering if some different topical graphics were a sign of things to come.
  2. Since Miranda got absorbed into Grass Valley a few years ago, it's now known as "Grass Valley Vertigo" https://www.grassvalley.com/products/vertigo_suite/
  3. There is a new look coming eventually. When it debuts is anyone's guess. As of right now, we have no real confirmation as to what it will look like or if there's any progress on it. We know they prepared a document to send to potential design companies asking them to pitch graphics along the lines of Tegna and other similar packages.
  4. Well, might as well have the movers send a few more trucks for TV, because I can't imagine Scripps is going to want to hold onto a largely empty building once radio moves out. Though if you gutted all the radio space, you could have a nice big newsroom with a high ceiling in the middle where the auditorium/radio studios used to be. Newsroom set, anyone?
  5. WABC has been looking to replace their current package since it debut. I have been told hell will freeze over before "Linear Drift" is allowed to work with WABC again. They were seriously underwhelmed with the content delivered (does anyone remember when the opens said "NEWS YORK'S NUMBER #1 NEWS"?) It'll happen, maybe sooner than later.
  6. This doesn't look like it came from WTMJ's art department (who is usually the one that handles the preseason graphics), unless they FINALLY broke free of the "everything is shiny all the time" rut that they've been stuck in for the past decade plus.
  7. Tegna already has a "Executive Vice President and COO of Media Operations" and Delia's position is just "Senior Vice President of Media Operations". So there's nothing changing and nobody's getting fired. You're looking FAR too much into this. This happens frequently with these mergers, where they make up positions for some of the executives of the company being consumed. Tegna is playing the long game with these social media-driven newscasts. In some cases, they are working (Wake Up DC for one). Remember, there is more to ratings than some overall score that gets printed in the local newspaper. Tegna is positioning their newscasts to appeal to younger viewers, which could draw in more money than a "traditional" newscast. If you're an advertiser selling cell phones, would you rather sell to 20,000 25-34 year olds or 30,000 55+?
  8. Neither of these promotions involve positions that really deal with newscast content. The GM position maybe a little. "Media Operations" is a technical position. This has nothing to do with the social media newscasts.
  9. A quick check of the CBS careers site shows only SF and Boston have openings for (local) CBSN-related jobs.
  10. Bumping this thread up, looks like KPIX is going to be one of the next to launch their own CBSN. https://cbscorporation.jobs/san-francisco-ca/newscast-director-cbsn/6453E8E0CEEF4EE5AA42AADBAA5AEA93/job/
  11. That blue at WLS definitely looks like "no signal" blue. I doubt it's something they do intentionally (as in they're not going "hey lets put blue on the screens when we're not using them,) it's probably just what the monitors do for a while when no signal is routed to it. I suspect they'd eventually turn off automatically if they weren't routed something (the poor man's remote control).
  12. This floor looks like it might be epoxy. I don't see any seams in it, and it's a little too shiny to be a vinyl tile. The install process for epoxy flooring is kinda complicated but it doesn't damage as easily as tiles, though that shine will wear off after a while. As far as tiles go, If a station has the money, they usually purchase tiles specially designed for studio use, like these. Wood on sets seems to differ from set to set. I've seen some sets where it's just a thin printed vinyl overlay, so the transition between surfaces is seamless for cameras to go over (a lot of sets with crazy designs on the floor have the design either painted on or stuck on.) Others it's more standard vinyl laminate (like you'd install in kitchens). Some have flooring installed through the whole studio. Devlin does a lot of this, and looking at their site, KTVU seems to use the "big sticker" method (note the seamless transition and flat look of the wood) while The Hill has a surface that spans the whole studio. I can't find any good photos that show it, but the WBBM and KOVR versions of the CBS O&O set both have areas where vinyl flooring laminate is laid over the studio floor, with a seam cover over the transition, because the cameras will never need to be in the area that it's installed.
  13. Hearst doesn’t "mandate" (god, I hate that word) the rings. NBC does, but it's not usually a big deal if a station doesn't do it.
  14. They will not be doing any set replacement (or probably any more major upgrades like this) before they move to the new Hudson Square development.
  15. If you want to know how any SEC or FCC fine against Sinclair is going to go down, just realize that today the SEC fined Facebook $100 million, which sounds like a lot until you realize that 3 months ago Facebook had $11 billion dollars cash on hand and reported $15 billion in revenue. Sinclair, if fined, will get the equivalent of a speeding ticket for the average person. It stings but it doesn't bankrupt you.
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