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  1. According to this video, they are doing "a little reconstruction." Apparently, Ted forgot about the month or so they were in Studio B when the current Studio A set went in.
  2. Very possible. They did replace their ancient robotic cameras within the past year, and from what I've seen, when the current set went in they just recycled the lighting fixtures already in their inventory to light it. I wouldn't be surprised if it is a set refresh though. November sweeps start in a few weeks, and starting now would put them well on track to debut any changes before that starts and leave room for any issues should they arise. They did have trouble with their lighting system earlier this year, though it kind of looks like someone just bumped the master fader on accident and didn't notice.
  3. This wouldn't happen this fast. Whatever is happening was started while under Tribune control. I wouldn't be shocked if it's the same graphics package KTXL debut right before the switch. It's entirely likely the old Tribune graphics hub is still providing them services, since Nexstar got KTLA, where it was located.
  4. When are these stations going to stop it with this "virtual set that looks like a real set" nonsense? You have VR and can do ANYTHING, why have this bland, cliche junk that looks like some movie's interpretation of what a local news set looks like?
  5. NONE of the music there is "original" Inergy. This is basically Inergy V.2. I wonder if they commissioned this, or if Inergy's biggest customer asked for an update...
  6. To be honest, the gold logo reminds me more of Trump than the new one. He loves his gaudy gold. I like this change. The FNC package is not a bad package. The old FBN graphics had the same problems that the old FNC package had: Unnecessary flash and 3D in an era where that's becoming less and less popular. The new package brought order to FNC, where there was no rhyme or reason to their graphics for years. And it does look better than CNBC.
  7. Keep in mind that counting any television that could potentially pick up local television broadcasts wouldn't necessarily be a good thing. It would just push ratings even lower, as it would be counting people who have televisions that don't have antennas and don't subscribe to any service that would give them local TV. Losing 276,000 households that watched broadcast TV is a lot better than gaining 1,000,000 that don't. Since these people aren't going to watch anyways, there's no reason to count them.
  8. Master Control is not Production Control. If something "goes wrong" in a Master Control hub setup, there are still engineers on either end to fix things. It's been the "new normal" for about a decade at this point. CBS just did it at the O&O's last year.
  9. Weeters

    The "3" Thread

    If only this site had some sort of analog back then. "Looks like Westinghouse-itis is rolling out across more stations with their WHYwitness format. 90 minutes? Please. I liked it better when the news was one person sitting at a desk for 15 minutes. We were lucky to have any pictures at all!" "Group W out with another lame logo... So much for individuality! Could they only afford one sheet of Letraset?
  10. "NewsFix" and "EyeOpener", along with "News with a Twist" and a number of other "non-traditional" newscasts across their properties beg to differ. All lasting long after (NewsFix lasted 7 years, and News with a Twist is still ongoing) the tenure terror of Lee Abrams ended. Tribune was a leader when it came to sins against local television. NewsFix and EyeOpener probably provided Tegna a very clear roadmap of how not to build the "#HTownRush" format. I would imagine the failure of some of these formats has contributed immensely to the rise of "non-traditional" news in other groups. Tegna and others were able to look at someone else doing it and figure out what was working and what wasn't. Tribune was one to throw shit at the wall and look to see what stuck. Tegna and the rest have a much more formulaic approach and seem to take time crafting their nontraditional formats to the markets they serve.
  11. A "dead mall" enthusiast managed to "rescue" a cache of VHS tapes from the management offices of Milwaukee's abandoned Northridge Mall, among which was an entire episode of PM Magazine from WISN, circa Christmas Eve 1981: Featuring all the original commercials, including a holiday-themed "My mom dressed me funny because of John Malan" and the holiday version of "Hello Milwaukee".
  12. You're right. History will show WPIX was so much better under Tribune. PIX never looked better than when they were broadcasting their 10PM from this messy corner of the newsroom. That classic late 2010 set and graphics package from when Bill Carey blew up the 10pm news. Who can forget the giant green "iPad graphics", Mr. G's weather closet, and all the great commentary and round table discussions with Lionel and Larry Mendte. Hard-hitting news like this, And of course the seemingly daily "investigation" into the MTA. We're lucky to not have any good videos of the first weeks of this disaster. Even two years later, it was still a giant mess. About the only thing Scripps could possibly do to the station that Tribune didn't already try is to burn the place down for the insurance money, though with all those cheap extension cords in the lighting grid, it sure looks like they might have been trying.
  13. Weeters

    The "3" Thread

    Complaints might get all the way into the double digits.
  14. All WKYC Circle 3 discussion has been moved to this thread. Please take all discussion about this logo to that thread.
  15. Let's focus on discussing how drones are used rather than letting this become a list thread about who has them.
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