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  1. This is Spectrum's set-in-a-can. Ohio has the same set, but it's mirrored, fake steel girders and all. I guess it's an element that's common enough you can come up with an excuse for it anywhere. They had a physical set previously, but it was tiny and not very good. This looks like they might have finally taken over the old Time Warner Sports studio.
  2. Maybe their agreement with YES includes that YES needs their studio and control room during the midday. Maybe WCBS doesn't want to add additional stress to an already stressful situation for their staff. There are stations out there who strategically do NOT cover things, to provide a place for people to go who don't want to be bombarded with news. For a long time, WDJT wouldn't do breaking news or severe weather coverage unless it was an extraordinary situation. Why? Not only because they knew that three other stations would do it better, but also because they knew that some people might not care and just want to watch something on TV. By NOT covering the situation, they were providing something for people to watch that wasn't the news. They very well may be doing this on purpose, because they're in a situation where they might not be able to offer any decent coverage at noon, and also know that there are, what, five other OTA stations on at the same time that can do better? They're working out of a borrowed studio, homes, and news cars. Give them a break.
  3. Guessing they're at Sutro Tower, which has served as a emergency studio at least once in the past (at least for KRON.) Should something happen at KPIX, don't be surprised if you see KOVR take over and simulcast across both markets. The technology is already in place for that to happen.
  4. I just want to put this out there to gauge the general temperature of the community regarding so-called "General Threads". For those who are relatively "new" to the site (and in this case, "new" means like, joining between 9 years ago and today) you're probably aware that, across the forum, there are a number of ongoing topics that have no real point other than serve as a central point to discuss a general overall topic, such as a station. For example, the Out and About thread, or the station-specific general threads in the New York City board. These threads were spawned as a solution to a problem that existed at the time: people were posting irrelevant and off-topic nuggets of information in places where they didn't belong. ANY thread about WNBC became a place to post something that wasn't applicable to the topic at hand, like severe weather coverage notes in a thread about a different anchor filling in for Sue Simmons. So, the management decided to create these "general" threads, where information that was not worthy of its own thread could be posted. The idea was that anything "important" would get its own thread, and anything minor would be in the "general" thread. Fast forward to today, and the vast majority of the site's activity seems to happen in a handful of threads, which have grown into hundreds of pages in length, and have several discussions running concurrently. This makes it hard to find information, and results in stuff getting posted multiple times to multiple places because everyone's opinion of "important enough for a thread" is different. I no longer feel like this solution is effective. It has created more problems than it was meant to fix. Much of this stems from the lack of moderation the site went through at the time these threads were started. Had there been more moderation when these threads started, I think the example could have been set as to what is appropriate to put in them, and what is not. We already banned the creation of new "general threads", but the existing ones have continued to grow. So, I'm proposing a plan: Establish a timeline to phase out existing "general" threads (including the entire NYC "Station Chatter" board.) Create new, targeted "general" threads for reoccurring "small-time" happenings, such as talent moves/retirements. Begin a push to use the site software's ability to "tag" a thread as a way to organize threads on a particular station, company, or subject. Threads that have a broad focus on a particular subject (such as the thread about the effects of COVID-19 on talent placement, or a station group being placed up for sale) would still be allowed, but these general "post anything about WNBC here"-type threads would be spun down. Again, this poll is to just gauge community opinion and is not a binding resolution. This project may work its way into a broader sitewide project that would help define more specific areas to discuss specific topics.
  5. The site software has been updated to its latest version. This upgrade should fix errors reported when attempting to join the Discord server. Please don't hesitate to message me or post here if you find something working incorrectly.
  6. I doubt TBN's goal here is to gain more .1's, but it wouldn't surprise me to see TBN get offered on these stations as a .2-whatever in the unlikely event this actually happens. You want to talk about cap space and shell companies? TBN is already at 35% and directly operates a shell company (Community Educational Television) to get around the cap. I doubt they're going to end up as the "owner", Najafi would simply add the Tegna brand to their, uh, diversified portfolio and TBN would get the rights to a subchannel or two in exchange for financing part of the purchase. I could be wrong, but I don't think any equity firms in 2020 would get involved with a scheme to buy up a bunch of decent big 4 TV stations and flip them to what is essentially a religious TV network repeater.
  7. Essentially he buys Tegna, shoves his existing stations and properties under it, and lets them do the work while collecting money. That's it. That's his motive. This isn't some grand scheme to shake up Tegna. Same goes for Apollo.
  8. The election graphics were one thing, but the stuff they have loaded in the walls during that special makes the entire set just WAY too busy, and extremely visually distracting. There is so much going on in that screenshot that I didn't even notice some of the people in it at first glance. I think we finally have a case of a designer jumping the shark in regards to monitor walls. At least this set has an expiration date on it.
  9. Yes, it is a microwave yagi antenna on a gyroscope that keeps it pointed at the receive site. https://trollsystems.com/airborne-tracking-antennas/skylink-hd-az-el-steerable-high-gain-multi-band-bidirectional-antenna
  10. No need for this to become a "What does your station's mic flag look like" thread. Lots of stations use that KTTV flag. It's because it's cheap. Doesn't mean that FOX is standardizing something so trivial.
  11. My contacts say this was a special setup just for this story. All the stations pooled their choppers and shared each others feeds, so there were constant aerials of the cruise ship. One would go to refuel while another took its place. KGO offered to pool their chopper feed if they could use the other pool choppers (N62TV which is the one branded with KTVU livery, and N42SL, a generic news helicopter that seems to have replaced generic shared helicopter N75TV which looks to be in Sacramento right now.) It appears that KGO and KTVU are the only two that have full command of a chopper. The generic one might have some 50/50 shared command between KNTV and KPIX, which explains its lack of branding. I would assume Helicopters Inc knew that KTVU might not want to fly to everything KNTV and KPIX might want aerials of, and offered to let them share a generic chopper in addition to the KTVU share. @rkolsen's helicopter project has uncovered some interesting sharing going on in the market. During the Garlic Festival incident is when the "generic" N75TV chopper was discovered, which all the stations were using, including KGO.
  12. The San Francisco area stations are tag-teaming their choppers to have constant pooled aerials of the Coronavirus cruise ship docked in the harbor. Unfortunately, the CBSN Bay Area TD wasn't paying close attention and this was up for about 15 seconds.
  13. I was able to find the clip on YouTube, so without further adieu... (Spoilers ahead, obviously.)
  14. You act like they currently don't have a choice, which they do. Every Tegna format that everyone on this site despises was developed at the local level, using other stations in the group as examples. Gray coming in and forcing them to adapt the dead-in-the-water "traditional news format" that everyone on here longs for would be Gray interfering at the local level more than Tegna currently does.
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