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  1. It looks like a re-creation of the mock-up made by the new logo designers that was included on Page 1 of this thread. I am told that the local station group was not involved with this project and that any mock up local logos included in the design documents leaked are not official new logos.
  2. Actually, something I didn't consider: Tegna has a history of taking old sets and moving them elsewhere, I guess it's always possible they build out this set, and then a few years from now, build them a new set in a new facility and take the now "old" set and move it to one of their smaller market stations. It's a win-win. A secondhand big market set moved to a small market will last an easy 20 years. Which one of their Texas stations has the old KUSA set? Maybe they'll get it. That thing's already old, give it a few more years and it's going to look like they're broadcasting
  3. I can almost guarantee that WFAA will sell their land in the next few years, once this development gets off the ground. I wouldn't expect much of an upgrade to the Young St. studios as a result. The days of WFAA in that spot are very likely numbered.
  4. Given how they've been running their Alaska and Wyoming stations, I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped NewsNet to save a few bucks and use the old INN "News Hub" to do their own hubbed newscasts.
  5. I wonder where they got that...
  6. "First on NewscastStudio" yet posted a day after this thread...
  7. It just isn't a thread about a Tegna station without complaining about C Clarity.
  8. A wildfire broke out on the hill that KEYT/KCOY Santa Barbara sits at the top of. The station was evacuated shortly after.
  9. Just because something shows up on someone's demo reel or portfolio does not mean they created the entire thing from scratch. If there was some "rule" that you could only include stuff you made 100%, nobody would be able to get a job.
  10. There have been more updates, this time to the monitor walls behind the anchor desk and the standup area. The previous arrays of horizontal thin-bezel monitors have been replaced by vertical thin-bezel monitors. The large 2x2 thin bezel monitor cart appears to have been completely replaced with a new single large monitor. All the brass-colored trim around these areas has also been replaced with silver coloring to match the rest of the look of the set. The old weather set has been completely overhauled with a new 3x3 monitor wall stand up location. https://www.instagram.com/p/C
  11. The server maintenance has concluded. Please post here if you discover any abnormalities.
  12. (NOTE: This outage was rescheduled from 4/25 due to scheduling conflicts) The site will be unavailable for a few hours this coming Sunday, May 2nd. The target time for the outage is around 8pm-11pm Eastern time, but there is always a chance it goes a little longer. The Discord will remain available through the outage.
  13. Pretty sure TVNT's favorite -LP KCTU once carried TheBlazeTV. Now it carries InfoWars.
  14. I don't think Newsy is on some path to become regionalized. It doesn't make sense. All evidence points to the ION stations as being basically nothing more than an OTA endpoint for a national broadcast with little infrastructure to allow for local cut-ins. This is nothing more than a way to expand Newsy's national reach and charge advertisers more/get more advertisers interested, as the article says. The only way I see regionalized Newsy stations happening is when the networks decide that OTA is no longer a business model they want to be involved in.
  15. Gray's taking advantage of the amount of television and film production that takes place around Atlanta. That's a priority worth chasing. Unless the film industry decides to move away from Atlanta, this facility will print money from Netflix and Amazon from the moment it opens.

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