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  1. According to Robert Feder, WGN America will officially become "NewsNation" on March 1st. https://www.robertfeder.com/2021/01/25/rebranded-newsnation-moving-joe-donlon-solo-news-hour-6-p-m/ No word on what happens to the syndicated reruns...
  2. This isn't exactly a list thread, but it is a database thread... As such, it is being closed. There are already plenty of places to talk about these looks.
  3. NewsNet made a big deal about airing Trump's Covid press conferences live. Today, Biden held his first Covid press conference, and what is NewsNet airing while the President signs Executive Orders about the virus? Ah, of course.
  4. There's nothing anywhere that says the copyright needs to reflect station ownership. It's a Nexstar-produced newscast, featuring people paid by Nexstar, airing on a station that Nexstar has a contract with to provide services for. There's not much difference between this and a news share agreement where one station provides news for another owned by a different party.
  5. Danny also did the lighting on the new O&O sets at most of the stations with them. The new KPIX set was his final project from what I am told. Not sure if that will cause delays, since I understand he generally worked with whatever the station had while on site.
  6. The ground floor lease that included the streetside studio also includes the current studio as well as the control room. There are floorplans on the site for the streetside studio space. Anyone leasing the old streetside studio would sublease it from CBS. From what I understand, they lease the ground floor studio space and the first two floors of space above it, plus the garage below. There are 12+ years left on the entire lease according to the streetside studio listing. Fun fact: The elephant doors to bring large items into the studios (i.e. set pieces) are actually i
  7. I am pretty sure Weekend Today is supposed to be in the studio that did debut this weekend. MTP has been slated to debut before the end of this year for some time. Covid may have changed that, but as of now I have yet to hear anything about it being delayed until the inauguration.
  8. NewsCentral was before its time. Technology has changed so much that it's impossible to compare with what we can do today. We have meteorologists working from home covering severe weather. What's the difference if they're 30 miles from the station or 3000?
  9. I'll summarize my thoughts from the Discord: I don't think this is an attempt at a new OTA weather channel or anything close to WeatherPlus. I think this is a vehicle to enable the hubbing of weather. The press release says "Fox Weather will feature local, regional and national updates... [Drawing] on more than 75 meteorologists across 17 stations and Fox News Channel’s news gathering teams." and makes no mention of affiliate stations. This is a project that involves only the O&O group. Rebrand all the local weather departments under the "Fox Weather" banner (Which
  10. I know people are always excited at the prospect of an affiliate getting their affiliation taken away, but this, friends, is a big ol' The NFL upset the time-honored tradition of "local time". KWQC didn't play along. NBC is not going to pull an affiliation because they were forced to schedule a football game on a Wednesday afternoon and take away income from the local stations. I'm honestly surprised more stations didn't do this.
  11. They've been on the same tower for years, and WDJT relays them on 58.3. Problem is Weigel has so many channels relaying on WDJT's main signal that none of them have a decent picture quality.
  12. WTMJ "News Force 4" promo (An apparently short lived designation for their ENG teams) from 1980 WTMJ News Open from the same era as the above promo: And last but not least, a complete WTMJ 10pm newscast, with commercials... from 1968! Includes a few minutes of The Tonight Show at the end.
  13. For what it's worth, Sinclair Broadcast Group itself is only responsible for $175M of that $8B debt.
  14. Hello all, The forum software has been updated to the latest version. There are a few new things here and there, but overall, not much has changed in the way things work. You may notice a brand new look. The old forum theme is not compatible with the new software, so we've finally pulled the trigger on switching over to the new theme teased earlier this year. This theme features a dark mode (triggerable via the moon in the top user bar). The new theme is still being worked on, so expect some minor changes here and there over the next few days. -Weeters
  15. Please keep set discussion in the set update thread:

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